The small issue with my family.

My name is Vincent J Wiggs. I know it sounds corny for a last name but that is really what it is or was. That's gonna take me a bit to explain. Alrighty then, first off I come from a family of witches. Magic really does exist and I have known about it all my life. There is a problem with that though. Magic comes at a price it is not free.

The school.

It was the dead of night as the young catholic schoolgirl skipped across the parking lot. The old asphalt with its many cracks was still giving off heat from the long hot summers day. She carried nothing but what looked to be a small fashionable purse with her. It was very late to see such a schoolgirl out on a Wednesday night. There was not to be a holiday the next day nor on the Friday following. For the few older teen boys hanging out behind the old abandoned theater she was a tempting piece of meat.

Going home.

The last thing I remember was walking into my cheap apartment after a rowdy night with the guys. This is pretty much the same as every other night when one goes to a university in which your parents are paving the way for you. I was to graduate from university in another month or two. My grades were all top scores, which is kinda hard to not get when your two apartment mates have been various tutors in the subjects you were taking. My only escape from the horrid life dictated by my parents before I was even out of the crib was partying.

Jealousy - A Jaci and Dottie story.

Jennifer (Jenny to friends)Wauwatosa, nobody could ever pronounce it correctly which is why the girls commonly referred to her as Ms. W or Ms. Wawa it was just easier, was walking down the school hallway on her way to the staff room for a much needed cigerette when she passed by the door to the girls washroom. She later couldn't say what it was that alerted her but she sidestepped to the door and opened it onto a scene of chaos.

The Family Feud.

Its been 5 years since I left my family. It seems so much longer to me though. But that was the only way I could survive. It all started before I was born, actually even further than that if I understand the family history. It started with a feud over a stupid pig. A pig have made its way over the fence of some family yard into a neighbors yard and ate their turnip patch.

Should have stayed in bed.

My real name is Linton Milton, Linton Markus Milton. My Father was responsible for my name even though he left us 2 months after I was born for some sleaze that got him killed so I never knew him but I can happily blame my troubles on him.

okay now what?

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So I guess now I need someone to turn my pile of ..., OUCH dottie quit that, well Bill's story into a book and then make a cover(i do have a picture in my head for it) and somehow post it to kindle or soemthing.

I am totally clueless in this requard so advise would be nice.


A Charm School Uniform - A Jaci and Dottie story

Lil Jacilynn walked into her room at the house Andrea (Drea to friends) DiMaggio. Her sister Dorothy (Dottie to friends) had been left behind at school chatting with friends about the upcoming dance recital. Dottie was nervous in the extreme about dancing with boys.

Collateral damage

I had followed the sissy girly boys to their secret hideout. Normally I would have brought some of the boys with me for backup but hey these were a bunch of wimpy sissies. I Brad Braddock was Captain first string of the high school football team. At 195 pounds of pure muscle I could take 4 of these wimps, who almost never fought back, and be home without a scratch.

1 year aniversary

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I little over a year ago I stumbled up a site called bigcloset and started to read various stories. Then being frustrated at not being able to post anything I registered on the site and submited a rather badly written story.

Now its offically a year here, and a bit, with me still dabbling at writing for my pleasure as I get to see what the ending is. Comments on the various stories in progress have helped me to well evolve into something less than pathatic at writing. Still with every one I write I get a bit better at it.

Jaci and Dottie - Halloween

Lil Jacilynn stomped into the housedoor after being out trick or treating for only 10 minutes. Hey eyes were almost overflowing with unshed tears as she removed the piece of black cloth covering her eyes. Tante Drea came into the living room to see who was in her house. Her own costume as a sexy witch missing only her hat and her other eye done in a smokey sexy look missing. She took on look at her young charge and instinctively rushed to Jaci's side and pulled her into her lap for a hug.

Belle of the ball 23

The sun was shining from an odd angle as I woke up. I was warm but felt cramped. I struggled with a thicker comforter and arms before I was able to see that I was in my parents bed. Sam was on one side of me with daddy on the other side of her. Mother was on my other side. I do not remember how I got here nor how I got into my lavender silk pajamas. I did know that my bladder was calling for immediate attention. I padded out of bed being careful not to disturb any of my family.


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