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I tried to publish my new book, "New Beginnings" and Amazon had a hiccup with the file. I screwed up initially and put the wrong file in but because I had done the preparations two weeks ago I caught it before it went live. I fixed the error but Amazon's system didn't register the changes. It reverted the edition to the original version, one that was another story altogether. Sadly that wasn't caught in time before someone bought the book and I had to again change the book to the right file and republish it. But the poor unfortunate reader was stuck with the wrong version.

Real Family Part 7


Ella had tears streaming down her face while Logan was ready to protect her. Linda was afraid for the kids and moved the kids to the bedroom until it was safe for them. Rachel and Miles went in with them as Kennedy sat down with Valerie, Juan, and Ricardo to talk about what was going on and why.

Real Family Part 5


The agents took Juan to another room to talk. Valerie joined them as Juan's legal adviser, with Ricardo overseeing the information extraction from the office computers. Juan was advised of his rights but it was simply a formality as he was felt to be the scapegoat now not an actual participant.

Real Family Part 4

More twists and turns, a third unexpected thread joins the mix. I am debating a fourth one, but it might be too farfetched even by WT's standards.


Dan let out a laugh at the whole turn of events. Jorge wasn't one to be so manipulative but when he was he did it for all of the right reasons. Dan shook his head and told the others "Jorge can be thanked later, I think the kids need to get home for lunch while we make arrangements for Juan's move."

Update on Winnisimmet Tales


Two weeks ago I posted the finale of my most recent book. I haven't done much if anything on here as I have chosen to stop causing problems and being the snarky jerk that others have grown to hate. I am writing this to tell others that I haven't left but rather have simply chosen to do a lot of thinking and soul searching while trying hard to keep busy with other things while my anger an frustration subsided.

Book 15: Real Family


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Julio is the unwanted young son of a drug addict. In his short life he has never experienced love or friendship. Juan is a brilliant lawyer who tries his hardest to isolate himself from his family. Logan and Ella are young kids who don't know just what is really going on with members of their family. Dante and Steven are two kids with a bum rap who have never known the warmth of parental love. Mia is trapped in a world of hatred and anger at the hands of people who are supposed to be family. All of them know what it is like to have family yet have never experienced it.

Diego Part 10

I started writing this series unaware that I would have a chance to give Snowfall's amazing The Nightmare Rider a shoutout. I also continue the story that originated in The Road Phantoms with her blessing. Consider this the final act of that storyline as no further mention will be made.


Diego Part 9


The media was in a frenzy at the district court when Angela got there after conducting the searches. The fact that a prominent businessman and a principal were being arraigned was big news. The fact that both carried similar charges was bigger. They were arraigned separately but both would be covered.

True Friends And Family- now available on Amazon



After some procrastination, presenting True Friends And Family, the second book in the Winnisimmet Tales saga.

Available for purchase at Amazon in e-book. In a day or two it will be available on Kindle Unlimited and in printed form.

The first book, Someone Who Cares, is now available in printed format as well.

The final book, New Beginnings, will ble available on April 17th

Diego Part 7

Todwell was named by Snowfall at my request because she give me help getting this story pointed in the right direction. Todwell is based on the right hand man of the former mayor of my old hometown. Greedy, amoral developers do exist and really do hide in plain sight.


Diego Part 6

Special thanks go out to Snowfall for helping with the major storyline that is about to start. Without it this story would be vastly different and nowhere near as interesting.


In the morning the boys started to do their shower routine. Kyle was first then Oscar. As Kyle was getting dressed Diego entered and caught him naked and caused both to blush deeply. Diego walked out, his face red and apologizing to Kyle.

Diego Part 5


As the law arm was working their magic Diego went right to school. Ricardo and Alex happily presented the court orders with Alex happily telling her "Diego is now officially Diego Vincent, our son and is legally male and asks that the school continue to accommodate his needs."

Diego Part 4

This is a work of fiction and a hopeful take on what would happen with the police and courts. Real life is anything but hopeful.


Once the five 7th graders were truly out of earshot Valerie admitted "Diego told me something horrific that happened last Thursday. He was the victim of a sexual assault in school that was perpetrated by four boys. He fought back but his principal blamed him for it."

Diego Part 3

Please, no comment about spelling, grammar, or content. I get enough crap for being the site's resident snarky jerk and troll I don't want my contribution to the site to get picked apart becauses I lack the top level education of others.


Diego Part 1


The Worcester Hills are a cold and windswept place in the fall. Walking home from school can be tough for many. It's even tougher when you are trying your hardest to not get noticed by the crowds of students walking in the same direction after hiding out all day.

Making of A Family Part 7- Finale


Chapter 15
Tanya was finally released a week later. She was still weak but well enough to start taking care of the children again. James did most of the work, not wanting her to push herself too much. He treated her like a queen, caring for her every need while the kids helped with the housework.

