Stories update

This is the first time I am writing about stories update about when I am going to put out a story. It is for I am behind on my schedule of what I want to put out. I know other people do not know the schedule but I do not want people to think that I have abandoned Becoming Sarah or put that story on the back burner.

It is I want to put out the rest of the first book at once. I will break them it up in parts in the posting, but I do want to get to the conclusion. The next time people read the story I want them to be able to go to the payout at the end if they want.

Also, I learn an important lesson from writing the Sad Case of the Sad Capers of a Sad Sack. The main character can never be used only as a tool to get a point across. It was an attempt to write a parable and I did not think anyone would empathize with him. I did make sure people knew he turned out great and learning the point which I put in the story. I thought people would take him like Ted from Scrubs, Urkel from Family Matters or Skippy from Family Ties. I should had known better for I never liked how they portrayed Skippy on Family Ties. Characters should always have some redeeming quality about them. Live and learn.

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