an idea that won't leave me alone

So, i was playing around a bit with the basically abandoned 'silver wings' story and it mutated into something else.

See the idea of Silver Wings to kind of be a bit anti-trope, where a prince is turned into a princess and doesn't adjust well, at all. Instead becomes anti-social, violent and basically very unhappy, while also addressing the issue of abandoned characters. Often in stories I see characters who are little more than mono-dimensional villains. Even some of my favourite stories have characters on one side who can do horrible things and it's handwaved, while the other side does evil things and don't seem capable of being anything but mindlessly evil baby-eating monsters.

My idea is to make a villain a main character and show that they have depth and aren't just evil for the sake of evil.

Then, we have this idea that spawned out of it.

Basically there is a kingdom ruled by a fair and just king, his loving wife and their...not so well behaved son. In this there is also the king's brother who did not wish for the throne and instead serves as an advisor, amongst other things, and he has a wife and daughter.

When the two children (the prince and duchess) were young, they were the apple of their parents eye. They were well behaved and as close as close can be, but as they grew they also grew apart. The prince started feeling heavy pressure from his mother and father and was heavily constrained. He started to lash out with his friends, misbehaving and embarrassing his family.

The Duchess (do i have the right rank there for cousin of the prince?) was fairly well behaved however, but highly critical of the prince, and they had several verbal confrontations.

The King's Mother is a powerful witch and also critical of her grandson, but it should be noted that his family loves him, they're just growing frustrated at their inability to control him and teach him. Then one night he assaults a maid and his father has had enough, they're considering what to do with the whole family, sans the duchess and prince...the prince is furious however. He learns that he is to be a servant in the palace until he learns humility and in a drunken fit of rage...sexually assaults his cousin.

This is where things go wildly out of hand.

His father, mother and uncle are enraged, beyond rational in fury. The well-meaning and kind duchess is devastated and so, they act. With blessing from the King's Mother, they transform their son into a girl...and lock him in a brothel for a week. They will not tolerate this kind of behavior and are determined to ensure he regrets his actions and never even THINKS about doing this again.

It's an...unpleasant week. Though the prince (now princess) doesn't know it, the 'clients' are all guards to ensure that she isn't hurt...too badly. But the last person is her own uncle who brutalizes her before she is returned home.

Tempers need to cool and for safety and protection purposes, the princess is locked in her room while the family discusses what to do next. The duchess is unaware of what happened...but on the third day, the princess is gone.

She has escaped through a secret passage in her closet, one that was supposed to be used should the castle ever come under siege and they have no idea where she is.

Guards are sent out to try and find her, but she has disappeared entirely.

Anger remains in the family for some time...but as days turn to weeks and then months, anger turns to regret as they realize that they acted in a heinous, despicable way.

They hold out hope but...

Ten years later, the princess is found living in a village on the farthest edge of the kingdom, with a son that looks frighteningly similar to how she did at that age.

She, very reluctantly, returns to the castle upon her discovery where it is revealed that the son is her uncle's child. She can't be turned back now, and her hatred for her family is all consuming. Her cousin gets the apology she wants...but learns of her uncle and father's actions and is horrified by it.

She is shocked and dismayed while the uncle grieves: he has a son now but it's a child that will never love him.

Honestly I don't know how to finish this story and it's dark but I think it's interesting.

If anyone has any ideas or advice or just wants to write it, feel free.

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