I Can’t do This All on My Own…… I’m no Superman

I am wondering if when someone notices a minor character name is from somewhere else if it takes you away from suspending disbelief in the story or just makes the story less enjoyable. I just put out the 4 part of Becoming Sarah and I used two names from Scrubs in it.

I did this for I have been rewatching the series. It brings back fond memories of me stopping over my parents to spend an evening with my mom, watching sitcoms. My dad worked evening shifts so I made it a point to spend at least one weekday evening with her.

She loved Scrubs so I used the name which Dr Bob Kelso called Turk, Christopher Turkleton and Turk’s wife name Carla Espinosa. It did put a smile on my face, but I do wonder if I distracted from the readers from doing so.

I will give myself credit for I am stopping myself from using Dr. Acula, the next time I need a name for a doctor.

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