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Australian newspaper report of transgendered teenager


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I thought it might be of interest to Australian readers, and maybe others that one of the two Melbourne Victoria newspapers "The Age" today, 7th June published a half page photo on their front page of a 17 year old trans-girl Mia who has started to attend school wearing a girl's uniform. The accompanying article is quite balanced and reports that she is supported by her mother and also school staff members.

Land of My Heart - Chapter 1

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Land of My Heart

A novel by Bronwen Welsh

The sequel to 'A Foreign Country'

Copyright 2014

Author's note: When I finished my first ever novel 'A Foreign Country', like many other authors I nearly wept at the thought of saying goodbye to characters with which I had become so familiar. Now, two years on I have taken up the story of Lesley Brodie and what happened in the new chapter in her life. For those who have not read 'A Foreign Country', I respectfully suggest that by doing so they will learn about the background of many of the characters who appear in this story.


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