Apology and an Update

I wanted to let the readers of my stories know that I'm trying to write my next story part. It is taking me longer than I normally take as it involves some violence and abuse, two of the toughest things for me to type as I have to keep myself from getting to angry and frustrated at the characters.

It took me a few days to gather my thoughts to bring the words to life but I hope that when I finish the story part and get it posted that it was worth the wait. It's a watered down story that I wanted to write as a separate novella but the idea simply didn't form well enough to be its own story.

I hope that it doesn't get too local as some of the minor details I add seem a bit odd but are factual. I know sometimes the Boston area police references are odd but they are 100% within what I know to be true. Same goes for a part taking place in a neighborhood that shall we say...isn't exactly the best of places but I know has at least a 99.9999% good group of residents. I would rather be factual and true to things than try to make a fake place or false claims, it just isn't who I am. I'm a local, I don't want to disrespect the folks who live and work there.

And I am holding true to my word. Winnisimmet Tales is ending before October 12th. The stories are there for all who want them, and will be opened up to anyone who wants to write in this universe, but I won't be posting any additional stories.

And for the few who have said these blogs are like suicide notes and juvenile attempts at attention, if alerting the few who actually read the stories is bothersome I simply won't bother to post at all. You can have the site and the stories that you want posted.

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