Looking for some stories

I am looking for some stories and hope some of you can help me.

The first two I think are tied together. One is a story about a lovely lady, who was bringing up three very lovely girls. All of them were blonds and the youngest one wore her hair in curls

The other one was about a single father name who last name begins with a B. He was busy raising three boys on his own. It was sad for even with those four men living all together they still felt all alone.

The third story is about a young man from Philadelphia who life got turned upside down. It is short and only took a minute for him to tell and he invited everyone to sit right down as he told how the became a fresh prince of a town.

The last one is more of a tale of a fateful trip than a story. It was about a three hour ship tour from a tropic port which goes wrong. The seven people on the ship become castaways shipwrecked on a small island.

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