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Truly Uplifting Performance

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OK, I don't know if anyone's been watching America's Got Talent, but if you didn't catch the end of last week's episode, you missed a truly remarkable performance by a deaf 29-year-old singer named Mandy Harvey.

Here's her GOLDEN BUZZER performance: --> Golden Buzzer and the song she sang (an original), with lyrics: --> Try

Nothing like good music to raise one's spirits

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So I've been just kinda messing around today, trying to get inspired to write some more. I hit up Pandora, and set it to fit my more eclectic style. I've been in a rather tranquil mood today, so I thought I'd start with a little Enya, but she wasn't who I really wanted. I felt myself drifting back to my darker days (in part due to writing Inner Demons), and thought I'd give a group I hadn't played in years another go - Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

Accel World, 2nd Ending, "Unite" by Misawa Sachika

One of my favorite anime songs, sung and instrumental-wise, is the second ending to the anime series "Accel World." I sourced the pieces of this blog from a variety of places to bring it all together onto one page to view it as a whole - "Unite." ~Sephrena

Haylee V's song dedications

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For Dorothy Colleen:

Always keep your chin up, a smile on your face, and a song in your heart.

For Valerie Preston :

You know why.

For Leila:

A Bad Case of Writer's Block Isn't Always a Dirth of Creativity

I know I've never been the most cherished author here, but this has always been the place I felt most comfortable sharing my creativity. I love writing, and I love stories, both reading them and sharing them, and for much of the last 10 years BC has been THE place I did so.

Thought processes can be

set off by the strangest things, let me set the scene
Suffering from a migraine [I do not get the auditory component of migraine that causes nausea, which is why it probably took the medical types took so long to diagnose my suffering with Migraines], I was sat in a darkened room listening to music, most of the time it is just there but like with a lot of things something catches you in that place between you the conscious and subconscious, and a lyric begins to roll around in what I [laughingly] call a mind.

Been a bit depressed, but tonight,

I am feeling happy, euphoric if you will. Why? Because I'm watching television and the 50th Anniversary concert of THE BEACH BOYS!

Whenever I hear those great voices and great songs, I feel young again. I grew up listening to The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, and countless others from the 60s and my memory slips back in time to a more innocent time when I wasn't so conflicted and frightened about what our world has become, when I hear The Boys.

From the ridiculous to the sublime

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After a stupid and annoying afternoon I've had a wonderful evening courtesy of The Dorset Chamber Orchestra who gave a concert in my local church - it's used for quite a few musical things because it has good acoustics.

Tonight after Legends 9 & 7 by Dvorak

Symphony in D by Arriaga

came the finale with Violin Concerto in D minor by Brahms with soloist Frida Backman, and she was excellent. This is one of the great violin concerti of the classical canon and a favourite of mine. For those who don't know it:

Jordan Gray (The Voice UK)

Most of you will know the format of 'The Voice' programmes on TV.
This season's The Voice UK has just moved into the 'Battles' phase.

One of the 'judges/mentors' is Paloma Faith.

One of the chosen performers to join her team had to withdraw due to personal reasons, so Paloma chose Jordan Gray, who had previously been 'rejected' by all four judges - and all four admitted to having made a mistake afterwards - as her last-gasp replacement, reinstating the performer in the show.

Christmas Tune Acronym Quiz 2015

So we're approaching that time of year again, so it's time to roll out my annual tradition - the Christmas Tunes Acronym Quiz!

This year, I've compiled over 200 tunes to decipher, including a handful of instrumentals in addition to the usual mixture of songs, carols and novelty / parodies. There's also an "Add Your Own!" tab in case your favourites aren't represented in the list (already filled with a handful of songs I discovered which didn't make the 200).

I am in tears and blown away

by this piece of music. Sometimes I wonder where we as a species are going and if there is any hope for us, or will we fade away like the dinosaurs and other extinct species.

