I Was Not Thinking and It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

In life there are reasons or excuses of why people do an action. The difference to me between a reason and an excuse is where the person is trying to base the responsibility of the action. If they are taking the credit or blame then it is a reason. If they are trying to shift the blame or credit away from their self and not have ownership then it is an excuse.

Most excuses make me cringe as soon as I hear them. People need to own up for their actions. Trying to say the action was not their responsibility is them downplaying their free will. Also the people who make excuses for an action which was wrong or did not go as planned, are usually the ones who want to make sure they get all the credit if the action was right or went as planned.That is externalizes the cost of social interactions and internalizes the benefits of it. It is selfish and self-centered.

There is a fine line between a reason and an excuse. For example, a person is in a bad mood for their significant other and them broke up and goes off on a friend. The person who went off said sorry they were in bad mood. That is a reason they are saying they are in a bad mood and that is why they did the action. The same example the person who went off on a friend said instead their significant other and them broke up. That is an excuse for instead of stating the bad mood they are in, they are stating what happened to them instead.

In my experiences, people give excuses for one reason. They were not thinking and did something. Instead of wanting to examine more why what they did was wrong, they just want to have it slide. They do not want to see any bad in their actions or motives.

One of the few excuses which do not make me cringe but laugh as soon as I hear it is it seemed like a good idea at the time. I will admit that I use it when I talk about the stupid hijinks or shenanigans I did in my youth or even now. The stories always end up to be funny and the person who is telling it makes the joke is about them, instead of others.

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