Some people say trust is earned and other say trust is given.I think that trust is a state of being between the people involved which comes from the interactions with the each other and others. In seeing trust as something which can be given or earned makes it more like a tangible commodity. That is if a person does certain actions I then it will automatically be given to by anyone. That once it is lost it is just repeat what you did to receive it in the first place to get it back.

It also cannot be given or earned for trust should never be expected. People need to just be themselves and when the state of being between the people get to the right point then it happens. One person might give it before the other and nothing is wrong with that. It is just those people have different threshold to where trust is solid. It can never be true trust if people

With it being a state of being trust should be looked at and treated more like a living organism than commodity. Like any state of being it is in a constant state of flux. The state can grow or shrink, get stronger and weaker.Yes even the state of strong trust between two people is always changing and can die. That is if a choice or choices made by one or more of them to destroy it. That strong trust might being extremely consistent for the harmony between with the people involved in it, but it still has changeability. It can still be destroyed.

I know people say trust me by my actions, but it is your choices which makes someone trust you. This is for inaction can make trust grow. Not getting involved in issues or situations which do not concern you makes trust grow. The situation can be something as little as a child trying to tie his shoes, a parent not jumping in to help right away let the trust grow between those two. It also helps the child become more independent. Not mentioning your approval or disapproval of another person’s choice does also. It is showing you respect boundaries. Who cares if you do not like the someone else’s haircut, if they like it then just say it is good. I know I bring up very minor examples, but those can be little chips at the foundation of trust, enough of those little chips will cause cracks to forms, enough cracks will cause trust to come tumbling down. So trust is about more that just the action you do.

It is also not just the original choice of action, it is the follow up actions to it. It is human nature to try to paint your actions in the best light and also try to show people they wrong about the actions if they disagree with them. Instead of trying to be right when there is a misunderstanding, all parties involved need to try to find common ground to look at the issue. If a party involved does not do so, they make it not about trust but being right.

No matter how strong trust is the foundation is on pillars of sands. This is not for people are untrusting or untrustworthy by nature. It is for once trust is broken it is hard to rebuild. It becomes baggage in that relationship. It takes so much many more good choices to be made to rebuild it again. It can be both all parties involved need to want to put the work and effort into rebuilding it. All parties need to be able to move on from the broken trust, that can only be done if all parties involved have empathy towards how the other perceived the situation the event or events which caused the trust to be destroyed.

Trust is something which people always need to work on even after they have it. Once trust is taken for granted it is vulnerable to being weaken by not having empathy towards the others. Inconsideration is the enemy of trust. Trust simply boils down to people in the state knowing the other person and treating them in the appropriate manner.

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