Masks VI: Part 2

Part Two

"Ow!" Blue Impact yelled, ducking back out of the way and shaking her hand like Jackie Chan. "What's that thing made of?!"

Her best punch hadn't even left a dent. Or slowed it. Or caused it to change course. Blue Impact had hoped to disable the thing before the two youngsters could engage, but that wasn't working.

"Monocrystalline molecularly aligned iron," said Gadgetive, busy assembling something. "Energia, can you lift it off the ground for me?"


Masks VI: Part 1

Masks VI


Rodford Edmiston

Part One: Holiday Break

The first and second sections of this tale are actually set before Part V. The third section starts shortly after.

The Leader of the huRK and his council of advisors were in a closed meeting, discussing a follow-up investigation of something discovered by one of the Fleet Leaders some months earlier.

"If that is, indeed, Tolnar's son and heir this presents us with a potential opportunity," said the Leader.

Masks IV: Part 3

Part 3

The event, not surprisingly, was cancelled. Or, rather, postponed, the new date to be determined later. That didn't mean anyone there could leave right away, of course, since they still had to give their statements to the police.

"I'd ask you to keep us advised," said Annie, sighing, after relating what she knew, "but after the poor showing we made I wouldn't blame you if you told us to keep out of this."

Masks IV: Part 1

Masks Series IV: My Summer Job


Rodford Edmiston

Part 1

Note that this story is much shorter than any of the previous ones.

Team Members

Blue Dagger: Former sidekick ("Partner!") of the Red Rapier.

Fantasy Child: Actually thirty, but looks around 17. Mental powers.

Gloria: Strong, fast, tough, flies.

Shadowsong: Team mystic, with some mild physical powers.

'Toon!: They're... not really sure...

Masks 5: Vengeance at (Las!) Vegas

Masks V

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Masks V: Vengeance at (Las!) Vegas


Rodford Edmiston

        Warning! Strong sexual innuendo and adult situations in this section!

Part One

        "My goodness," I cooed, as the client roused and began playing with
my breasts. "Again? Already?!"


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