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Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 24


My people loved my father and mother and they loved my eldest brother Justin as well. I grew up thinking that we were good folks and had few real enemies and we did well for our folk in our lands.

And that was one of those things that I was going to inherit third son or not. I was going to do things, do whatever I could to help the people in Lyonnes.

And that’s gone; well it’s gone for as long as it’ll take me to find things out and to get strong enough to maybe do something.

But here’s Nicole who has actually done it here today and I know that she’s done more and that she’s already held in high esteem with Lady Tatiana and very much by her folk here.

I’m in that mixture of both awed and wistful and jealous of it all.

But I’m still very, very proud of her too.


Jess Stone had breasts. He had been like this his entire teen life not quite fitting in anywhere that he had lived and at the same time he hadn’t really had the chance to. His folks moved around a lot with his dad being a hydrological engineer but they were slightly afraid of what might happen to Jess if he attended school. Some people just didn’t get it or wanted too. Jess was now attending a new school when he decided to change things...

Only it was everyone else that was getting changed!

by Bailey Summers

Copyright © 2012 Bailey Summers
All rights reserved.


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Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-37


“Probably, you’ll have to at least come to Santiago with me at some point.”
“You live in Chile?”
“No, not really but it’s where we bring in new bloods.”
“New bloods?”
“People like you. A lot of our people went out of the colonies to live in the wider world some have had kids we try and bring them home if they call for it or like you turn out to be Shuan or Tuan and their powers start.”
I head to Jax’s car after I eat my burgers and take my pop and Cheyenne joins me and he’s there with some girl and they’re listening to tunes and have the AC blasting away and I slip into the back seats laying down and reach out taking shy’s hand while I’m doing so and she joins me laying in the cool of the car.
We both let out an out of the heat and pleasantly full sigh and she wraps her arms around my waist and wriggles to get comfortable saying, “In the tradition of my peoples I recommend a siesta.”
Jax is like. “Agreed…Amy?”
She takes his jacket and wads it up like a pillow and shoots me a look and a little smile as she uses him as a pillow. “Definitely.”
I snuggle back against Cheyenne and whisper. “Tell me about Chile?”
She hugs me a little tighter and whispers in my ear. “I first went there when I was six….”
*And Now…

Sweet Dreams-65

He’s my first in so many ways and he is the first person I’ve really kissed or wanted to kiss.

And that sort of kind of takes this out and away from necking.

And sort of makes it really important to me.

Sure it could be me being fixed up and getting healthy, or it’s me getting back on track with my hormones and everything else that came out of me figuring it all out and all.

But it’s not.

I mean it’s not some swooning girly thing.

Though I do get a very girl like thrill or what maybe it seems like to me when he picks me up into a carry and my legs actually wrap around him and he carries me around the apartment kissing me and supporting me with one arm as he locks the doors and starts to turn off our lights before carrying me to the bedroom.

He leaves the bedroom light off and he turns his stereo on and drops in a mixed CD he made and some light rock folk group I don’t know starts playing and it sounds nice and romantic too.

He set’s me on the edge of the bed and kisses me deeply this time in that lay you down kind of really great way.

*And Now…

Sweet Dreams-64

Adam chooses black. “Exactly and it does work like that, Admin being still the head of the place, the office staff is still the office staff, school paper and media things is advertising and the classrooms are division heads as well as clubs and teams are like special projects.”

Alex moves first and they start to play and they’re not bad and they’re not slow at first either the first ten of twelve moves are fast and that’s just positioning and April gets the coffee pot and fills us all up and she sits back down to watch too and Adam says.

“So if you two are going to do this we should take a real hard look at things so…” and he has this look on his face like he’s not quite sure that he even thought that he’d be asking us this. “Tell me about your school.”

*And Now…

Tea & Red Roses Part Six


I look at her then up at the sky through the dancing willow fronds. “I get that. I keep looking at my life now and it’s so not perfect but it’s so much just more and different than the hell I was living through before transition.”

She’s looking up at the sky too now. “Halifax and Dartmouth are okay they really are but a whole lot of my life was school and work and then going to University down home would have been more of the same stuff and same crowds really in the lesbian community down there and the same drama or worse I’d have gone to small Podunk town university because it’s sort of got a good rep and be stuck in this little town for four years with a great chance of rednecks and phobic people and the same small as heck dating pool.”

