Getting the vapors

People do not understand that if do not like something that does not make it offensive. Just because you do not like what someone wrote or said that does not make the statement insulting, rude, derogatory, disrespectful, hurtful, wounding, or abusive. It is just them getting a case of the vapors to make other people agree with not liking the statement.

Just like saying no offense meant, with all due respect or any variations of those sayings does not magically make something a person says or does not offensive. Intentions do not matter if the execution of your actions are flawed. If what you say can reasonably be taken as offensive by people in general then you better treat it in that manner.

I am bringing this up for my story Wrapped Around Your Finger I mention did a Trump, grabbing a lady by her privates (use another word but want this to be safe for work.) I also posted the story a couple of months ago on another site. People are still writing posts stating they were offended by my use of Trump and it was political. I do explain to them using Trump’s name has nothing to do with his policies and it is a direct quote from him. Then I ask them to explain why they think it is offensive,never got a good answer. I will get the other site credit the posts are usually taken down after a day

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