Corralling a Muse

Okay so I got a really big monkey that has been lately standing nearby throwing his wrench into my writing for the past year or so.

The Good: My little 9 year old wants to learn to play the violin, so I bought her one and have been teaching her. Also bought myself a new electric one. This caused me to get back into playing music and ended up buying myself a new 6 string guitar (gorgeous Fender with a mahogany top)

The Bad & The Ugly: Lower back surgery. Work hours going changing in the summer to save money on A/C. I could really rant here but those are the two biggies of the bad & ugly. But I still do the glass is half full on these, I get paid good and other than the stupid hours in the summer I have very few complaints at work. Well they could let me use a tazer to get some of the guys off their ass and working, but that will never happen. And I'm not being fitted for a wheelchair :)

So between working the rust off my musical talent (or lack thereof) lately I have been working on continuing the stories I have posted.

The new Enchanted Valley story will only have one possibly two more sections to post. I am currently editing it.

Super Soldier and Kelly's story have not been abandoned, just had to let the muse go astray for a bit with the Enchanted Valley story. And there is even more to come with For better or Worse.

Tree Hugger on the other hand I have put on hold, I actually have quite a bit more of it written but the 1st part that I posted isn't sitting well and I know could be written better so I will come back to that one later to do a rewrite before posting more of it.

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