The Italian Job - Part 6

When I first told Saffy that I was going travelling and despite her protestations and comments such as ‘Yeah Right’, I really meant it. 

As I prepared to leave the country to start my travels, I was not really sure where I would end up. I called it, ‘Going with the Flow’. My problem was deciding where to start.

The Italian Job - Part 5

Our Heroine is in the middle of a very awkward phone call to Saffron.

To say I was stunned by Saffy’s confession was a great understatement.

“I… I don’t know what to say.”

There was no reply.

“Saffy? Are you there?”

There were some audible sounds from the other end of the line.

Eventually she replied.

“Don’t you love me?”

Now I was in a corner with no way out.

“Yes Saffy I love you but not in the way you think I do.”

The Italian Job - Part 4

“Please come inside. We have been expecting you.”

I was speechless. What on earth was going on?

Nevertheless, I went inside the house.

With a thud, she shut the heavy door behind me.

“Let me introduce myself properly this time, I’m Claudia. Shall we go into the Kitchen? I am sure that you must have a million questions?”

Still speechless, I nodded my understanding. I followed her into the huge kitchen. As I entered I was aroused by the smell of fresh coffee and even better, fresh bread.

The Italian Job - Part 3

With a bit of trepidation, I sent off the application for my new passport the following day after a quick trip to my lawyers.

When I’d come into all that money, I invested some of it in the shop and also just under £10M in a number of properties in and around the city. Property in Bath is really expensive. I employed a Solicitor to manage the properties on my behalf through a company I set up called ‘Safnis Properties Ltd’.

My impromptu visit to my Lawyers that day was to formally change my name to Fran from Francis.

Ricki Ortiz - TG Streetfighter Player

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I'm not a computer gamer but this caught my eye.

I'm not sure about viewing it from outside the UK though.

She came out as Gay but she still didn't feel right.
The Gaming Fans seem to have accepter her very well which is a refreshing change,

The Italian Job - Part 2

I grinned back at Saffy.

“What gave me away then smart arse?”

“Your eyebrows. God knows how many times I’ve tried to get you to really pluck them properly. You
always refused. Well you did until now”

Then I waggled my fingers at her.

Saffy grinned back.

The Italian Job - Part 1

Two women were sorting through a pile of clothes. They’d been bought as a job lot from a local firm of ‘House Clearers’.

“I’ll go and get the lunch today.” Said the very petite raven haired one to the taller brunette.

“You carry on sorting out this little lot,” she added.

“Gee thanks Saffy. We all know how you hate this job,” replied the brunette.

I’m the brunette. I’m Fran and the other woman is Saffron or Saffy for short. We both work in a shop selling Antique and Classic Clothes.

Homecoming Gift

“There’s a table not far from the Bar,” I said as I led my two friends into ‘The George and Dragon’ that fateful Thursday evening.

We all sat down and I fished a £20 note out of my Wallet.

“Jayne, be a darling and get them in. Mines a glass of Merlot. If you ask the barman nicely, I understand that he has a very nice bottle of St Emillion behind the bar with my name on it.”

Jayne and my other friend Donna were with me to celebrate a promotion and to do a bit of business at the same time.

Look good in Blue

Emma Price a.k.a Blondie had always been a looker ever since primary school. Only the teachers and her parents ever called her ‘Emma’. With her naturally blonde hair and brilliant green eyes she was the best looking 5 year old for miles around.

Some parents would have put her into what the Americans call ‘Beauty Pagents’ but Blondie was a real tomboy at heart. She was part of our little gang from the very day that her family moved into Kirdford Close. There was Simon, Trev, Alan and me, Joe. She was just one of us.

It is not the end of the world

“Shauna, you seem a bit pre-occupied tonight?” asked Kerry-Ann.

“Mum, it is nothing,” replied Kerry-Ann’s daughter.

“It isn’t nothing. You have sat starting at your homework for the past hour and done exactly nothing. So, come on darling out with it.”

Shauna looked at her mother for several seconds before replying.

“Mum, they are saying on Twitter and WhatsApp that Paula was a man.”

Kerry-Ann had dreaded this day coming. Paula was her wife.

“Anything else?”

