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Sweet Dreams-63


Then we’re done and we’re both as spent as the sky after a rainstorm and there’s almost that same feeling too.

You ever stand outside and get completely drenched and weather the cloudburst and there’s this moment when the world sort of stops and it’s all something.

Still, quiet and almost elemental?

The right after was just like that…maybe thirty seconds long but it was just.

Perfect and it actually took us more energy than I thought it would to pull of the covers around us and to spoon together and drift off.

I fall asleep with Alex’s hear beating against me back and his arm wrapped around my waist and fingers sleepily tracing over my navel and his breath in my hair.

*And Now…

Snakes and Ladders-37


~Ha, you’re like Shaya you both love to circle the tree. ~

~It's amazing and the view with it and the lake and the city it’s just amazing. ~

~Yes it is!~ He launches into the sky and he does a dipping glide over the water gaining speed and them he’s climbing and we catch a thermal and we bank going with it and up and, and up and them we start to go around The Great Tree a little dragon like a bush plane in front of a literal mountain of a trunk and we’re coming around it and leveling off and I take a breath and channel the power into the memory of a perfect song for this and we’re coming around the bend of the tree to get the lake into sight and the city after that and I’m replaying.

*Bonny Portmore* in my head as I’m flying back to my love on dragon back.

Blogs, content, community and friendly places.

I can't help but post because I have had folks come and ask me what was going on here. That there seems to be some stuff going on that's really cis centric and kind of making some of ghe folks here feel unsafe.

Seriously this is a friendly space and it should be a safe one.

Masks Chapter 44


The trick is to not to put the popcorn in until last when the dough is all done and you mix it one good time and then bake them off fast before the popcorn gets soggy.
And you have peanut butter...chocolate...then salty and crunchy and buttery popcorn.
I only have one and a half... I share one with Mary Jane but Dad has three and Becky's dad has five and we get some for Mom and Aunt Elsbeth.
Dad says. "You girls get ready after you help clean up okay it's getting late."
"Okay Daddy!"
I get a look after I hug Dad and head inside and I hear Becky's Dad say. "Okay...I still don't get all of it but...that's your daughter of close enough that I'm done worrying about it. Besides...."
And Dad's like. "Besides?”
And Becky's Dad’s all... "Becky's had honestly brought worse friends over Rob, you and her are welcome over here like any time."
I can't help but be all grins and the girls are looking at and we all yay cheer and happy dance into the kitchenette to clean up.

Unearthly Delights

Unearthly Delights

I left home on the heels of a big blow out fight as I had finally come clean with my family about myself.

It was over Christmas and I had been trying to tell them for a long time. Well tell them that all of my life I’d never been Scott that I’d had always been Sarah. And it wasn’t like I had been planning on coming out but it was a combination of my brother being all super asshole with his whole rant on gay people and on pretty much anyone LGBT.

And it pretty much went down like this….

“You know what Sean fuck off!”

“What’s up your ass Scotty?”

“There are some of us y’know that are LGBT in this family.”

“That freakhole Mike?”

“No not Mike, me.”

Sweet Dreams-62

Alex takes the zipper of the jacket and he does it up and zips me all the way up as far as it would go and I’m teased in my body and inside too…I mean that was actually funny. And I’m laughing because it’s just awesome.

“I take it that’s a yes then?”

He gives me another kiss and then he walks to the Café where he has to work and I watch him go and it’s such a nice sight.

And the kissing and The jacket thing and I’m actually happy again and I actually skip a little on my way to work and hopefully I can dish about Alex and me over a cuppa with the boss.

Sweet Dreams-61

I see a camera flash and I see one of the school paper people I think and they’re taking pictures of me and Katherine and Jenn and Cindy and Alex and I look at him when he turns my way a gain and do a little friendly hand wave and he snaps a picture and I do a few funny faces for him too which he seems to like.

He turns his attention to the others and I stop to watch Alex.

Yeah as much as he’s not into football he is too and he’s good at it, it’s just not all of what he’s about.

But yeah I love the way he looks doing this stuff even…especially when he’s doing that wet hair thing when his helmet comes off.

Can I have some Brown Sugar for my Damper? Chapter 12.

It was a really, really good day.
Even just driving home and with Sam falling all over me completely worn out and asleep and mumbling it was perfect.
We stop at my place and Rudy gets my things and dishes and he carries them for me and I can’t help but to look back at Sam still in the truck and part of me does this sigh.
Rudy sets the things on the counter and he looks me in the eyes and he kisses me.
“We have time right?”
I nod.
“It’s just I don’t want to rush this, not with how good this is and Sam.”
I nod and swallow. “I get that. I really do and I want to whole thing Rudy, even the waiting.”
He has this soft look on his face. “I know that this whole single dad thing’s not what you’re used to Morgan.”
“No, but the thing is Rudy you’re both worth it, you’re both worth the wait.”
It’s true, with the way that he wraps his arms around me and the crossing of them settling into the small of my back and then he’s kissing me long and slowly and sweetly.

