Don't mess with me!

I got home from work that fateful friday evening and slumped into my one and only chair and kicked off my only decent pair of shoes in disgust.

My creep of a boss had come onto me big time when the whole team were in the pub celebrating the birth of a child to one of our colleagues. I’d told him in front of everyone else that ‘I’d never be friends with you even if you were the last man on earth’.

You Again!

It had been a long, long and very fraught day. A little after 8pm, I said to myself, ‘Enough. The rest can wait until tomorrow.’

I shut down my computer and left my office making sure I double locked the door behind me and headed downstairs.

The place was quiet. Well it was a Monday night in January so that was par for the course. I nodded to Georgina who was manning reception until her shift ended at 10.

I walked the few paces into the bar. I nodded at Harry who was doing what bartender do when they have nothing urgent to do namely, polishing a glass.

A sense of 'what the heck'???

I have two stories being written//edited that are a bit more macabre than my normal fare.
Ok, so on is where the hero/heroine is being stalked and the other is where they are involved with solving the crimes.
The latter one I strted writing in 2013 and is at least 6 parts. The former is something I wrote on a recent flight from Dubai to London.

Then I pick up a book called 'Deja Dead' that features Temperance "Bones" Brennan.

A Birthday Reunion

To celebrate a whole two years since my ‘divorce’ I decided to get dolled up and go out.

You must understand that I don’t normally do that but for once, I decided that I’d go out in a bit of ‘glam’.

My desire to wear my ex wife’s clothes was what led up to the divorce despite Paula knowing about Suzi before we got married. In the end, the fact that I often looked better in her clothes was sometimes just too much for her.

The Crush : Always first.

Diane Bradley was always first.
First for wear a Bra in Junior School.
First to get suspended for wearing too much make-up.
First to get suspended for wearing too high heels to school.
First to get suspended for wearing skirts that were almost indecently short AND stockings.
First to get her Nose Pierced.

What Timezone does this site use?

A little while ago (minutes) I posted a comment to my story 'The Black Cab'. The time of the post was logged as 2016/01/24 - 7:07am
Yet it was 2016-01-24 06:47:00 (or thereabouts).

I know of some parts of the world that use the odd half hour as a TX offset (India is UTC+05:30) but this seems to be a case of clock drift.

If there a reason for the drift?

While I am on the subject of times, when does the 'day' start for the Hit counter? If there some mythical Timezone used for this? Perhaps the Sargasso Sea TZ?

The Black Cab

The Black Cab

The lift doors opened and two tall slim ladies emerged into the Hotel Lobby. They caught the sight of themselves in the mirror and they smiled at each other. Then as if they owned the place, they walked directly into the bar that adjoined the Michelin 3* restaurant that the hotel boasted. The Maître D asked,

“Are you dining with us tonight ladies?”

“Yes, yes we are,” said one of them.

The Policeman and the Ponygirl

I was sitting at my desk going through some paperwork when the door to the office opened and in walked a man in a Police Inspectors uniform.

“Sergeant Dobbs, I understand that you know the Gibbs family?”

“Yes Sir. I guess you don’t know that Nick is, sorry was my adopted brother. He changed his name back to his original one when he met his birth parents a few years ago.”

The officer sat down with a sigh.

“I’m going to need you to go and break the bad news to Mrs Gibbs. It will be better coming from you.”

Under my Nose

[2001] Aged 10

Our new Neighbours moved in two days before Christmas. Mother, Father and a 10 year old girl named Jocasta. I thought that was a cool name because she is a superhero from ‘The Avengers’.

Her family were invited round to our place on Christmas Day because the Gas people hadn’t connected up their oven in time. Our families became firm friends from that day onward.

We must stop meeting like this!

This is a story for the new year.
[The first time]

The first time I saw Naomi was a couple of weeks before Christmas. It was late afternoon and I was standing in for our receptionist Mary Blanchard who was having a wisdom tooth removed.

The whole place was a hive of activity getting orders shipped before the posting deadline.

She walked into reception wearing a grey and black herringbone three quarter length coat, black leggings and a pair of black L.K. Bennett ankle boots. Her long brown hair cascaded over her shoulders. Her makeup was flawless. Her eyes glistened in the chrismas tree lights.

I'm in Heaven

My phone was ringing. From the caller ID I could see that it was my dear Mother. It was just after seven in the morning on Christmas Eve and the last thing I wanted to do at that particular moment was speak to her. I was doing very well in my life without her trying to set me up with every available and not so available women she could find in her extensive social circles. There was a reason that I’d always fobbed them off and she’d find out why soon enough.

Just another day in Paradise

“I’ll have the code changes worked out in a couple of days. I’ll be ready to test by the end of the week,” I said feeling a bit of pressure from the people in the office.

The Video call wound down and I breathed a sigh of relief as I hung up. As I was doing so, I heard a voice start to call out my name. I ignored it. The call had gone on far longer than anyone had anticipated and I really didn’t want to speak to anyone for a while.