This piece of music made my heart soar and the sheer beauty of it brought me to grateful tears of joy, for if we, as a species, can produce something this beautiful, surely there is hope for us. Turn up the volume and revel in the sheer power of this music.

Gender Swapping Dinosaur Musical

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So I was researching some music for a friends radio show the other day and I came across something interesting and I thought I would share what I found. So first some background. The show has a feature called The Musical Moment where he plays a song from a film or a musical. In my research this week I came across a show called Triassic Parq. Basically it's the story of Jurassic Park but told from the point of view of the Dinosaurs. However there is a little bit more to it than that. This is a description of the plot from the show's Wikipedia page

Gayageum lessons.

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I don't live in the immediate vicinity of L.A. or San Fran but I was wondering if anyone knew of general availability of finding a musical teacher in the U.S. to help teach me the Gayageum. It's a Korean zither and I've really wanted to learn it ever since hearing it's potential on "Heartstrings".

I would like to learn on the full string but they're quite expensive for me now so I'm looking at the basic model for now.

Something I Didn't Know (About Syd Barrett)

My favourite hit single of all time is probably Pink Floyd's 'See Emily Play', written by Syd Barrett.

The song is named after Emily Young, at one time a close friend of Syd's. Speaking on the recent BBC documentary 'Psychedelic Britannia', she offered the opinion that the girl described in the lyrics was Syd himself. Given that so many of his other compositions are rooted in memories of his childhood, it seems possible that Syd may have been expressing more than just his feminine side.

For your entertainment

In my never-ending quest to find things cool and awesome, I have discovered an amazing artist. If you're already familiar with her, yay! If not...

Her name is SJ Tucker, and her style is ... difficult to describe. Mythpunk, folk-rock, neopagan blues might be a good start, but she really defies category. The important thing is this: she is amazingly talented.

"You don't need to bother/I don't need to be"

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In chapter 1 of the Dark Realms story, My So Called (Un)Life, Loki has the protagonist sitting on a rooftop, performing Bother by Stone Sour. I followed the link, snagged the video, and uploaded a reprocessed version with an uncensored audio track.

Blog Entry 17th May 2015- Birthday Songs

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Apparently a lot can be said about someone by the song that was #1 in the charts the day they were born. I can certainly agree with this, as #1 the day I was born was 'Woman' by John Lennon (foreshadowing? Maybe). It's a good job I wasn't born a few days later or it'd have been 'Shaddap You Face' by Joe Dolce. Whilst this isn't a thought exercise so much as a trivia exercise, I thought it'd be interesting to go over what was #1 for my girls and boys on the days they were born (using the UK charts as I'm a proud Brit, lol).

B B King, A Legend Who Now Belongs to the Ages

B B King died this past Thursday at 89. I saw and heard this great Blues Guitarist perform live several times. He also was an influence to other musicians over decades. God is in Heaven and listing to a great jam session.

He was also a WWII veteran. These heroes are getting rarer.


Let it Go….

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Has anyone else actually listened to the lyrics for Disney's 'Let it go' and thought that it would make a great TG anthem?

As a silly competition idea does anyone have any other suggestions for an off the wall TG anthem ( e.g. Rodney Atkins "If you're goin' through Hell")?

P.S. First place will automatically go to Andrea as she does this all the time! :)

A music icon is gone.

Lesley Gore might not be an icon to a lot of people but she is to me. I grew up listening to her music and she touched a special spot in my soul. Not the best looking girl, but BOY, could she sing! Lesley Gore began her careeer in music in 1963 with "It's My Party" and stole my heart.

RIP Lesley. You brightened my life.

Catherine Linda Michel

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Hello everyone,

I wish you all Merry and Happy Christmas! With many presents and in company of true friends. And to make it for your even more pleasant, let´s play some piano music which I found here:
So may your Muses be with you XD.

Robin Šebelová
Otrokovice, Czech Republic

In an introspective mood tonight.

