Being a Depressed Person

Many people have a chemical imbalance that causes depression. Others have forms of PTSD. I'm in the latter category.

I'm getting better, and that is a fact. I was a mess last Christmas, I let my anti depression meds run out and was spending Christmas alone (actually, it just felt that way).

MoonGoddess posted a thread something like this, and I responded. I agree with everything she said, if you are suffering you don't need to! Get help!

Having said that when I am in the midst of the worst of the funk I shut down. I can't ask for help, it is just too hopeless. This is bad.

Part of the solution is community. I make it a point to check in on several local people whom I know are fighting this issue.

I also fight my depression by being active in the community, helping folks who step forward seeking help with being transgendered people. It is not just men, but women who need to become men.

Then there is this site (and others). I use the chat here often (it helps a lot).

My therapist is having me text or email two positives per day. This is to break the unnatural hold any bad things may have and bring the good things to fore. It seems to work.

I waited way too long to accept myself. I kept hoping I would just drop dead, unfortunately my genetics worked against this plan. Plan B didn't work out because I didn't want to hurt my family. Even at my most irrational I still think of them first. So Plan C, which I had never considered in my wildest dreams, was born. I transitioned instead. I did not see this coming, 5 years ago it simply wasn't an option.

So if you are feeling down look for help, we are out there. In my case Dallas and north of that. We care a lot. We can't all transition, but we can get help from people to do care, and it does get better.

I'm still a depressed person. I fight it, but sometimes it overwhelms me. But in fighting it, it has gotten better.

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