Lainie Lee

Drabble Saga 3: Those Lovely Bones

They took him to a hair salon in the hotel across the street.

"Give her the works," said Larry to Beth, the hairdresser.

"I'm not a ..." Davey began.

Cissy -1- My So-Called Life -- and Death


You can never pay back what you owe to all the people who care for you--you have to pay it foward.


A Soul Survivor Tale

Taylor Maid -2- Double-D Marks the Spot


Why did I go anywhere with two alien parasites that sometimes looked like big tits stuck to my chest? Okay, I'm dumb, but I think I had help.

Robin Goodgirl

SRU: A Higher Power


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Stan Lee wrote, "With great power, comes great responsibility."
Lainie Lee wrote, "I may be in the service of a higher power...."


A Higher Power

by Lainie Lee


A continuing series of stories based on characters and situations created by Bill Hart

SRU: A Higher Power -5- The Pardon

Hal needed something from the wizard, even though he didn't know exactly what it was...

The Pardon

SRU: A Higher Power -5- The Pardon

by Lainie Lee


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