Been a bit depressed, but tonight,

I am feeling happy, euphoric if you will. Why? Because I'm watching television and the 50th Anniversary concert of THE BEACH BOYS!

Whenever I hear those great voices and great songs, I feel young again. I grew up listening to The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, and countless others from the 60s and my memory slips back in time to a more innocent time when I wasn't so conflicted and frightened about what our world has become, when I hear The Boys.

The best part of this show though, is that they still sound GREAT! Ah, how wonderful that they are not only not forgotten, but are Still Cruisin' after all these years. Scuse me for a bit. I'm goin' to Kokomo... in my 409... the cheerful story of a girl, a car and a flooded engine.

Where Would I Be Without them and their music?

Catherine Linda Michel

P.S. And the BEST thing of all? They are STILL recording! Check out "That's Why God Made The Radio" on youtube.

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