“What? Isn’t that enough?”

“Are they saying anything else about us?”

My prizes for the Christmas Contest

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After due delibaration and contemplation, I have come to a decision.

Cue drum roll....

First Prize goes to
• Lost and Found by Julie D. Cole

Second Prize goes to
• Ghost Gift by Dorothy Colleen

Both of these are IMHO right on the nail when it comes to 'The Spirit of Giving'.

The money will be on its way tomorrow according to the wishes of the authors.


Possible delay in awarding my Christmas comp prizes

Just a heads up to say that there might be a delay in the awarding of my extra prizes winners for the Christmas Competition.
My 94 years old Mother was admitted to Hospital last night. The Doctors don't really know what is wrong with her at the moment.

I've read every entry at least once and was in the process of producing a shortlist when this happened.


You can do better than him

This story is another episode from the ‘Hotel’ run by LGBT people that first featured in this story.

The problem with running a Hotel that is part of a larger group is that you have to attend corporate functions and even worse, ‘corporate training’. No excuses, you as the manager have to go and be indoctrinated in the latest corporate ideals/edicts and messages. Then it is your duty to pass all this corporate wisdom onto your staff.

Whatever you want...

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This year has been a bad one for the musicians who have been in my life for... forever.

Today, we lost Rick Parfitt of Status Quo. I hope he is 'rocking all over the world (of heaven)'.

What with David Bowie, Greg Lake, Keith Emerson and now Rick Parfitt, this year has been bad.

RIP all of them

BigCloset TopShelf's December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest


December 2016
Spirit of Giving

Story Contest
Entry Submission Dates are from now through December 23, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time!
Prizes currently are 1 x $250, 1 x $150, and 12 x $100 USD paypalled or gift vouchered. Prizes subject to go up!

Tour de Yorkshire - 2017

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The route for next years event has been announced.

Maddy will be happy as the finish is in her back yard.

One of the names of the climbs got me laughing... Côte de Shibden Wall
Would not want to ride (up or down) in the wet though.


Backups? wot Backups?

Backups are a PITA so they often don't get done.
Just refer to the anguish that Maddy Bell had where her PC stopped working.
Now she's got no excuse for not backing up her work. {courtesy of yours truly}

I came upon this little ditty again today.


All those backups seemed a waste of pay.

Now my database has gone away.

Oh I believe in yesterday.


There's not half the files there used to be,

And there's a milestone hanging over me

The system crashed so suddenly.

Escaping the Past - Part 3

Now that Chloe was out in the open things moved along nicely at the house.

Angela more or less took control of Chloe’s metamorphosis from ‘yeah but you are a man aren’t you?’ into something more like ‘what are you doing on Friday?’ sort of appearance. She thinned his eyebrows a bit but not too much so that when Martin had to make an appearance it wouldn’t be obvious that the was a cross-dresser.

Escaping the Past - Part 2

[Late March]

Martin was in a meeting at a London Trading House when he felt his phone vibrate. He’d set it on ‘silent’ before the meeting. From the nature of the vibration he knew he’d received a text message. His innate politeness stopped him from looking at the phone until the meeting was over.

It was more than an hour later before he could look at the message.

When he did so, he smiled. It was from Angela.

“Martin, come home please. Am sort of stuck”

He replied

“Understood. Tied up until 4. Back ASAP”

I am me and you are you

You and me are very different.
We always have been and always will.
Your words, fists and feet will never make me you
Just face it, I’m not like you

You call me queer,
You call me a paedo,
You smash your fists into my face
Yet I’m still not like you so what’s the point eh?

Yes, I like to dress as a woman,
What’s so wrong in that? Will it condemn me to spend eternity in hell?
Just because you don’t do not make me bad.
Despite all your bullying, I’m still here.

Escaping the Past - Part 1

Life Beyond… Part 1

[This story was originally written in 2004. I updated it in 2010 and again in 2014 and yet again in 2016 so I thought that it was time it got posted.]

Many of us have seen the people selling the Big Issue plying their magazine outside the Tube stations and other prime locations. They come and go over the years. They sell a copy and pocket a bit of money from the sale. They work hard and for most of them it is the first step in their return to some form of normality from whatever deep dark place that have been.

