15 Minutes of Fame

My story scrolled off the front page today. It is still part of Short Story Month - February 2012,, which ends soon. I did not put a teaser on the story, which means it does not show up there, and when I looked on the Stories it is deeply buried.

This is not a complaint, as I knew it would happen, but basically it is gone, out of sight. For those who did not read it can be found End of the World, as We Knew It.

I got much better reviews than I expected, loads of Kuddos and some good comments. Things like teasers could be made easier (for first time writers), but that is to be expected as part of the learning curve. I am familiar with other formats such as VB Bulletin, but I never really learned HTML, I looked up how to hyperlink as I typed this. I am a fast typist, I have written tech article for 30 years, still run a BBS, and have typed for 40+ years.

It was my first story, but it won't be my last. I still have a lot to learn about this sites layout, and how it works. Basically I suspect I'll do a few stories a year, I have a life big time, so I'm spread thin. I'm not sure where I grew it, but between a job, working with kids as an advisor for a youth group, moderating a popular electronics site, reading here all the time, helping drawing and editing, writing takes a distant back seat. It suits my style anyhow, as stories germinate in the back of my head until they are ready, then come spilling out my fingertips.

I had a second thing on my mind, but rather than lay it out as another blog I'll let it out here.

To those whose stories I have not read yet I apologize. Really! There is a lot of high quality stuff here, and it keeps being released faster than I can read. I will get caught up eventually, but it will probably take a car wreck, so until then I'll just keep muddling through. I promise to comment on every story I enjoy, Angharad taught me that.

Of course I blame Angharad for my current predicament. I am currently at chapter 712, with just under 1,000 chapters left to go on her "Easy as Falling off a Bike Series". I have never seen anything like it in writing, but soaps come close. Since she talked me into leaving comments that really slows things down. :D

But don't stop on my account, as I am both addicted and hooked.

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