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Masks 5: Vengeance at (Las!) Vegas

Masks V

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Masks V: Vengeance at (Las!) Vegas


Rodford Edmiston

        Warning! Strong sexual innuendo and adult situations in this section!

Part One

        "My goodness," I cooed, as the client roused and began playing with
my breasts. "Again? Already?!"

What were you thinking??

WARNING: This fictional story gives an indication that physical violence in the home is socially acceptable.


Karen opened her door and let her son, Donald in. She could tell at a glance that he was very upset. As soon as she closed the door and turned to face him; he burst into tears, collapsing into his Mother's arms.

A Matter of Fact: pt 1

Cameron leaves a coma after almost 8 years to rebuild her life after the loss of her family in a car accident. This story is told under the umbrella of the Whatley Universe, with thanks to it's creators.

Real Life

She was living in her parents' house. Not earning nearly enough money. She sometimes felt that the pronoun was undeserved, she hadn't done enough to earn it. Hormones for a year and her appearance basically hadn't changed. People in stories always changed extremely. Transformed beyond recognition. They got desirable female figures, dyed their hair blonde, wore makeup and dresses. Even the nonfiction stories the press seemed to pick up, the people they seemed to be interested in, were like that. Look at these before and after pictures, it's amazing how much the person changed.


What do ribbons really mean?
They show about a time and place you have been.
They show deeds done.

That is the face they show to others.

They wont ever show the child never coming home.
They wont ever show the child never held again.
They wont show the light leaving some ones eyes.
They wont show the loss of having every thing you had destroyed.
They wont tell of the torment of dreams.
They wont tell of faces coming to you in your sleep.
They wont tell of the sounds and smells that send your mind to a far off place

Trying to live 1

One of the last things she said still ran through my head. It was late May and I'd just broken up with my girlfriend of a year. Heartbroken I was moving back north tomorrow. We were sitting on her bed as I packed when she said it “well I guess you're not Ivan anymore Ingrid.” Tears fell from my face how could she say that? Why would she say that to me? She was the one who helped me find myself. Now here she was taking away from me. Over my dead body was I gonna let her do that. Not after all the things she put me through I'll he damned.

Merry Christmas to all

Hi everyone to be totally politically incorrect I'd like to wish you all a very merry Christmas. Stuff the happy holiday theme I was raised in a conservative home and I'm proud of that. It's not rocket science to know that we're living in very troubled times. So no matter what your personal beliefs are I wish everyone a very happy and peaceful Christmas. And also a very prosperous and successful new year.

a quick update

RL has delayed my writing a bit this last few days - that and a vagrant muse, so the expected third arc of the new book may be delayed by a few days.

The good news is that I have plenty of writing time scheduled over the holiday period so with a bit of luck part 4 shouldn't! Be delayed by any significant amount!


The Promise (Part 1)

Charlie Roberts has tried to be a good friend to his long time buddy Joe, but after a horrible break-up, his friend seems to have lost the will to live for himself. Wanting to help his friend out at any cost, he makes a promise with his friend's infirm mother. It’s from this point on that Charlie starts to live two different lives. One as the caring, supportive friend and the other as the loving girlfriend. But how long can he keep these two lives separate? How long can keep the truth from his friend? Which one will he ultimately choose?

Just a quick thank you

Yes thank you to everyone who continues to read my scribbling, writers like to be read and you lot fulfill that need in buckets!

There aren't many comments posted but I take that as positive - there's no controversy or stuff that upsets people.

Would anyone be interested in a Christmas posting?


Freya's Gift Chapter 1

An aging overweight man who plays too much online gaming receives a gift from Freya, the
goddess of love, lust, beauty, sorcery, fertility, gold, war and death.

Freya's Gift

Chapter One: In the Beginning

When you think you know everything there is, life always has a way to prove you wrong!

Gender Swapping Dinosaur Musical

Blog About: 


So I was researching some music for a friends radio show the other day and I came across something interesting and I thought I would share what I found. So first some background. The show has a feature called The Musical Moment where he plays a song from a film or a musical. In my research this week I came across a show called Triassic Parq. Basically it's the story of Jurassic Park but told from the point of view of the Dinosaurs. However there is a little bit more to it than that. This is a description of the plot from the show's Wikipedia page

Guts and Lingerie

Guts And Lingerie

This is my first post and i hope that you all enjoy it

Chapter 1

Tomorrow was Monday, the day teens hate the most. Jenny wasn't an exception. Jenny was a 14 year old boy who went to high school. He was intelligent but he wasn't athletic. Though he played Football(soccer) very well and was quite strong, he wasn't well built. He was undergoing puberty and undesirably was attracted to the feminine life.

