Hatbox: update last week of June

{update June 25}
We have about $150 in our accounts right now. As long as we don't hit another unexpected bill before the end of the week, we will be fine for another week or two. :)

I want everyone to understand something. BC's debts are my debts. All the borrowing done for BC is in accounts with my name on them. If we don't make it to the end of the week on what we have left in the accounts where we put the money BC brings in, the shortfall will come out of my personal accounts which are pretty thin right now too.

And Piper, Cat, and I have not taken the small amount we usually get out of the company money this week or we would already be in the negative.

The spider bite is some better but I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow because it is still mildly warm to the touch. And no superpowers, darn it. :)

{update June 19)

Just to show how it goes here, today we got $50 bucks in via PayPal and $308 went out, mostly for phone and software.

The spiderbite seems to be getting better though it itches constantly.

{original June 13}

Somehow, over the weekend, I got bit by a spider on the back of my left calf. It's swollen up and tender but I've been to the doctor and gotten antibiotics for it. I also got stopped for having expired plates, so I am going to owe four or five hundred dollars for that. In the cash crunch we've been in, I just forgot to mail in the license fee.

And several bills came in. We owe, due and payable by the end of the month, about $4500 more than we expect to bring in without Hatbox contributions.

Don't panic. That's my job.

Most of that is owed to our ISP/Server farm and they are willing to let us slide a bit longer. Most of the rest is owed to Piper and myself because we have not been taking our full pay while the cashes are crunching.

So again, we are starting the month of July early. Only twelve days early, last month it was fifteen days early and the month before that we began twenty days early. We're catching up and by the end of August we expect to be out of the hole we found ourselves in because of unplanned expenses and emergencies.

So again, if you can help, it will be greatly appreciated.

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