A lot of people who buy their copies don’t read them but still continue do make their purchases just so that they can feel good about helping someone out.
I usually buy a copy not that I read much of it but at least these Guys (And a few Girls) were trying to get themselves and their lives out of the gutter. You never know when it might be you who finds themselves out of a job and homeless.

Christmas Competition - extra prizes

Following on from Sephrena's post about the competition and the discussions between the two of us, I am pleased to announce extra prizes...

1st prize - $250
2nd prize - $150

I'm the sponsor for these prizes but will be awarded in the same way as the other prizes.

so what are you waiting for... get scribbling


Home again

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I've arrived home safely. The Ferry from Santander to Portsmouth was great and as on the outbound trip was a flat as a millpond.

Thanks for all the kind words. My little accident could have been worse, much worse now that I think about it and reflect upon it.
I traveled just over 800miles on the trip (3 days riding) and averaged more then 60mpg (UK gallon).

Well, that's all done and dusted

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Today was my last day of regular employment. After 4 1/2 years with a very good company, I retired today.
I left school in '69 aged 15 and apart from 3 years as student I've been working ever since.
I am officially retired although it will be two years before I get my state pension.

I hope to be able to spend at least a bit more time writing.


UK MtoF Trans Soldier to serve on the Front Line

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Several news sources here in the UK are reporting that the first openly transgender soldier will serve on the front line thus becoming the first woman to do this (medics are already there and are fully trained soldiers)

The Ivory and the Ebony

“Hello. Can you hear me?” asked the young woman.

“Uhhhh,” moaned the figure lying on the ground.

“Lets get you up. You can’t stay here in the wet.”

It had been raining heavily for several hours and there were deep puddles everywhere.

She helped the Woman to sit up. Then she saw the bleeding. It was coming from a nasty gash on the side of the woman’s head.

Can it get any better?

After a number of years of trying and failing miserably, I was able to get off work and go to France and actually see a stage of the world famous race, 'Le Tour de France'. I'd booked a Gite less than a kilometre from the stage 15 – time trial. With my Chunnel ticket booked and my recently serviced bike packed into the car, I was all set for two weeks in France.

Owner of a Lonely Heart - Part 3

My journey back to Skipton was not the one that I’d expected when Mary dropped me at the station that morning. I felt an inner calmness and that was strange to me. I’d been excited about getting those dresses made for me but after the incident in the Cathedral, it was as if they didn’t matter any more.

Mary met me at the station. In an instant she noticed that I was different.

“Did Vic give you the tour?”

I nodded.

“It got to you didn’t it?”

“Yes it did. As much as I didn’t want it to, it did.”

Mary laughed.

Owner of a Lonely Heart - Part 2

Mary took me under her wing and eased me into Parish Life once she had helped me create a believable back story for my life. We needed a story that had to stand up under the close scrutiny of her parishioners. It didn’t take me long to realise that Mary was an expert at that. I sat back and marvelled at how she tied things together so that were no loose ends.

Then there was the subject of my clothes. Mary took one look at the few I had in my case and laughed her head off.

“Those will never do for the parish ladies,” she commented.

Owner of a Lonely Heart - Part 1

As the dawn chorus broke and with a heavy heart, I wrote my goodbye letter to Liam.

Dear Liam,

I am so sorry to say goodbye like this but I can no longer fulfill the role you want me to do at the expense of all my desires. To carry on like I have for the past few will totally destroy me. If I don’t leave now, I never will. I’ve returned all the gifts you have bought me since I came to live with you. I have managed to gather enough money to get me to wherever, find a place to live and start a new life.

Please don’t come searching for me. I will change both my name and appearance. The past has been fun at times but I have so many dreams of my own that I need to try to achieve and if I fail, then so be it.


Do you hide your LGBT Status?

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Well, do you?
This article on the BBC ahead of this years 'London Pride' (I'll have a pint please...) sorry, 'Pride in London'.

Only two people know about the real me. So yes I do hide it. Personally, I made that decision 40+ years ago and got on with my life.
Places like this allow me to express myself but I still dress almost every day. Ok, so I live alone like many here I guess.

