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Education of a Sissy - Ch 1. A Good Boy Has A Bad Idea

Michael has come across something that implies that a company is doing a bad thing. Naturally, being a good boy, he decides to investigate.

Naturally, it doesn't work out the way he expected.

But then again, it's not going to go the way the bad guys expect either.

17+ comments for the author who writes nothing but run-on sentences...


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I'm not an author, so this isn't a case of jealousy, in which I begrudge their popularity because I have none. My social capital on this site is zilch. I've posted maybe twice, before. With that disclaimer out of the way, I want to know why so many readers flock to bad writers. Stories full of run-on sentences, poor grammar, misspellings, etc. The types of stories written so whimsically that they're sickening with their lack of focus. 17+ comments? This is some of the most popular stuff out there? I've found all sorts of gems on this site; stories which I'll never forget.

Becoming Me - Part 1 - Either/Or

Becoming Me

Part 1:Either/Or

Darkness, a mouth that felt like used sandpaper. Pain.

That's what I woke up to 5 long years ago. Would I change what's happened to me?

Alex has two meanings...

First story. Be kind. I love this site, it's great, and I wanted to be a part of it. Hope people like it. Any constructive criticism would be gladly appreciated.

The Lesson Learned

"What you send forth comes back to thee, so ever mind the law of three. A lesson to be learned, once learned you will be free. Another point of view is what you must see."

These words will change Marks life forever, for better or for worse is yet to be seen.



Nathanial's life gets turned the wrong way when his new school goals don't go so well and his girlfriend breaks up with him. Things get worse when he encounters a woman with a 'special' gift that completely changes who he was, and is given something he is not prepared to live with. Now he must break the spell in order for things to go back the way they were, when he was a boy. And the only way to do so is to live and develop a life of a beautiful teenage girl, before time runs out.

i need some help with my account

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I am angel101. Not sure if that means anything here but I created an account many months ago and posted a story here titled her sons makeover. But because of a move and many issues that were going on, I didnt log into that email and I lost the password to both and yahoo deactivated the email so im pretty much screwed with getting access to my previous account here. What can I do

That email by the way was urangel2007.

so what can I do

Wishing Stone

Is it possible for someone that life beats into the ground to be given another chance at life, but have the life be the complete opposite and still be a great one?

My magical journey

It was finally here, i was going to start highschool in a week i was going to be free of my sisters friends punishment. Maybe i should explain a little. High im Andrew 19 im not really that big i have a slightly effeminate body for my age which might explain why i was stealing my sisters friends clothes to wear.

Adam's Song - A tale of Delacroix High: Book 1


Everyone has a story to tell, right? Stuck on ball of dirt orbiting the sun at twenty kajillion miles an hour, lost in the haze of one galaxy piled on another, but we all believe we're the centre of the universe. Nobody bothers to think about why we're here, what our purpose is, or who is pulling all the strings that make us dance.

Whoa, stop. Rewind.

Saved By A Goddess

saved.jpgSaved by a Goddess

By StefB

Tyler Dawson is a successful stunt coordinator for some of Hollywood’s largest films until an accident at a remote location leads him to sacrificing his life to save an ancient goddess who he had mistaken for his beautiful wife. She offers to save his life but some sacrifices would have to be made in order to do so. If he had known, he might have said no but then again she might have said yes.

A crash course in French

Several other stories use French as a theme, but I note that very few authors master the rules of French grammar which is not gender neutral. My recommendation is that you read through at least the first time without looking up the footnotes, as they are only for those that get curious about the details. If you are French you do not need the footnotes at all (maybe when I try to be very phonetic) , and If you know nothing of French the information is probably a waste of time to read them. The pseudo-phonetic parts are rendered in italics, and without translation, just like you would experience if you were the victim..

Horizons of the Heart - 1

Horizons of the Heart

By Melange
Copyright © 2013 Melange
All Rights Reserved.


In the city of Tier, a place of intrigue and mystery, a group of adventurers takes the first steps into a dangerous place.

I need help with a story I'm writing. Can someone help with

reading it for content and flow/edit/proofread or collaborate if you find the premise interesting.I don't mean to indicate I need someone to do all those things or maybe an editor does that anyway. I don't know this is my first attempt at writing for consumption though I have written about 100,000 words in three stories that are gathering dust in my hard drive that I'd like to post.

Confused about creating content

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Long time lurker and reader but made my first comment yesterday. I'm not certain if the blog link is used in place of creating new thread in most forums I use. Or are there another more accepted manner of asking questions.

Please let me know if I need to ask through these blogs or is there a part of the forum I haven't located?



The Blank Page


The sleepy silence of the office building was shattered by the booming peals of thunder now issuing from outside the window. Then the rain came. Within minutes it had quickened from a light drizzle to hammering drops that added their din to the periodical thunderous crashes. A sudden intense burst of lightning illuminated the darkening interior of the cubicle of Peter Evans.

The Maiden, the Vixen, and the Amazon

My memories of life before the island keep slipping away from me. I think I had an office job of some kind and was good at making money but bad at relationships. I took a cruise to get over the last woman who'd dumped me for being so distant, and I was thrown overboard in a storm. I'd been wearing my swim trunks when it hit, and I washed ashore naked.

The Wish

The genie said he’d be granted a wish.

Instantly he knew what it would be.

Smiling happily for the first time he could remember, with a voice hushed and breathless, he asked.

"I'd like to know what it's like being a girl."

The genie laughed and vanished.

FML Demitri

“Damn” I say aloud. “Damn”. Its another hot summer night. I spend it with my buddy Mike’s hard lemonade. Cranberry. Its not exactly hard liquor but lets face it, I ain’t got the cash and Mike makes a damn good drink. The Sour Patch Kids are over and if they could talk they would say “Hey fucker, get off that couch and go to that new gay bar downtown. C’mon fatty. Put the sugar down and back away slowly.” It’s a good thing the fuckers can’t talk.

Starting College My Way

Starting College My Way. A story of fiction by Symphony Simms.

It’s is time for Leslie to go off to college. Leslie is a closet crossdresser. His sisters used
to dress him as a girl when he was young and he loved it, but as he got older his parents
made them stop. He loves wearing dresses, but now has to do it in secret. He hopes that
being away from home he will find opportunities to dress as a girl, but by a strange set of
mistakes and coincidences, he finds himself wearing dresses far more than he expected.

A personal history of Mutation, or How I spent my teen years.

This is a sandbox I've wanted to play in for quite awhile...but never has a story burned me so badly before; So, without further ado, my first story post anywhere.
Please be gentle, and forgive me if I screw something up somehow.
Anyway prologue first, and we will see how any reviews, formatting, or toe stepping goes.



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