I look at her and she’s looking at me. “Well I’m really super glad that you’re here and that we met.”
She says. “Me too Rose, nothing is like I ever thought that it was here.”
“I hope that’s a good thing?”
She rolls to face me and she’s really, really close to me and she’s actually sort of over top of me and she has this look in her eyes that makes me achy and makes me feel vulnerable all at the same time.
“Right now it’s kind of the best thing Rose.”
I was expecting it sort of…hoping…wanting but almost not daring to but it happens.
Really actually happens.
Chris leans down and she softly and sweetly kisses me.

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 23


There’s carvings of battleknights all around it and I can see huge doors in places.

“What is this place?”

Nicole says. “Riggers field.”

Jessa says. “This is the real church of Sanctuary. After temple and all the Godsday things the Battleknighters and Squires come here to fight for the lists. Everyone comes to see them fight.”

I stare at the place. “There are lists…for the battleknights?”

Jessa nods. “Aye and tomorrow y’n me will be watchin as Nicole does her thing.”

I look at her and then at Nicole.

And then at the arena called Riggers field.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever been that excited in my life.

*And Now…

Tea & Red Roses Part 5


I’d have made my room up a bit better still like just in case but her car is pulling up and I head downstairs after a really fast check in the mirror one more time and I see Becky up and half-dressed drinking coffee and looking out the kitchen window and Nicole too who’s stopped eating her toast and is watching her too.
Nicole says. “Wow, like okay she’s pretty. I can sort of still see y’know but at the same time she’s pretty.”
Becky nods. “Yeah…and remember she was cool enough to like let us in on the cool shows.”
I’m not sure how to feel about the see y’know part and stuff because I didn’t and Niki might be seeing stuff because she already knows and stuff.
Rose rings the doorbell and I go and open the door and she’s…
Okay, pretty is kind of an understatement.
Her hair’s in loose pigtails in that kinda hot Harley Quinn way and she’s got a really nice job on her make-up too and she just can really carry off this perfect red lipstick and she has her choker on and her necklaces like last time and she…she has great breasts and she’s wearing this tee-shirt that’s from someplace called Inniskillin that really shows them off and she’s actually wearing these really hip hugging in a good way faded blue jeans that actually look like they’re faded from being old and not from like being bought that way….a nice shoulder bag and she’s wearing red and white sneakers, like the vintage cloth made ones.
And she has a large cup of coffee for me in one of those trendy place recycled brown cups which is really a plus for me instead of like Starsmucks but aside from it being someone really cute looking bringing me coffee she has a bunch of like really cute princess and skater girl dollar store stickers on it like you’d get at The Dollarstore.
Okay that’s really like super cute.

*And Now…Chris.

FTL-32…Faster Than Life.


Part of my brain is in wounded animal mode and Belinda helps my synch my OBC to the system and it’s a little strange, no it’s a lot strange knowing that I’m going to be seriously monitored with my sleep and breathing and neural activity and all sorts of things that have to do with taking mental trauma and shock.

It’s very big brotherly in a way and at the same time there’s something to be definitely said about having a sort of safety net where if I’m nightmaring bad that someone will know and either let someone know or even have the option of engaging me with stims and waking me up from it.

I settle in to the room/sleep pod that I’ve been given and it’s warm and cushiony and even that adjusts to my comfort levels through the OBC link and I’m soon drifting off as the gravity lessens and there’s soothing music being slid into my awareness through the cyber link.

I didn’t know that I could feel that exhausted on the inside.

Well a different kind of exhausted.

Before my change I was more than exhausted at being someone that I never really was.

At least that part is better.