Vacation over for another year (or maybe not)

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Well, that's it for another year. Just waiting for my flight from Vegas to London.

I went stargazing on the Nevada Northern from Ely last night. The almost full moon meant that most stars were invisible. Still we got good views of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and the Moon.

You can love twice

[12 Years ago]

There I was, full of late teenage hormones, in bed with my girlfriend of the past three years Annie, with both of us ready to do the dirty deed and…

“I’m sorry Annie. I can’t do this. It is not right.”

“Eh? What have I done wrong?” she answered trying to comprehend what had just happened.

“I can’t have sex with you. It just isn’t right.”

The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling

There once was an ugly duckling
With feathers all stubby and brown
And the other birds said in so many words
Get out of town
Get out, get out, get out of town

Bobby Mason knew that he was in trouble as soon as he walked into the School Playground.
A reception party was waiting for him. At least 10 other boys were lined up with their arms crossed blocking his entry to the school.

The Mumaddy

“’Dad, hold still can’t you?”

“I’m trying. Can’t you see that.”

“If you don’t then I could stick this mascara wand right into your eye.”

“I know. Just get on with it ok? I don’t want to be late.”

“Nag, nag, nag. You are just like Mum was.”

I looked at my daughter sternly.

“Sorry Dad. I forgot.”

I smiled back at her.

“It’s all right. I forget sometimes as well.”

“That’s it. You are all set Amanda.”

“Thanks Lindsey. You are the best daughter I could ever wish for.”

Lindsey grinned back at me.

Lost Luggage

One of the worst things about travelling by Air these days, well apart from the hassle of seemingly endless security before you even get on the aircraft, is standing at the baggage carousel looking expectantly at the seemingly endless stream of bags arriving in the hope that yours was actually put on the flight in the first place. As the last bags appear you have that heart rending moment when you realise that yours is not there.

How, in these days the sophisticated computer systems that are used by the airports and airlines, can it be that about one in a million bags go missing.

Doesn’t the airline industry keep promising us that errant bags are a thing of the past. Yeah right.

Decisions - Decisions - Part 5

The journey home was very quiet. There really wasn’t much to say once we’d updated Eric on the situation.

As we approached Lincoln, Eric’s phone beeped.

“Can you see what that is please?” said Eric as he passed Sandra the phone.

‘It’s from John,” she said as she looked at the screen.

“He says that the Jeff’s have probably done a runner. He wants us to drive past Jeff seniors home in Lincoln to see if there are any signs of activity.”

“I don’t know about that,” said Eric.

Decisions - Decisions - Part 4

Decisions-Decisions 4

Eric made the call to his son from the Managers office. It didn’t take long. When he returned he said,

“John will meet us on Thursday at 10. The problem is that we have to go to see him in Derby. That journey will need an early start.”

He was right. Living in the back of beyond has one huge disadvantage in that it takes ages to get nowhere fast. The roads in the region are crap. Full of potholes and often covered in mud from farm traffic.

I opened my handbag and pulled out the train timetable that I’d used for my trip to Sheffield before Christmas.

Decisions - Decisions - Part 3

As the saying goes, ‘all good things come to an end’. For the three of us, that meant having to go back to work. Still we were happy at how things had turned out over the Holidays.

The three of us made a staggered entrance on the first day back. Gwen got a few ribald comments from Jeff. That was nothing in comparison to what I received.

As I walked into the Office, Jeff pounced.
“Hello, my name is Jeff. Can I help you Ms?”

“Hello Jeff, my name is Louise. I am Stewarts replacement.”

Trans Author on BBC website

This is an article entitled

Living with Peter who dresses as Penny

He's also a local Counsillor and Author (At least three books on Amazon) with a very understanding wife.

Here is another link to him on the Daily Flail/Fail/Mail. (Sorry)

Decisions - Decisions - Part 2

I poured a cup of coffee and gave it to Gwen.

She disappeared into the bedroom to give it to Sandra.

Ten seconds later, there was a scream and a lot of swearing coming from that part of the flat.

Then it went silent.

Thirty seconds later, Sandra emerged from the room carrying the coffee cup.

“Why didn’t you wake me up before this?”

“What do you mean? Do you have to be somewhere?”


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