Can Dreams Come True?...Part 11

Dammit woman…just do it! I’m yelling mentally at myself and it’s still scary hard but almost like I can’t help it and I end up nodding yes.
Ryan smiles but y’know there’s something else there too, it’s in his eyes that he kind of gets it.
And that’s nice…it helps a lot as he comes around and gets my door and we head to the movie place and we start checking out what’s playing and where to go and there’s a lot of stuff playing and just for fun he takes me to go see “Muppets Most Wanted.”

Out and just for fun with a big thing of popcorn to share and a medium root beer and doing this.
Fun’s been a long time from now.
And when they’re opening almost right away with a musical I’m already smiling.
I missed fun.

I Can't Breathe.

Rob can't breathe and even as young as he is life seems to be closing in really hard.
Until he's given a chance, a very odd chance to get away from everything closing in an maybe find some breathing room.

Snakes and Ladders-36


It’s really important to me when I catch Shaya in those moments. Dysphoria is a damned horrible thing to live with and to have the social stigma that comes with that and all her own cultural stuff and pressure and then the abuse.

I have my own stuff, growing up and into someone that was the size of a Bear and so not feeling any of that well it was all sorts of hell and finding yourself in the midst of all of it is really hard.

But I really get the whole thing that just smacked Shaya and I’ll even go so far as to say it could be like post-fight related too when the adrenaline wears off and everything and the blood cools down but the mind is still in sort of fight mode or semi-fight mode and that kind of stuff still messes with your head.

FTL-27...Faster Than Life


“I’ll be in the office Stone in heavy link you run the floor while I’m out.”

He heads into the office for the duty officer it’s just a glassed in sort of cubicle that they use to do other work and to do other things when things are running smoothly and when things need to be private.
I sit into his on deck chair and I link into the command computer link and I send two off to break and call two of my other co-cadets in that have been doing the same thing to spot us and then I’m getting orders for a recall of all of our ships personnel and to help direct them with the docking and then there’s orders for us to send out more drones out to our best operational limits and to pass on any oddities on scan to the bridge and to the weapons crews and the flight decks.
There are possible stragglers out there and we’re to keep all “eyes” peeled looking for any that might show up.
I have a bad feeling about all of this and we’re looking like we’re very possibly heading out of the system.

Jem...Chapter 131

Jem…Chapter 131

I don’t know exactly how many times I’ve done this now but it’s sort of the whole tradition to do *Brian Wilson* By The Bare Naked Ladies on the second half of the Tuesday show it’s not actually a lot but it sort of seems like it’s been that and not in a bad way but in like this song is an old friend.

I love the “Tuesday night…!”
I love the “Record shop…!”
I love the “Call it compulsive, call it impulsive, call it insane…oh-Oh!”

FTL-26...Faster Than Life


We actually start to ping back and forth talking about what was sent and the first thing that I do need to do is to give a return thank you to those people for sending those up here to me because it was likely far from cheap.

I stop by the PX and I buy a small sheaf of real paper and an envelope and a pen and I go to my quarters and I start to write a thank you to them and a real letter.

The girls are coming in and I open the figs and the honey for them and they start to check it out too and some are trying the equally as unfamiliar with things as I was with them.

I ping the kitchens too and find out what that’ll cost and they ask what I have and they are going to call me back with a price and recommends.

I still want to do this, other people do this and I kind of want those kinds of memories too before we all are off ship and gone to do our different things.

*And Now…

Snakes and Ladders-35


I nod. “Wren’s pretty smart.”
Both of then nod and Kyte says. “She has a completely different perspective and we need that I think. I’m still…” she turns red with a blush and I sort of get it that sheepish thing where you really just don’t have words to get the feelings out.
Ilisa says as she’s writing things down. “She’s alien and human and she’s quick to a lot of things or should be according to the legends.”
I look at her. “Legends?”
She looks at the two of us. “It’s not the first time our two races have met.”
*And Now…

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 18


I look around and it’s just her and Nicole, Jessa and Taylor.
I take a stuffy nosed breath. “Prince Christian Lyonnes and heir and…and daughter of Aurora Blackhand….”
I was not very sure of that… of this and her.
Nicole coughs. “We’ve been using Christiana or Chrissy.”
The woman breaks into an easy smile. “I like that I’d wager your mothers would have too.”
“You knew my mother?”
“Deidre? Nay just what Aurora had said, fine person by all account though.”
(Sniffle-sob.) “She was…” I gesture hopelessly at my face. “I’m sorry; I don’t know why I’m….” (Sniffle-whine.)
She nods and pulls me close. “It’s a ‘cause yer here Chrissy, yer journey’s done, yer safe.”
(Sniffle-sob.) “Safe?”
She nods and squeezes me hard enough to make me squeak. “Aye…safe.”

Taking a break, seriously frustrated.

