London Calling

In a couple of week time I am going out and about as Sarah again. I have done it a couple of times since I written Sarah’s First Night Out. I did not say anything about those times for there was nothing of significance to add. Yes I was more confident each time out. I even hit the dance floor sober.

None of those nights at the club were perfect. They were all great and I enjoyed them so much. Who needs perfect when you can have the real thing. Yes reading or writing a fantasy about how you want your life can be nice. One writes about yet another epic night. It is a night out on the town with her best friends, everything just goes right and you are not ready for the night to end when it is over.

I also know that perfect pales in comparison to being out. Going to the club by yourself wondering about the people you are going to meet for the first time. Checking in the mirror and just being happy with your makeup. Knowing that it could be better but it is still great. Having a little tear in your tights at the end of the night for you are not used to pulling them up with fake nails on. Being ready for bed for you stay up past your bedtime. I take that anyday over another story. I would take just going to Subway to pick up a sub as Sarah over a story.

Little aside sorry. I know some girls cannot even wear panties for the situation at home. I know that writing or reading is all they can do because of their situation. It might also be all they need for it is a fantasy. I am not trying to downtalk them or belittle them. I do wonder about girls who can and don’t even dress once in awhile.They have that feminine side which they want and need to express why don’t they?

This time, while this time is different. I am also going to be out and about on the streets of London as Sarah. I do not count the walk from the club to my hotel as as out in public for it is less than 100 meters.

I am upgrading my makeup to MAC and getting a makeover done at a store. I am getting better that makeup but still am not good enough for a look to be out at a club. While I could be but why pass a free makeover up?

Then with it being about a 10 minutes walk to my hotel, I am just to walk back. If I need something from a store pick it up on the way back. I just want to be out in public as who I am. I know I will be walking with my head up high.

I have a great outfit to wear to the makeover, it is a tunic dress, leggings and ankle boots. Then I got a great black pleated sleeve dress for the night out. I do need to pick up a necklace for the dress. I want to accessorize more this time out..

This is a big step in me growing and I am ready for it. Most of the time those few moments who define who you are one does not know they are coming. This is one of the few ones in mine which I will know and I am looking forward to the the growth and feeling of oneness which being Sarah will give me.

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