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The Pirates

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Day after blistering day a 'ship of the damned' flying the black flag followed in our wake. When the wind eased, we would gain a league, when the wind freshened, they would gain it back.

We knew those following were spawn of the Devil, from glimpses through our captain’s powerful telescope at night. When the moon was full, you could see the Pirates from Hell were a collection of bones, held together by ungodly power.

Boston Medical Center to provide GRS

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The Boston Medical Center Hospital just announced ( 5/18/16) that they will be joining a small group of US hospitals offering Gender Reassignment Surgery for both M to F and F to M. The hospital has long provided hormone therapy and mental health services, but due
to a growing demand,and slowly changing insurance coverage, it was decided to provide the surgical procedures. The BMC said it already
has a waiting list of over 100 patients to be evaluated for surgery.
This is good news for patients in the New England area.


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Mass General Hospital in Boston, Mass. has announced the first sucessful US transplant of a penis. The receipent had penile cancer and had his removed in 2012.
The lead surgeon saved my bladder in 2013 when I was diagonesed with an aggressive form of bladder cancer.
A team of 7 surgeons and over 30 support staff were involved in the surgical proceedure.
Doctor Feldman expects that in several weeks the patient will have full function of his penis. This also provides hope to servicemen who have received wounds to the genital region


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It really makes you wonder what we are coming to when this pops up in the news,
"Students at Oxford University in England are allowed to skip lectures about crimes they find 'Potentially Disturbing'.
Makes sense, except, they are criminal law students.
Nice to see this is happening in the UK as well as the USA. Unbelievable !



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