They are Good People

I know I hold people to a high standard but I hold myself to an even higher standard, at least I believe I do. Other people might not agree with that statement, I just think they do not know me well enough if they don’t.

I hold people to a high standard for I want to make sure that I keep on holding myself to a higher one. If I start to allowed people in my life to have a lower standard then I could fall on that slippery slope of doing the same with myself. I want to be the best person I can be and I’m not strong enough to do so without surrounding myself with people who are the same.

I want people to call me out when I do wrong and explain why they think so. It will help me become a better person. I feel bad when I do wrong for I am old enough to know better. I never want people to make excuses for my bad behavior. I do not want to her people saying that Sarah is a good person after they said something wrong I did.I really do not want to defend a friend by saying that.

At work, and in my real world personal life I have heard too many conversations where people say the other is a good person. They might be talking about a lady who is running around on their husband with any man who would go to bed with them. A man who is not paying child support. Someone who just stood up their friends for something a little better came along. Or a father becoming estranged from their son for he would not accept the person his son loves.

I know everyone is flawed, I have some huge ones. I also know that people are complex and not black and white. I know good people can do bad things and bad people can do good things. Still I tend to see people by how they treat others close to them after the fact.

It is not the action but if people try to make amends for doing wrong. Hearing it wouldn’t happen again, I’m/they’re human, it was not wrong, I/they did not mean it just glosses over the transgression.

Most of the time when people say that someone is a good person, that person is not doing enough to try to change their ways. They are not doing the right thing. If doing the right thing were easy, then everyone would do it.

I know I come off as riding a high horse which is on a soapbox. I am for I am so frustrated at people. I see how much potential we all have and we just waste it. I am not talking about professional potential, a job is just a means to live life. I am talking about personal potential, how we can all make this world a better place by just doing some simple things. Most of it is just not us thinking and living on autopilot. Most of it is not wanting to see we could be wrong. Most of it is by us being self centered.

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