I am going to do this

I played football, knew I was going be jumped, flew across the ocean to meet who ended up to be my husband, he is a great man. None of those experiences comapre to how I feel now.This is the most scared I been my entire life. I am going out in daylight as Sarah right now. I never been this scared yet at the same time I never felt this ready to do anything

I am wearing a purple dress with legging, but I feel naked. I have to walk for about 15 minutes to my appointment and all I can think of is how many looks with I get. Am I going to get smart comments? Am I going to be smart enough to bite my tongue yet at the same time show those people I do not care what they said? Am I going to panic while walking?

I know one thing, I am doing this. Nothing can stop me from it. I have to get going. Just needed to tell anyone I am doing this. I am going out as who I am. I will not be wearing a mask for the first time in my life.

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