*And Now…

Masks 47

Masks 47


I smile at him. “You know if you feed her coffee you’re going to get claimed by her in some way.”
He grins. “Oh I think I can deal with that.”
I shrug and get up. “Okay…you want to meet my friends; you get to meet my friends. On your head be it.”
I lead the way with him laughing behind me. “Oh I’m going to like you girls.”
You…girls…was that including me?
Was he?
Does he know?
Does he see through this mask that I’m wearing?
Are there people that can do that?
*And Now…

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-36


Not that it’s all bad here, it’s not there’s horrible things going on here but the people. The ones that are good and caring and kind and brave.
They’re worth saving.
I wake up when Serra does and she’s sitting up and she’s looking out our window and I’m trying to see what’s going on out there and I see a girl that looks like she’s a truck stop prostitute and she looks like she’s in trouble from two large guys that have her cornered and looking like they want to get her into their transport truck.
I look at her and Serra is looking like she’s riding the fence on helping or having us stay under the radar.
I give her a look, a long look and she nods. “Get the engine going we’re leaving, I won’t be long.”
“Be careful, they might be armed.”
She kisses me. “One knife and the other has a handgun.”
Then she’s out and she’s walking towards them and I can feel her building her power for the fight and channeling it through her nerves and muscles.
I start the engine and pull out of the parking spot and watch things as they unfold.
*And Now…Serra.

Sooners Than Later's Part 6


“Okay, I’m tired daddy, I’m tired of waiting and hiding and just feeling wrong all of the time while I just literally keep getting worse and worse as I can’t escape this whole damned puberty thing.”

“One thing at a time kiddo and you’re a big girl sure and you’re different sure but I’ve seen a lot more manly women than you right now and you’re just getting started on your journey and things. Now I’m going to assume that in coming out that you have a whole mental list of things that you had dreamed up of what you need to do to transition?”

I nod and stare at him as he holds my eyes with his.

“Dee this is your life and it’s something that I still barely know. If you have ideas, if you have doctors that you want to see things that you have planned to do to transition tell me…I’m your father. It’s your transition it’s your fight not mine but I’m still going to have your back….I’m not going to gatekeep you.”

*And Now…

Tea & Red Roses Part 4

*** Rose…Before…

“Food would be soooo of the good, food keeps Chris from trying to eat brains.”
I laugh and she laughs and she is sending me all sorts of cute stickers in chat and I’m blushing and I’m sending some back.
And we do that for a while going from… “I’ll see you soon.”
To… “You hang up.”
“No you hang up.”
“No you hang up.”
And that went on until I hear her phone beep. “Oops gotta go, plus I really got to go pee.”
“Okay, this was fun Chris…I really had another good day.”
“Me too.”
“Thanks Chris… you made my night.”
We hang up and I let her go offline too and I put my laptop on my coffee table and pulled my knees up and hugged myself around the knees for a good minute before quietly raising my arms up over my head in a pronounced victory… “YES!!!”

*And Now…



I am wearing just a little bit of perfume and I have a decent amount of deodorant on and then only other sort of really allure I have is the two inch heeled shoes that I’m wearing and white-tope stockings under the pants but so that they can be sort of seen?

Part of me wants to ask why but part of me knows why allure is used and there’s some part of me that wants that confidence.

And after all my life of not feeling this secure and in control of me looking in the mirror I see and I feel like I am and that I can go out and do this without battling dread all the way.

Brandy actually joins me as she’s going to help me with all of the things I have yet to do with going to Kinkos and getting all of my presentation things done and she looks good too and she’s in a dress and we call our car and have another coffee before getting my shoulder bag that she takes and my computer case that I have and we take our purses and we head down to face this new day and this new challenge.

*And Now…

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 22


Nicole takes us past to the bursars office and I have some pay there.

Which was actually unexpected and it was really nice and I actually leave some of the “found” coin with her and I get myself a decent brace of the local coin mostly in coppers and a silver pennies at Nicole’s suggestion and I leave a respectable amount in my holdings there.

I’m far from rich really but I have some monies, some.

It’s a weight off my mind that I didn’t know was there.

We leave together heading out with some others who are on liberty tonight too and we share a wagon ride from the gates into the city and one of the places where people are getting dropped off and I can’t help but to be excited and to smile with all of the folk around and shops and things are lit with electric illuminations and it’s busy and exciting.

Nicole tugs on my sleeve and we’re heading first thing for some confection shop.