Making of A Family Part 6


This makes a subtle reference to the story "For A Friend" which was written well after this story was initially written and marks the biggest direct change to the series as it was originally written. Joshua and Peggy were in "For A Friend" but didn't interact with Sean much so were easy to forget by him.

Making of A Family Part 5


Chapter 10
Ingrid got off easy. She got the charges dismissed and told to stay away from Tanya and the kids. The delay in reporting the abuse was claimed but Ingrid used her usual racism claims to scare the judge into letting her go. The prosecutor didn’t even bother to talk with Sam or Virgil, it was as if they didn’t matter to them.

Making of A Family Part 4


Chapter 8
Sam went through the rest of the week at school without incident. Fear of expulsion was strong and the kids weren’t going to let their parents’ complaints get them into hot water over something they really didn’t care about. Most had no intentions of befriending Sam and Sam didn’t bother them so it was no problem of theirs. They would let her do what she had to do as long as it didn’t affect them they didn’t care.

Making of A Family Part 3


Chapter 6
While Sam was in school the next day Tanya James had a long discussion about insurance. The questions about what would happen got him thinking that the three needed coverage just in case something bad happened and the state wouldn’t cover them. Sam’s gender treatment was covered by the state regardless but he wanted them to have more.

Making of A Family Part 2


Chapter 4
James, Tanya, Virgil, and Sam left the Finns and the kids after dinner. Tanya was feeling better about moving in with James after her discussion with Valerie. James sensed this relief and he himself started to feel better, he feared that the Finns may scare them off with their overwhelming kindness.

Bottom of the barrel


The past few days I have been trying t write my next story. It was going great until I saw that I had done most of it already and can't find a new angle of attack for the story. I am well and truly stumped. I keep going but it's not coming out how I wanted to. I am getting to where I need to go but it's not flowing how I'd like and worse it might sound disjointed with additional conversations that don't belong in the story.



Tire of feeling like crap because I don't dive into politics. Tired of feeling like crap because people who aren't affected by anything going on here pushing their views around and complaining when someone who differs calls them on it. Tire of feeling like crap because I have to always hold my tongue and can't directly say something without feeling like I am going to cause a riot. Tired of feeling like crap because I misremember something I learned two decades ago and having it backfire on me. Just tired.

Finding Daisy Parts 9 to 13- Finale

If 22,000 words is too long too bad. I spent hours trying to rewrite this to make it better because people didn't like it the least you can do is read it without complaining about the length.


Finding Daisy Part 7


Chapter 18
The girls took the news well but Leslie and Valerie were still concerned about Daisy's future. They needed those DNA test results and fast. Without them, Daisy may not get her surgery and both knew she might do harm to herself if that happened. It was a matter of life and death.

Finding Daisy Part 6


Chapter 15
With so many coming over Lilly went over to the Finn home early she could help with the cooking. Daisy slept in, Miles pointed out that it wasn't right to subject her to the scrutiny of the other teens, their parents, and the teachers yet. He had a point, he himself kept his distance from her to let her get used to the others as he wasn't sure what to think about her himself.

Finding Daisy Part 4


Chapter 8
Leslie sounded seriously disturbed when she called Anne after Dale's exam. Anne didn't expect her to call her at all, but this sounded serious. Anne rushed over to Leslie's apartment as fast as she could., hoping that whatever was going on wasn't serious.

Finding Daisy Part 3


Chapter 5
Dale was quiet after dinner. He fell asleep fast and huddled into a ball at the foot of the bed like a dog instead of a child. It was heartbreaking seeing this, he had a large full-size bed to himself yet he couldn't bring himself to sleep in the middle as any sensible person would do.

Finding Daisy Part 2


Special thanks to Snowfall for the suggestion about using Grammarly

Chapter 3
Anne called Leslie Finn early Saturday morning to tell her that she was needed. Leslie knew this wasn't your normal situation or a social call. Despite being friends with her sister-in-law Leslie and Anne weren't really that close.

Finding Daisy Part 1


This is a rewrite of a story released in December 2015

It's just after 7 AM on a brisk November morning and a bus pulls into a bay at the South Station Bus Terminal in downtown Boston. Everyone gets off the bus except one. Still remaining in a seat in the back of the bus is a little child, barely older than 4 years old, looking around scared and unsure what to do now.

Help Part 7 of 7- Finale

It's the James' time to shine as the lives of Trinity, Alison, and Katie are impacted by social services. Trinity endures emotional turmoil while Katie and Alison face their lives being ruined. A battle of truths, conspiracies, and personal vendettas are on display for the courts with everyone coming out feeling dirty

Help Part 6 of 7

The fallout from the assault on Trinity sends shockwaves as well as stirring up trouble. Trinity has her first official dance class and starts to win the hearts and minds of the girls in her classes. Polly begins to make inroads in multiple ways and may help someone without knowing it.

Help Part 4 of 7

Polly has to confront her past actions as the girls finally see her face to face. Trina learns a hard lesson about accepting people. Trinity begs Alison and Katie to adopt her. Polly endures the teen girls helping then deals with just how terrible people are towards Trinity


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