I put a LOT of work, time, lack of sleep, feelings and emotions into a piece that doesn’t have a point anymore.

This hurts, and I don’t really have the spoons to deal with losing this along with other things.

So yeah, I need to take a break from posting.

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 17


I remember looking around and seeing just him and me and then my strength went out and I fell.
I thought that I was dying as the battleknight walked towards me shining in the sunlight.
Light brown enameled plates trimmed with brass and with some very old fashioned designs to it and the coat of arms a bears head and swords in gold on a shield with red as the color for the field.
The rig, the battleknight looked old but the coat of arms looks new…gold leaf? It was shiny.
The rig cage opened and this man jumped out and he was wearing brigandine armor and a woolen cloak that he took off and wrapped around me. He had long wild and unruly curly brown hair kissed with sun fade and this thick but not too long beard to match.
He pressed a skin to my lips and water had never tasted so good.
“I saw the light lady what happened.”
(Coughing.) “Lyonnes…it’s fallen, I was sent here by a friend…an aunt.”
“Lady Blackhand.”
I nodded.
“And you would be lady?”
(Coughing.) “Angeline…Angeline Lyonnes….eldest daughter…”
He looked surprised and maybe a little frowny?
“King Wyatt Braithe my lady, your husband to be.”
And that’s when I fainted again.

Masks Chapter 43


I’m like… “Guys…boo, I’m not a guy.”

And she’s like…. “I know. It’s like just a figure of speech y’know.”

Mary Jane snerks… “Like y’know…totally just a saying.”

We all burst out laughing and giggling and we sort of kick our legs and shout. “!”

Then we hear Becky’s dad. “What the fuck was that?”

Not like angry like but like he’s got no clue.

And we were silent for a second before we all burst out laughing.

It was such this whole cool space of time because the lights, the three of us, this whole tight girls together thing and it’s us so close together and holding hands and just being three girls.

And it feels good.

It feels weightless.

Unconventional Chapter 3

“Dad? Can we get some maple sugar to take to Tomas and I have a friend I might be meeting down there too.”
He grins and takes a couple of blocks from the deepfreeze. “We’ll get some Canadian stuff from the dollar store too okay. I’m not paying the prices that they want at the airport.”
We get into the car and we head out with dad driving and putting in one of his CD’s and we’re listening to some of his music as we go. I’m not a big fan of Bon Jovi and all of that one size fit’s all glam rock stuff but it’s okay.
It’s okay because Tia came up for air today.
I have a name.
I have a name!

*And Now…

Vanilla Sky is finally done.

I finally had the time to finish this novellette and it's now finished and put to bed. I hope everyone enjoys it and hopefully we'll see some new readers to it since we've lots of great new faces here on the site.
*Great Big Hugs*

Vanilla Sky…Part 10. The Finale


Liz smiles at me and she shows me what to do with my coat and my purse and the waiter comes back. “What can I get you ladies?’
Ladies….wow…that felt really good.
And not just the recognition or maybe not getting recognized but this is…I’m out on a girls lunch just like those women I’d watch doing the same for so long and now it’s me.
I get the soup of the day and a small garden salad and Liz gets the same and the canapé small tray for us too and she orders two glasses of sparkling cider.
I look at her when it comes and she passes me one and I take it. “You’re too young for a champagne lunch Sam so it’s this and ginger ale for now.” She smiles and she does the chink glasses and toast thing. “To your first day.”
We clink glasses and I blush and I take a little breath and look her in the eyes. “Thanks Mom, thanks for all of this.”
I called her mom and I really, really meant it.

Masks Chapter 42


He looks at Dad and they guyshake and there’s that tactile Guylepathy going on between them as they’re doing whatever mysterious thing that Men do when greeting and accessing other men.
I’m like lost about that because hockey or not all I’ve ever really been every able to do is like fake it.
And almost like he read my mind…Becky’s Dad looks at me and then at my dad.
“I thought you just had boys.”

Eldorado Part 8.


I yell down. “I think we’re catching up!”
The next thing I know is Doc Faraday unlashed some rope to something and put her foot into something and gave a nod and some of her folk grabbed a line and with a zip and a whoosh she flies up the mast to where I am like some fairy princess.
Okay that was impressive especially with that oh so very British look she has on her face.
“Alright Doc that was impressive.”
Her eyes have this sparkle there to them when we’re this close and I can smell her powder and perfume a mix of light rose and coconut and her lips are painted really, really red in a very nice way and she does that almost smile with the head tuck.
Oh…well then Quite…as she’d say.
Then there’s this bit of mischief that plays up and she opens her hand for my spyglass.
“But of course I’m a Doctor.”

Powdered Sugar side-scene.

Powdered Sugar side scene.

It took me a while to recover from just the sheer shock of everything and finding out that my daddy was still alive and that he was a cop was such a WTF moment. Not just a cop but a Fed.

As in FBI.


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