A song in my head

Just a little something that popped in my head yesterday:

I always wake up with a song in my head
I always wake up with a melody in my head
I always wake up with Melody in my head
I always wake up with this girl in my head
Who can make her wishes come true?
Who can make her come true?

How to write a story


I have never written anything but would like to write at least one story. I have tied to start a least 7 good ideas with various beginnings but always change a few details. My mind is willing but the body of my stories are held back for the next step. All stories have at least 3000 words and I have not even begun to write the story.The longest is 17000 words and still I have not even started on the body of the story. I can never decide how to plan my next step to get to the end.

my first time in public

This story is about the first time I decided to go outside of the house dressed as a woman I've purchased dresses in the past I've even worn them in the garage but never actually went out into public you see I'm the man's man big burly motorcycle rider but I do love to put on a skirt or a dress and heels and hose and . well I got carried way there for a second.

five stories: A TG Mixed Tape

five stories

A TG Mixed Tape

(Edited by PersnicketyBitch. Same editorial hand as always. Different name. More after the jump.)

The Tape is back! This time around StephAD has contributed two great stories, the first kicking off the collection with an exhilarating magical duel. Hikaro has submitted an intense apocalyptic tale and talks Brave New World and superheroes in the Mixed Tape Interview. Trismegistus Shandy and Jenny North offer intriguing glimpses into ordinary lives changed by super science and spirits. So what are you waiting for? Hit play on this fantastical new collection for thrills, spills, and maybe... even some feels.

Robin's Heart

This story has been on Storysite for many years, and quite a few readers said it was their favorite story. With Storysite no longer accessible, I am posting it here. I hope the readers here enyoy it, too. In the story a man slowly adopts feminine clothes and appearance to help the business he and his wife have. Suzi Page


It's the same old story, boy looses parents, becomes mutant, discovers shapechanging powers, Runs away, becomes girl, gets tied up with witches and saves the day.

All old hat right.

NOTICE: this is under deep revision after a dispute with the Whateley Canon group. I am still writing, but have started revising things to removing references to their world. This is not done out of bitterness on my part as I still love Whateley and the present cast of characters. I'm doing it so if they have any negative feelings toward me or my work they need not worry about me stepping on their toes.

it will still be the same story for the most part and I'm still going to take it in the same direction. but for now know that what you are seeing is version 1. when Version 2 comes out this will no longer have anything to do with Whateley.

Xìngbié; part 1 (of 12): Takeout Chinese

Nathan poked at his food with a fork. Part of him found it ironic that a Chinese American family was eating Chinese takeout for dinner, but his mind wasn’t really on the food.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” his mother asked from across the table. She was frowning, but it was concern in her eyes.

Nathan’s younger brother snickered, and Nathan cast him a dark look.

“I’m just not very hungry, I guess,” he lied. He hated lying to his mother, but he really didn’t want to talk about it.

“He’s upset because he still doesn’t have a date for Valentine’s Day,” Tyler chimed in.

Nathan stabbed his beef with his fork, looking down to hide his grimace.

“Tyler, stop antagonizing your brother and eat your dinner,” their father said.

Tyler grumbled something under his breath, but didn’t respond.

Nathan silently thanked his father, but he knew that Tyler was right. He was fifteen now and still didn’t have a girlfriend. All his friends were always talking about girls, but Nathan had such a hard time getting a girl to go out with him.

Not that he hadn’t tried, of course. He’d asked out four different girls this school year already, and each one had said no. And every time they did he wished he could just disappear and never have to try again. But with Valentine’s Day coming up, he felt even worse than usual.

A painful morning..

It was 3 AM in the morning where she lived and she couldn't fall asleep. So she put on one of her sister's bra and panties, followed by black tights, then a pink shirt with white shorts. She checked her handbag and put her diary, a pen,and set of keys. After checking that her parents were still sleeping, she quietly opened the door after wearing a pair of flats and left the flat.

Fate Sucks

"This is fan fiction for the Whateley Academy series. It may or may not match the timeline, characters, and continuity, but it's fan fiction so I hope it's forgivable.

Estelle Young is the daughter of superheroes, and life is interesting enough for her liking. Too bad fate decides she needs some more excitement in her life.

Moose Lake, Alberta, Canada (20km north of Edmonton)
November 20th, 2007

The first sign of the trouble that would make my already interesting life more so, was when my period didn't come.

Wrong Luggage

There may be other factors playing with people's lives other than fate. Are we just pawns in this world playing for a greater intelligence? Why tempt Him or Them if there is?

not sure


this is my first time trying to post a public question, so not sure who if anyone will see this.

I have just finished venus cursed by saless and noted that the latest post states that it will never be finished, my question is why will it never be finished?

Please at least spell check before submitting.