Just finished watching a PBS special about 50 years ofPeter Paul and Mary and got thinking about all those years behind me. Mary, of course, died in 2009 but Peter and Paul are still going strong.

Okay. In keeping with the "I am amazed" theme I have going,

You know, sometimes I end up on that "weird channel" on youtube and I find the most incredible things, most of the time I am shocked and disgusted, but sometimes, and very rarely I am thrilled and blown away by some of the absolute gems I find.

Try this one but once you start the playback, close your eyes until it's over, then open them and prepare to be astounded!
I promise you! Also, don't let the title of this video turn you off.

OT, but in keeping with the holiday season,

One of the very best IMHO acappella groupps around, Straight No Chaser. Please give it a listen. A version of The 12 Days Of Christmas that ISN'T boring. The live versions are even better, although less in the sound quality, but superior, owing to the fact that you can see their visual hijinks as they perform.

Happy Holidays to you all.

Catherine Linda Michel

This is most curious! Musical strangeness.

For some strange, unknown reason, sometimes I wake up with a song or music running through my head and I can't rest until I work out why this is happening. So this morning as I awoke, "Amazing Grace" was playing in my mind and, along with that was "America The Beautiful!"

After a few moments, the lyrics from "America The Beautiful" and the tune of "Amazing Grace" began to synch up and I suddenly realized that they match up completely! Certainly the tunes are different, but the lyrics from one DO match the melody of the other.

after a rough day

Nothing beats a nice bath with only a few candles lighting the room. Soft classical music playing just loud enough to hear and a nice book, the older the book the better;) its great until you lose track of time and fall asleep like I did lastnight. Saying I looked like a prune is an understatement on top of that the water got hella cold and I ruined a book. >:(

Andrew Garfield in Arcade Fire's We Exist

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Here is Arcade Fire's new video with the new Spiderman with gender identity issues. Enjoy, the song is relevant to the video.

movies, fashon, and family

So today I spent the day with my 7Y/O cousin. She was a blast to be around. We started the day by making cookies and burning them, she thought that was hilarious, I felt really bad. She then treated me like a life size barbie doll and this is what resulted,

Interesting song...

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Since you've so far got over 70% of the tunes on my infernal acronym quiz without much difficulty (although I've noticed edits have dried up recently (Hint Hint)), I thought I'd search out some more obscure songs for the next iteration.

Among them, I discovered this ever-so-slightly tongue-in-cheek track, which for rather obvious reasons never makes it onto seasonal compilation albums... :)

Xmas Songs You'll Never Hear In Your Local Shopping Mall

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This year I was determined not to hear 'Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time' until the day itself. Sadly it first assaulted my ears on November 15th.

Xmas Tunes Acronym Quiz

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So, as we're well into advent, it's time to roll out my infamous Christmas Tunes Acronym Quiz again. This year, I've bumped it up to 160 songs - most of which are either carols or secular seasonal pop songs (i.e. ones that actually mention winter / snow / Christmas, rather than just those that share nothing in common with the season other than release date), but there's a handful of secular songs considered traditional and the occasional novelty / parody track.

T-Giving Tradition

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If somebody has already posted this I apologize, but listening to this has become a Thanksgiving tradition for me. So without further adieu, follow this link to hear Alice's Restaurant Masacree by Arlo Guthrie, with the lyrics as video.

Alice's Restaurant

I wonder what it's like.

Sometimes I wonder.

I wonder what it's like to have someone "special." Someone to come home to, or someone who would come home to me.

Beautiful Songs Written In Pain

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Here I am again, indulging in my usual late night indulgence of listening to music which transports me. Tonight it's Fleetwood Mac and the particular song that got to me tonight is "Go Your Own Way", probably my fave song by this group, written and sung by Lindsey Buckingham (with chorus by Stevie Nicks) when Lindsey found out that Stevie was having it away with Mick.

Listen to the pain,



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