August Hatbox and the last week of July

We've nearly made it through the month. Amazon and Kindle will pay us in a week and we will be able to make our bills in August with the regular flow of gifts to help.

There's just this little bit of July left....

We've got about $125 in the bank, Piper, Cat and I have not paid ourselves this week and there are one or two middling size bills out there to pay.

So if you can help us out to get through the week without taking out a loan, it will be greatly appreciated.

You can use PayPal to send us a One-Time Gift or Subscribe to the Hatbox.

Checks will be welcome too, though they won't get here quickly enough to stop this immediate pain, we still have the rest of the month to get through.

Checks can be made out & sent to:

Janglewood LLC
602 Higgins Ave
Suite 1 #283
Brielle, NJ 08730


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