*And Now…

Masks 46


He does the whole after you arm thing and I swallow and go leading him to the office my head still really after the whole miss thing and we just clear our first hall when I hear Elizabitch say.
“Miss!? Dude’s not a girl he’s a faggot! You might want to ask someone else?”
Greyson looks at her and he stops and lifts his foot and stares at the bottom of his shoe. “Wow…that was so hate filled and small minded and bigoted that I actually felt like I stepped in something.”
He’s staring at her with this unmasked look of contempt and Elizabeth looks shocked like someone slapped her.
He moves and looks at me. “I’m not putting you out of your way am I?”
I swallow. “Uhm…no…no this really, really isn’t that big a deal.”
He smiles and I feel it.
Like the whole butterflies thing from those guys and stuff that happened at the rink that time.
And I feel breathless too.
I blush and that actually makes him smile more and I look down and cough before looking back up at him.
“Okay it’s like this way.”
Yep…he kinda is.
He called me miss.
And he hasn’t like apologized for it or anything either.
I don’t know what to do about that or say but…
Maybe, maybe I don’t want to.
I kind of want to like bask in this…just for a while please?

*And Now…

FTL-31…Faster Than Life.


I sigh with relief and there’s tears starting to flow.

I look to the back and it’s the co-pilot and another person down a hole blow through her chest.

“We’re here, power and propulsion is at minimum we’re somehow not venting atmosphere but we’ve two down, repeat we’ve tow down.”

The com voice comes over again. “Hang tight we’ve a recovery ship coming, the battle’s over we pushed the tekkers back.”

It’s good news but hard to cheer for is with the way things are in here right now.

I do smile a little though as I say back. “We’ll be waiting, that’s good news sir, that’s good news.”

I try to not think about it as us being clear for now.

*And Now…

Unconventional chapter 5


“You call me later tonight, we can like talk?” I say.
“Aren’t you going to be asleep?”
“I’m leaving early for Halifax so not likely and especially after this.”
I look at her when we break the hug. “You going to be okay?”
She nods and sniffles. “Yeah, hey when you get back maybe you can come up and like hang out and stuff?”
She looks at her mom who is giving her this look and Penny signs something to her and she looks and me and she signs and does that deaf talking thing. “It’s cool with me, we’re all good.” and she does that close her mouth thing and turns the key and tosses it away thing.
I look right at her and say so she can read me better. “Thanks Aunt Maggie.”
She hugs me and Penny does too and they head out right after that since it’s late enough and it’s still like a two hour drive for them to get home and I go and I actually try and help mom with cleaning stuff up and avoiding the he’s gay looks from the gousins that are getting read the riot act from Great Uncle Peter who’s taking keys and going off about drinking and driving.
Soon…soon I’ll be out of here.

*And Now…

Snakes and Ladders-40

*** Kyte…

I was shocked more than Ilisa was when princess Shaya left me in charge and I could literally see Rafe stop when he heard that and he did a double take. He asked the men with him and he asked some of the men here and he looked at me with that look of disbelief and he smiled afterwards.

“Congratulations, it does seem that you’ve matured and that there was something that went on here that was a major battle.”

I know that smile’s a fake but I nod and I say. “This was far more than political rebels Rafe. It was filled with the dark races and we had a hard fought battle to take this place and even ended up doing battle with some of the traitors that support Lyam here too.”

Tea & Red Roses Part 3


She went to her car and opened the door and she looked at me and I looked at her and she said loud enough for me to hear her from over there.




She got in the car and she drove off and I just sort of stood there with this sort of kind of ache going on because that thanks…it just sounded on the edge of stuff grateful.

God that feeling when you think you have a crush on someone maybe and they’re kind of maybe hurting and you don’t know them well enough that it just sucks.

*And Now… and in the present from now on….

Tea & Red Roses Part 2


But I just couldn’t and I took another sip of tea before I asked. “So I don’t mean to pry or anything but is this your first time at a trans heavy bar?”
She looked like it hadn’t quite occurred to her, then I could see her turn it over and over in her head and she looked at me again and the look was different. The bright sparkle was gone but there was a thoughtful look instead of anything that I’ve seen that might mean trouble.
But her hand slid from mine ending the extended handshake and she looked me over again and this is a look I know, it’s that just found out and seeing if I pass, if she can tell or if she can pick out my many faults and flaws.
“So you’re a trans woman?”
I nodded and took another sip of my tea.
Chris took a drink of her club soda and set it down and looked out to where others were dancing and then back at me.
“So do trans girls dance?”
She offered me her hand and took hers and she led me out to where everyone else was and we started to dance with the crowd.

