Stranger in a Strangeland

I been mulling over how to write this for a little while. I used this blog to get personal things off my mind in an impersonal manner. I mean take what I am thinking about and write it in such a manner that it is about the issue itself and how it affects society, not me. I feel like if I make it about me I would just be complaining.

I have to say this in more of a personal manner for I just cannot make it impersonal. I am an expat, an immigrant, an American living in the UK. I love the UK, it fits my pace of life and my views on society better than America. I am not saying it is better or I hate the good old USA, just saying England is my cup of tea.

Even with saying that I am reminded too often in a negative manner that I am an immigrant or people’s prejudice against immigrants by people. Hearing people complain about how all immigrants are lazy, and also they come over here and take our jobs. Being asked how much I am on the government dole. For the record I am not on the dole and I do not want to be. Even if I did I could not get on it for the stipulation of my visa. .
While it went too far a few days ago. I was told to my face I was not welcome in my new country and if I knew what was best for me I would leave the pub right away. I did not and sat next to those two. I was not going to let those two think they can treat others in that manner. Also I am too old and too cranky to be bullied and intimidated by threats.

I want to stress it was only those two and the barkeep did kick them out right after I sat next to them and apologized to me. The other people at the pub were nice as always.

The point is I am sick of how people think they can treat others without respect. I know it is a few, but when others turn a blind eye to it then they are giving approval. I know I do not know those two from Adam but I am sick of people like them making the others into scapegoats for their lives are not how they wanted it. I am sick of people treating other people as less. Treat others how you want to be treated. I know it is not the majority, but the trend is becoming more common for people to want to be treated better than they treat others.

Like I said I use the blog to say what is on my mind and I do not do so enough about the good. I have a great husband, I am in good health, losing weight and found a new hobby which I enjoy and getting a little better at. I am more at peace where I am at on the gender spectrum. There has never been a smile on my face as much in my life before and there has never been as much shared laughter. I do not share it in the blog that much for it is hard to also make that impersonal. It will just seem like I am bragging about how good my life is. I am not, I am saying I know I am blessed, lucky or have the good fortune to be as fortunate as I am.

Lastly thank you for listening to me grumble, just typing it out helps me get into a better mindset. It helps me keep that smile, keep the laughter and those are two of the best gifts people can give one another.

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