Fighting my story

I have to apologize to those who are kind enough to read my current story, "Parting of the Ways". Part 4 is taking a while to write as I am trying hard to keep the number of characters down and keep it to a singular part. The difficulty though is it's sort of an epilog for parts of two prior stories, it is also trying to tastefully set up the next chapter but needs a little finessing to get right.

I am a stickler for continuity so ensuring that it ties up a loose end while answering some unanswered questions from another story is a real pain. I believe that all but a few will not remember the little things that are holding me up but I'd rather have myself covered and not leave things open especially as it's taking place far away from where the characters are based.

I guess there's some good news/bad news though. Part 5 will be the last one taking place in California and the last one to take place at the same time as other parts. From Part 6 on it's a linear story as each part taking place after the previous part. It'll also be the true start of how I envisioned the story, focusing on one central character instead of the family as a whole.

So anyway, sorry if there's a delay between posting. I hate posting every other day but I would rather it be the best I can put out than a stream of indecipherable gibberish...well not more so than I usually put out.

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