Tea & Red Roses Part 1

I kept hearing the entire time I was getting out and graduating that I shouldn’t go to Toronto.

"It’s scummy and dirty and people are assholes."

Seriously that much I heard a lot. Like horror stories from people that moved from home and lived there and found out that life in a big city was a whole lot different than life in freaking Halifax.

But honestly I wanted to go.

And honestly, really honestly most of the people that were telling me things had this whole status of being special little snowflakes in high school and they moved out to go to university and in an actual real sized city and found out one amazing truth.

Nobody gave two shits that you were popular at home.

FTL-30…Faster Than Life.


“What!? That’s going to turn us to point right at them!”

“Yes sir, I think we have a grav-sheer wave coming at us and we best turn into that oncoming wave!”

“Gotcha right!”

I send alerts for the grav-sheer out on all channels as much as I can to everyone that I can…please, please listen, get up shields and turn into the wave.

He turns us into the invisible thing and I’m trying to readjust our grav sensors to get a reading and it’s seconds away and we’re not turning in time as it’s coming up on my screens and I hang on for dear life as we’re hit and we’re suddenly tossed and fuses blow and there’s puffs of smoke and things go dark.

*And Now…

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-35


The GPS says we’re near a place called Ruby Valley, Nevada.
I look over at my Tuan, my beloved. “Where are we going now?”
“West…we head for California and then.”
“Then we look for Dylan?”
Serra looks at me. “First we get lost and then a safe house, and then we have to tell the other’s what’s going on.”
“And Dylan?...” I look out the window as we’re driving. “If they’re going to change then they’ll be going through it soon.”
Serra nods. “We’ll check, one of the hidden elders might have clues.”
I nod and bite my lip.
There’s so much to be scared for and of and right now I just really, really want to get my family back together and get home.

*And Now…

FTL-29...Faster Than Life.


I finish my lessons and skip ahead with two of the ones that are the most tedious for me and that’s calibrations and drive signatures and because they’re tedious I push myself a little harder because the things I like I tend to learn really fast and see through and I even ask the system for a quiz in each before setting my alarm in my OBC to wake me in plenty of time to catch my shuttle down to the surface.

New Ithaca… I wonder what it’s really like down there instead of the vids and the sim stuff. It’ll be my first of The Zodes that I’ll have set foot on and there’ll be deviants or deviations there right in the populace.

I’m not nervous but it’s still very, very different.

It also makes me wonder about my first contact friend, where are they and what are they doing?

*And Now…

7000 Gold crowns a dance.

7000 Gold crowns a dance.

I joined up with the baron’s guards as a boy as much as I could as fast as I could. It was light things at first to escape myself. Escape the home where I was told relentlessly to stop crying, stop being a sissy and beaten by angry folk in my little steading fort for not being what they wanted.

It was apparent as soon as I could fathom that me being a lad was fundamentally wrong.

So it was working the fields and stables and cleaning and sharpening gear and staying warm and fed that was the biggest draw.

Bridges 48


I’m looking at my phone and trying to decide if I should say anything when I hear her yawn on the other side of the line and hear this happy, and amazing make my heart ache.

“Good morning beautiful, how’d you sleep?”

My wife, she stayed on the line with me all night on purpose…I pull her pillow into my arms and I hug it hard.

“I slept okay but this…It’s a great morning.”

“Mmm…good, I have to preggers pee so I’ll talk to you later hon?”

(Happy-sniffle.) “Yeah okay, I love you.”

“Love you too Mommy.”

I hear her lips touch her phone before hanging up and I’m sitting there hugging her pillow happy crying and even shaking a little too.

*And Now…

Sooners Than Later's Part 5

Sooners than Later’s Part 5


I’m actually doing something that my mother had done and likely her mother had done or dad’s mother had done but I’m doing it too. And I know it’s weird to even think that it’s such a like good thing because of the whole girls in the kitchen thing and all of that and I actually believe in being feminist and that those old stereotypes suck.

But they don’t so much right at this moment to me.


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