What would you do if your soulmate didn't meet society's ideals?

"Excuse me ladies. Could you tell me who that is?"The smartly dressed man asked the two girls standing near the fountain in the mall.

The two girls looked at each other for a second then turned to face the rather handsome man.

"Why do you want to know?"

"I am just curious to who that is."

"Well thats Chris. Tina?"

"Yeah thats right" Answered the other girl."

"Christina. A lovely name for a lovely girl."

The nuns error.

I am not pleased with this story so far the flow feels wrong. Suggestions are welcome of course.

"Ariel Grayson?"

"Here" I was not very entusiastic about having to respond to that name. As the teacher continued on with the roll call I thought back to how this all started.

BUT!! Updated.

I stomped my foot on the ground with my arms held to my sides and my hands outwards away from my body.

"But I am a boy!" I screamed at the girls laughing infront of me.

"No offense Katie but there is nuuuu way you are a boy. Your just way girly." Brenda was, as usual, just being mean.

"My name is Kurt and your being mean to me."

"Katie enough already your gonna make me pee my panties." Carla was on the ground rolling around.

The outfit

I remember the first time I saw that outfit. I was, once again, in my sister's bedroom watching her as she got ready for yet another date. I would lay on her bed and watch her spend hours, ok not really but felt like it, doing her makeup just so and then her hair. When she was done she would turn to me and say "So?"

Usually I would comment on how beautiful she was or something. That time though When she turned away and went to search through her pile of shoes for her outfit I spotted a new outfit hanging just inside the door.


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I enjoy comments on my stories way more than kudos. Please thank you all for the comments and keep them comming.

More comments = more stories.

Note: I dont really wanna write continuations of Mother's wish or The Island as they are complete stand alone stories that have all the answers to what will happen in them. Read them as many times as you wish.

The island

My name is Jack Marrow, please I've heard all the Jack Sparrow jokes to last two lifetimes, male age 22 or I was we are not entirely sure which side of the fence I currently fall on.

I had been flying a single prop airplane back to be serviced at the hanger I work at, it was due for regular service, something I did quite often. You see I'm a licensed mechanic certified for non passenger low altitude flight. What does that mean? Simple I have to fly low which in most cases is below radar level and never with passengers.

A flower by any other name part 2

The photoshoot went fine since my uniform was tailored to me to hide any flaws and with the help of a pushup bra I made it look really good. I did the whole shoot with those ladies standing their so I had to keep up the lily act the whole time.

What I did over my summer.

I hate school uniforms.

4 months ago I didn't have a uniform. I had just graduated from middleschool, no fanfare, no ceremony just you have finished grade 6 here is your report card. I was also a normal male boy, loved soccer, wanted to learn about football, basketball, and softball. Girls were starting to look interesting in my classes. I never wanted to be one nor even had once thought about wearing anything remotely feminine.

The mysterious case of the missing manhoods. Part 7

Dearest Lady Francis-Elizabeth Lane-Stewart

I have only your most recent letter to go by as Coleen has hidden the others from me. She has not read this one nor the letter from your grandmother as of yet. I would have requested help from your grandmother but as you know a magess is almost incapacitated when traveling by ship.

I request your assistance as soon as possible. Lady Coleen and I had been having tea with Lord Mathis, Ladies Petra and Rachel of Westholm, and the Pastor of Queens street North when the most unfortunate circumstances happened.

That Magical night.

I was tired. I hadn't slept well last night. The other boys and girls were all excited to be shopping in the city at the department store. We were on a school outing and this was the afternoon treat before we were supposed to board the school bus back to the home.

I was in a home, I do not know if I had parents. All I ever remember was the home. There was girls and boys about my age of 11 in the home. It made sleeping sometime really hard. I had gotten more than my fair share of tricks played on me over the years.

The mysterious case of the missing manhoods. Part 6 the replies updated.


your most recent note alarms me. The meaning confounds me. Were you interrupted and sent this fragment off in error? Or are you in danger, some delayed apoplectic fit from that foul magic?
I will make every effort to see you this day if I can but escape confinement.

feel like sheet

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Meh today I feel like crap. Having cramps that come and go and pretty much exhaust me. No its not the runs/trots/diarrhea. Id take that its not as painful and exhausting. Nor would I be swollen like a frigging balloon either. Wanted to work on my stories but im just so out of it half the time ill skip for today.

