I am Groot, I am Groot. (Pop culture and stories blog)

This is just a little pop culture blog, I know I use the blog to just talk out loud on things which are on my mind. Nothing I say on it is groundbreaking and I bet a lot of it is wrong. I do not care, it is just a nice way to get my thoughts in order.

Yes Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is coming out soon on DVD, and I am looking forward to it. I enjoy how they mix lightheartedness into actions movies.

I know John Wick 2, came out on DVD already but if you have not seen either of the movies, you should. The acting is perfect for the style of the movie, Keanu Reeves is the perfect choice for the main character. That is of course if you like awesome movies. No that is of course if you are looking for an over the top action movie which is just out to entertain and knows it is over the top.

Put it this way John Wick is so badass that most people who see it agree with the statement of John Wick would kill Neo.

I saw Spiderman: Homecoming and it is also a good movie. I love the spin they put on the Spiderman movie and also they did not do yet another origin story with the reboot. I love that it is not yet another Superhero movie where it is about making sure the world is not destroyed. Also Michael Keaton puts in a great performance.

I broke down and bought a new MP3 player, yeah me. I wanted music to listen to while I go for my daily walk. I am old so I am old school. In my best old lady voice that new fangle music is just noise, it is not music like back in my day. Now Nirvana that was not just noise, I don’t care what older people said about them.

While going old school during the walk just brings back so many memories. I love how songs get so tied to events in my mind. It is nice to think back at a concert I went to over 30 years ago from hearing a song, just a time at the bar where me and my friends were drunk and sang it for karaoke or just hanging out talking with the song in the background.

I think they messed up with the new Dr Who, I hope I am wrong. I so wanted them to go with either Sandi Toksvig, Peter Serafinowicz, David Mitchell or Olivia Colman. I know they are all big names in the UK but I think they all would make a great doctor and in my opinion Sandi Toksvig would had been the best.

I know the two stories which I been working on the most, Becoming Sarah and the Pink Diva Chronicles, are very similar. I am doing it so I can take the two character on different paths of self discovery. In doing so I am able to not stray from Ben/Belladonna’s path too much. James/Sarah path is just about already laid out for that is a very old story which I am editing.

I been going in and editing my old work a little at a time. I looked at You Are Not a Man, You Are a Woman and think that I might do some major changes. The five year story arc is just too long. When I think of the next chapter it just seems like the events would move quicker.

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