I am getting tired of seeing so much unreadable works published that can be greatly improved with a simple spell check. I request Erin, Cat, and Piper please add a spell checker to the posting pages for those directly entering to the site. Beyond that, most word processing programs also include a grammer checker as well. Editing the paragraph sized run-on sentences would be the other major improvement to works that are enjoyable to read. If you don't have MS Office, Open Office is free and works just as well.

You're Beautiful

Tom’s sister tries to help him to fit in with his preppy classmates more. But some feminine changes are made along the way…

Note: This is my first story that I have written, so any feedback in the comments would be much appreciated! Thank you!

The Golden Band - Part 1

This is my first attempt at writing so any comment and support would be appreciated. I am also writing this on my mobile so I will have to go in steps as my battery will only hold out so long. Thank you all for taking time to read this. I hope you all enjoy.

"The Golden Band"
Part One

As I sit here writing of my present condition, I watch as the last of my former self vanishes.

Serving with Distinction: Chapter 5: Losing my Virginity All Over Again

I see my vision grow brighter and brighter as a white void surrounds us. Out of nowhere a bed and hanging linen comes to view out of the corner of my eye. White silk sheets and cashmere cover the huge bed. I’m not sure if we moved, or everything around us did, but I feel like we are nowhere near the pond. We both fall into the bed brought before us. It’s cushion is silent, but it caresses us like nothing mortal.

Serving with Distinction: Chapter 4: My Homecoming

It’s dark and I can barely see where I am. I try to stand.

I feel like I just ran a marathon and my legs are like jelly.

My legs slowly regain strength as I will them to move and I go from sitting to standing.
A new weight puts pressure on my chest and I see that I am indeed sporting two C cup, omega shaped breasts.

Serving with Distinction: Chapter 3: A Werewoman is Born

Twenty seven days later.

The past month or so has been pretty uneventful, a short stop in India, a lot of boring days at sea. Oh, a lot of the guys heard of my night of escapades and give me looks of disbelief about that. We are now almost near the Middle East, getting ready to sail through the Strait of Hormuz in a few days.

Ever since that night, I’ve found myself day dreaming of such wonderful sex, God I hope to see soon.

Drunken Mistakes

I'll admit it. I shouldn't have treated her badly. But what did I do to deserve this?

Suzanne was a liberal feminist. We got along quite well for a while. Until, I complemented her. I simply stated that she had a cute butt. Since then, we hadn't talked much.

One night while my parents were away, I got wasted. I went onto Instagram and began to comment on Suzanne's pictures.

"I want to fuck you in the ass and shove my shit covered cock into your mouth, you whore!"

She replied, " WTF, Ryan!!?!?!? I thought we were friends!"

Fighting the religious right!


So, I work Midnight's at a international convenience store, and have a customer that is so far right he makes Donald Trump look mild. He's against gender equality, abortions (I'm going to hell as I don't believe it's any of my business what another person does with his or her body) and he believes that anyone in the LGBT community will even be rejected by Satan himself.

He told me "God doesn't make mistakes. Members of the LGBT community choose to live this lifestyle. A good religious treatment center will cure them of the sin."

Feminist's Punishment

I was just one of the guys. I mean, we all were doing it. But why me? Why only me?

It was the night of my school's annual back to school party. It was rather cold outside, but my friends and I wanted to go anyway.

The night started off normal enough. I swam for a little bit. I ate some food. Then, my friend John brought out the booze. We managed to sneak a few swigs before we say some of the staff eyeing us, so we tossed it away.

An Accidental New Life - Part 1

~ An Accidental New Life ~
By Mykhaila Ejensfell

When my mother died and my father, someone that I had never met in my life, proposed to take me in, I actually believed that I was going to live him. That of course wasn’t going to happen. That man without even meeting me once was sending me to a boarding school. A boarding school that apparently didn’t even know my name or my gender, because in the letter they sent me to tell me I was accepted they kept referring me as Miss Brooke Falconer. That was completely ridiculous, I mean, I was Brook Woods, a tough (yet slightly short) guy!

Mother's Child

Liam knew where his life was going, or so he thought until an incident at football practice turns into his worst nightmare. And the fun is only beginning.

I want to thank Maggie Finson and all the other authors for creating the Whateley Universe. This story is Fan-fiction and may not conform to Canon rules or timelines. I am only playing in their sandbox. I also want to thank Connected for all the editing work put in to turn my scratchings into a readable story.

Please note that all of the categories checked do not apply to all chapters. My goal is to post a new chapter weekly as I have written several ahead with publication pending a final grammar check.

The future has changed now earth is ruled by Amazon women

In year 2232, the Earth is now ruled by Amazon women after an alien female Amazon force invaded our planet and made females superior , stronger and smarter . At age of 16yrs. Boys will be told of a selection process my friends and I am due to for selection .this my story how my friends and I lives
were changed forever and the people around us


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