Rilly Kay

Detective Sergent John Wilks Looked out the slimy window of the cubical office he had inhabited for the last 4 years working on this case. It was one of the worst Homicide case in the departments history. The trail of murders seen to go back almost a decade but only the last 4 years worth could be contributed to Ms. Kay.

The plethora of copycats was yet another mystery. The court jails were full of almost identical people claiming they are Rilly Kay. It took the brain doctors months of therapy to even get the victims to realize who they were in the past.

Member for 4 weeks.

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According to my account details I have been a member for 4 weeks. This means that I have been writing, or trying to , for 4 weeks.

Mayhaps I doth write too much.

In 2 hours I am off to an assessment of a few things. I am scared, my nerves are not the best either. Not sure if I have enough time to get ready, Nor what to wear as its bloody cold outside.

new day new story .

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Although I have sparks for stories every 5 mins and a story develops from a spark to full lenght one by the time I reach the bottom of stairs usually, missing some details among other stuff.

I am writing a new one based in part with my love of cars. I am not going to post it here till I'm satisfied with it. I write in notepad which is on just about any computer.

I have alot of stories already in production here which I can work on when the mood swings inline with the area of that story.

The mysterious case of the missing manhoods. Part 5 the replies


though I admit to using drink as balm to my soul I implore you to abstain. At least moderate your indulgence. I understand the need. I miss my son grievously but we do not have that luxury. Clear heads are needed at this portentous moment. I will bring you some of that excellent vintage you requested but we must indulge sparingly.

Mistaken Girl chapter 4

Mrs. Peterson leads me by hand out the back to where the other girls are. Its strange but all that tape has altered the way I walk. Its more fluid or graceful. Me graceful now theres a laugh. I try stalling but she has a firm grip on my hand. She leads me to a walk of windows. Beyond that is the girls.

A funny thing happened on the way home...

My brother and I had just finished watching Interview with a vampire. We were staying with our grandmother for the night. As usual my brother was playing the part of the evil vampire and I was the damsel in distress. As the younger brother I was never allowed to be the vampire.

He was chasing me around and around the living room when Grandma walked in.

"What are you boys doing?"

"Playing Vampire and maiden. I'm the Vampire I vant to suck your blood." I squealed and ran to grandma.

"Boys sit down. I am going to tell you a story my mother told me when I was your age."


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I want to work on chapter 4 of mistaken girl.....after I finish writing this little story for someone else.

Also want to get out to wally world during the day for some catfood and another can of paint. Maybe some makeup ill see. That is gonna take a huge effort though as Im scared.


The little girl with the auburn pigtails moved silently down the passage in the dark tower keep. She was noticably small.

Actually she is full grown its just that she is a gnome. She is dress all in dark leather that is well oiled. Her intent is simple she is hungry and she knows that the mage of this tower has some food. Not that conjured food like her sister makes. Its ok has no taste and you get hungry again after awhile. No real food like fresh sweetened goats milk, or Roasted talibuk. The thoughts of such foods made her almost drool.

My rules to writing. updated

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There are no rules

I forget where I either read or watched that. Its a memorably quote though.

Do I have a plot...eeeehhh kinda I know what the ending is sorta. Usually very vaguely.

Where do I get my ideas from. The spark for a story comes from anything. Another story, stubbing a toe, cussing at the stupid cat. I do say spark because thats just what it is *What if...* is pretty much the spark. From there I have a picture in my head then it starts moving with a life all its own.

The writer me just uses words to try to describe what I see think and feel in my head.


I know I know is she ever gonna finish one story ...Its not my fault every time I sleep a new story comes and this gosh forsaken muse will not let me alone till I doth write it.

Quit that!

Child prodigy. Simple words and when one is found you hear that they are usually sent or trained and then are in papers and such. But what of the ones that are not discovered.

Good question isn't it? I should know it turns out I am one such. My name is Dane Thomas. I do not have a middle name. However many of you may know me by a much different name. Sailor D. Yes I am she from that rock group. It all started about a year ago...


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