A New Finn Part 11 Finale

Chapter 28
Sunday morning John drove over to the Nashua Street Jail, the current home of Roland Finn. With him was Anne Connors and Kennedy Pena. Kennedy was orchestrating the meeting’s fallout and eventual investigation, Anne was there to get the dirt on social services, while John was there to get Roland to speak.

A Touch of Magic Part 8

Chapter 9
In the morning we got dressed and showered as fast as possible, hoping to get to school early. Mom tried to calm us down but it didn’t work. Zoe was anxious and wanted to be in class before the others, I didn’t want to leave her alone so I had to go along with her.

A New Finn Part 8

Chapter 22
Sean hurried over to the school accompanied by Mike and Alex. The two spent an hour getting up to speed on the playbook while Sean looked over plans for the practice. Alex and Mike were novice coaches but they had played on peewee and high school teams so they knew the game.

A New Finn Part 7

Chapter 20
Miles awoke early the next day with Michael joining him soon after. Michael kept quiet and helped Miles with his breakfast until Miles asked him what was bothering him. Michael admitted “we were worried about you. Jaimie told us you had a bad reaction to meeting Aunt Victoria and Uncle Jorge.”

A New Finn Part 6

Chapter 17
The next morning before school the group got together and the two shared their big news with the others. Miles was embraced by Hannah and received a big slap on the back from Bryan while Christina got a hug from Jessica. Paige just stood back and watched.

A New Finn Part 4

Chapter 11
Miles was discharged Wednesday evening with strict orders to stay in bed for another four days. He was ordered to take it easy afterward and was limited to what he could do physically for the next month. Valerie arranged for someone to keep an eye on Miles during the day so she could do her normal daily routine. Miles wasn’t happy to need someone to look after him but wasn’t in a position to argue.

A New Finn Part 3

Chapter 8
Michael and the five friends kept a close eye on Miles and had him hold off from running several times because he was in obvious pain. When one of the coaches complained Sean shut him up fast with a quick “he’s following doctor’s orders and coach’s orders and if I hear another complaint about him slacking you can find a new job. I won’t put my players in danger because you think they are slacking off.”

A New Finn Part 2

Chapter 5
Miles cried for several minutes. He finally stopped and said sadly “I have nobody left.”

John had tears in his eyes as he said “you have us. You aren’t going anywhere, we won’t let anyone take you away or let anything bad to happen to you.”

Miles tearfully asked “why are you still helping me? I have brought nothing but trouble to you so far.”

A New Finn Part 1

Miles Arnold was 14. He was tall, skinny, and relatively good looking. He never showed it though; he was shy and quiet and tried hard to go unnoticed. He was friendly with everyone in his classes especially the Finn Family as the group of 12 friends was jokingly called.

Book 04: A New Finn

Miles was just the poor, timid kid in his class until a drug bust rocked his world. Now forced to live with a family he had grown to idolize and be the sibling of two people he felt he wasn't worthy of knowing he has to endure the trials and tribulations of being the newest member of a special family, the Finns.

Book 4 of the "Winnisimmet Tales" saga

A Touch of Magic Part 7

Chapter 8
Paul didn’t say a word after the kiss, he just kissed her back and smiled. Sela was bursting at the seams, I had to drag her away so they could talk privately. As much as I loved her she was pushing things a little too hard and needed to let them flow naturally.

A Touch of Magic Part 6

Chapter 7
Sela and I went off to school without saying a word. She was embarrassed at what she said to mom, I know she was still in shock when she said it but it was the truth. I agreed with her, mom and her dad are a good couple and she would be a great sister to me.

A Touch of Magic Part 5

Chapter 6
Sela saw what I had done. I had to think fast. I cast the same immobilizer spell to hold her but it didn’t work! I tried a forget spell and that too didn’t work!

Sela looked at me funny. She tried to form word but was struggling. I turned away from her and let Zoe move then cast a forget spell with the instructions “you will forget that you were going to harm me and Sela. You will remain here for several minutes after we leave and you will tell the teacher that you had an accident in your pants. You will go home in shame.”

Incorruptible Cop

A single person tries to stop a tragedy from occuring only to see that it might be the start of something even worse. His only confidant sees to it that he finds help from the right people and in the process cause the two to see something greater about themselves.

A short interlude taking place alongside "True Friends and Family Part 13" that impacts the world of the Winnisimmet Tales for many years to come.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes: A TG Mixed Tape


A TG Mixed Tape

(Curated by PersnicketyBitch)

A young woman is singled out of superherodom, but is having none of it. A group of teenagers disturb a malicious spirit. A radical plan to improve the American political process. Hit play on the last TG Mixed Tape for 2015 for all these stories and more, featuring contributions from Efindumb, Ellie Dauber, Desert Willow, Misaania, Jenny North, Callie Messenger, Person42, Hikaro, Shauna, Trismegistus Shandy, kandijayne, Desert Willow and Anon Allsop

Book 06: Making Of A Family


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TG Universes & Series: 

James has just encountered Tanya after being forced apart for 13 years. He comes from hard earned money, she comes for poverty. What they do for themselves and for the sake of Tanya's children changes their lives and the lives of others forever.

Book 6 of the "Winnisimmet Tales" saga

Book 03: New Beginnings


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Jaimie, Michael, and their friends are in the 8th grade now. John starts to teach regular students and finish his degree. The kids do something so bold for someone that it is both shocking and wonderful. Jaimie starts to act like a young woman while Michael struggles to see her as such. Rebecca comes into her own. John gets a gift that many wanted him to have while encountering his opposite in teaching.

Book 05: Finding Daisy


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Dale was a little boy who is sent on a bus halfway across the country to find someone who is supposed to be his sister. Once he finds her things turn into a whirlwind as past secrets, suppressed feelings, and startling revelations come to light, all of which turn the once strong Peterson family upside down. As if that wasn't enough Dale isn't a normal boy. He himself has a secret that only his newfound family can help with.

Dale may have found people who are related to him, but he also may have finally found Daisy within himself.

Book 5 of the Winnisimmet Tales Saga


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