The Ultimate Christmas Gift?

“Mr Charlton, unless you are prepared to tell me your troubles I really see no point in us continuing these sessions. Well?”

I’m Paul Charlton and I’m sitting ‘in the Psychiatrists Chair’. I was here because I'd lost it in a very big way and had a breakdown. That breakdown had led to the end of my marriage and thence to me becoming homeless and virtually penniless. Now three years later I was trying to rebuild my life but one huge thing was getting in the way. That was my secret.

I didn’t reply straight away. That didn’t matter to Dr Yacub Pakker, my Psychiatrist.

Germaine Greer : Transwomen are not real women


That well know womens lib supporter has turned her guns on Transwomen.

I have been a supporter of her work in the past on Womens Lib and equality etc.
But now I think she's lost the plot. Totally.

She's PNG with me from now on.

A Late Christmas Surprise

Two days after Christmas and I was starting to get bored. Another week before I had to return to work and I didn’t have anything to do.

All the Christmas Day detritus was put away on the 26th. My visitors left the same day as well and now the place is quiet.

The Perfect Christmas Present

[Christmas Eve]

The early evening crowd bar at the George and Dragon was thinning out when the door opened and in walked one of the regulars.

“Hello Mike,” said the Barman.

“Hi Pete. The usual please and a double ‘Grouse’ please.”

Pete, the barman raised his eyebrows.

“I can tell that something is wrong. It has to be for you to order a chaser.”

In the Psychiatrists Chair - 2 - Autumn 1968

In the Psychiatrists Chair -2 (Autumn 1968)

“Come on in John and take a seat.”

The client didn’t say anything. He was a teenager and was still dressed in his school uniform. The look on his face said that he didn't want to be here.

Brief Encounter

{The plot of the classic David Lean film slightly updated…}

The announcement was clear and to the point.

“All services to the south are delayed by at least a further thirty, that’s Three Zero minutes. This is due to overhead line problems near Penrith.”

I thought to myself, ‘another bit of bad news after a totally shitty day. What more could go wrong?’.

writing Update


Last May/June I spent three weeks in the Rockies travelling around and taking lots of Photos (5600+).
Whilst driving from Laramie to Yellowstone I had an idea for a story. Now after a prolonged period of gestation I've nearly finished it. So far around 20K words have been typed.
Now I'm about to start the editing but I have my 2015 Photo Calendar to get off to the printers first.
The provisional title is 'The Good Samaritan' but I not happy with it so it might change.

With a bit of luck I'll start posting it in a couple of weeks.

Out of the Ashes, Part 5 - Monday Afternoon and Tuesday

The sergeant had just released my ankles when his radio bleeped.


“We’ve got her,” came over the radio, loud and clear.

“Thanks, out.”

He looked up at me and saw my smiling face.

Out of the Ashes, Part 4 - Monday

Monday dawned grey and cold. I looked out of my Hotel window at the myriad of people scurrying off to work and felt more than a few pangs of regret that I wasn’t amongst them. My daydreaming was abruptly ended by my phone bleeping.

‘Get some sleep? No matter if you didn’t. Rent a car and drive west along the M4. Leave your hotel by 10am. I will be watching you. Don’t speak to anyone especially the police.’

Next part of out of the ashes

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I will post part 4 of my tale in a couple of days when I get to Durango. At the moment I'm about to watch the sun go down from inside Monument Valley. Yeah, it costs and arm and a leg to stay inside the park but it will probably be a long time before I come back this way.
Drove down through Bryce Canyon today. A lot quieter than yesterday (Sunday) but it was 06:00. Saw the sun rise and left around 06:45. Drove south on 'Cottonwood Valley Road'. This is dirt for most of its 48 miles. Would not want to get stuck out there..... Didn't see one other vehicle in the whole trip.


“Breathe In”

“I am breathing in.”

The woman laughed and pulled the corset laces a bit tighter.

“Oommpphhh” gasped the man.

“It is still not enough. If you want to escape that posse by appearing to be a Saloon girl then you are going to need to have a lot more waist.”

The man looked at her with hatred in his eyes. He loved her but this was pure torture.

Second Time Around

Life for me was very hard after the sudden death of my wife Janice. A scumbag drunk driver had killed her on her way home from work. Thankfully we'd not had any children but even so it was a trying time for me.

Her sudden death affected me so badly that it took me over two years before I even thought about seeing someone else.

Pantomime Dreams

It is almost Pantomime Season here in the UK so I thought that this tale might be appropriate. For those who don’t know, Panto is a wonderful chance to play roles of the opposite sex. For example, the principal boy is played by a woman etc. I wrote this tale sitting on a beach near the Island of Nose Ve (means 'Call that an Island?'), Madagascar in November 2006 while photographing White Tailed Tropic Birds.


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