Masks IV: Part 1

Masks Series IV: My Summer Job


Rodford Edmiston

Part 1

Note that this story is much shorter than any of the previous ones.

Team Members

Blue Dagger: Former sidekick ("Partner!") of the Red Rapier.

Fantasy Child: Actually thirty, but looks around 17. Mental powers.

Gloria: Strong, fast, tough, flies.

Shadowsong: Team mystic, with some mild physical powers.

'Toon!: They're... not really sure...

Masks III: Part 13

Part Thirteen: Realignment

"Well, that was unsettling," said Maddy Singleton, as she and her peers filed out of the meeting room nearly two hours later. "Bad enough that these people seem to think they deserve special privileges over and above what is granted to the average citizen, some of them aren't even citizens! I never could stand the English royalty, with their elitist airs and their eccentricities. Green hair?!"

"Uh, he's not English royalty," said one of her aides. "He's..."

Masks III: Part 12

Part Twelve: Saving Face

"I can't believe you're going to work with the Young Guardians," said Rubber Made, pouting a bit. "Luckyyyyyy... Do you have any idea what a prestigious situation that is?"

"Of course I do," said Energia, rolling her eyes. "I..."

She stopped, mouth open, expression first annoyed, then alarmed. Without explanation she closed her mouth and hurried to open a window, through which she subsequently flew.

"Guess she got a message from Eve," said Moondance. "Or maybe Glomahr."

Masks III: Part 8

Part Eight: Turnabout Intruder

The group in the assembly hall was an uneasy one. Nearly everyone looked exhausted and anxious. As they stood at the podium Lady Carver seemed to have more grey in her hair and even Eve appeared older. The agitation of the students didn't help matters.

"We have a list of students and staff who are known to have been captured," said Eve. "Copies of this and the lists of those who are in the infirmary or simply missing are being passed around. If you have a correction tell Andrea after this assembly."

Masks III: Part 7

Part Seven: A Corruption of Arms

The attack on the school began right on schedule. The only change being that the long-range bombardment was not directed solely to the Pine installations and super bases on the island; about ten percent pulverized an innocent section of jungle north of the bunker. This to draw the attention of those on guard there.

Masks III: Part 6

Part Six: Still Mortal

"You can relax," said Dr. Whiskers. "It's not cancer."

"Whew!" said Template, sagging with relief.

"I suggest you cut down on caffeine," said the other-dimensional feline. "That's the primary causative factor in fibrous breast lumps like this. I'd also suggest you self-exam more often. Don't leave it up to Colossa to find them for you. This one was large enough you should have found it weeks ago."

Masks III: Part 5

Part Five: Children of the Times

Maldren didn't quite breeze through the flyers' obstacle course, but he definitely did very well. There was applause and whistles from some of the others present, including the non-flyers who just liked to watch.

"Very good," said Eagle, recording the boy's score. "You're the fastest today, and among the top fifty."

"Top fifty runs, or top fifty flyers at the school?" he said, a bit of tension there.

Masks III: Part 4

Part Four: Schemes and Consequences

"You're telling me," said the man, barely able to keep from screaming, "that two billion dollar air superiority fighters with two three-million dollar missiles each couldn't shoot down one flying man?!"

That last actually was screamed.

"Think about what you just said," the General replied, confidently. "'One flying man.' This is someone with inhuman powers. Something not human. We still almost got him. We learned from this, Senator. We'll do better next time."

Masks III: Part 3

Part Three: Commencement

"Almost ready," said Andrea, sighing in tired satisfaction as she ended the staff meeting. "Some students have yet to arrive, but all prospects have been contacted, the dorms and most of the other facilities are ready..."

"Don't jinx it," said Junker, warily.

* * *

Well out into interstellar space, more than a full light year from Sol, a small huRK scientific vessel came across an anomaly. A manufactured one.

Masks III: Part 2

Part Two: Wonders and Exploitations

"I'm glad you checked in," said Eve, after Template delivered her report on the vampire girl. "We've got the farrier arranged for Cheiron, so you don't have to ask Chestnut about arranging one."

One reason for the personal report was that Eve was having a pre-semester meeting with some of the staff that afternoon. That gave Template the opportunity to tell her news to several of them at once.

Masks III: Part 1

Masks Series III


Rodford Edmiston

Part One: Acquisitions

"This is so cool!" said Energia, giggling like someone much younger than thirteen. "This has got to be the best Christmas gift ever!"

"We're barely out of the atmosphere, yet," said Template, smiling inside her helmet.

These second generation super space suits were much slimmer, lighter, more comfortable and, of course, more capable than the prototype Template had worn before.

"Wow," said Energia, falling behind a bit. "This is so..."

"You all right?"

Masks 5: Vengeance at (Las!) Vegas

Masks V

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Masks V: Vengeance at (Las!) Vegas


Rodford Edmiston

        Warning! Strong sexual innuendo and adult situations in this section!

Part One

        "My goodness," I cooed, as the client roused and began playing with
my breasts. "Again? Already?!"


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