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Whoops 3 - But Not all Mistakes Turn Out Bad - part 1

Whoops 3 - But Not All Mistakes Turn Out Bad

This the final chapter in Phil's, now Phyllis', life. What do you do when your life has been turned upside down? How do you come to terms with who you are when the world can only see who you are now?

It is suggested that you read 'Whoops' and 'Whoops - Payback Is A Bitch' to understand what this story is about.

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 12

“You know,” Paige said as she settled into her plush airline seat, “I kinda wish more people were staring. I mean, come on, just look at us! We’re hot!”

Nikki, part 22

“Smile!” The cameraman urges me. Naturally, I obey, curling my scarlet lips upward while maintaining my trademark model’s pout. “Show us the side stitching.” Again, I obey, lifting my arm above my head to show off the stitching on the side panel of the tight under bust corset I’m wearing.

“Beautiful, Nikki,” the cameraman says. “Okay, just one more to go, then you can finally go home!”

Charlotte, part 19

“So… Yeah,” I say as the professional make-up artist applies a layer of adhesive to the tops of my ears. “Why, exactly, again?”

“It’s his favourite show,” Charlotte explains. “He’s done so much for us over the years, it’s only fair we throw him a party for once.”

“And he’s 55 this year, it’s as good a time as any,” Hannah says. “And the show’s celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, it just makes sense, really.”

A maid to play with

A year ago Michael eagerly watched Diane turn her husband into a submissive maid and pleasure slave. For months they enjoyed leading him deeper into the world of submission and humiliation. Now, he gets to experience Diane's power from the other side.

Twin Set

Twin Set

© 2016 by Nom de Plume

“Set point!”

My twin sister stuck out her tongue as she crept in front of the baseline. We had played against each other countless times, and it always seemed to come down to this, a long deuce or a tiebreaker at the end of a tense, competitive match. Although I was a boy and she was a girl, we were evenly matched, and I sometimes felt that the only edge I had over her was that she had to wear a tennis dress or skirt at the uber-conservative club that our parents belonged to.

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 11

“Thank you, please fly with us again!” Jessica said, a wide smile on her scarlet lips as she waved the hundred-plus passengers off the aeroplane. Most of the men and women simply ignored the American girl, tired as they were from their flight, but a few acknowledged her with a smile, making Jessica giggle happily. Once all the passengers has disembarked, Jessica returned to the aeroplane, straightening her tight red skirt and elegant pillbox hat before performing her post-flight checks.

“Ugh, I am sweating like a pig,” Abbey complained as she adjusted her own skirt.

A Glow in the Darkness part 1

A Glow in the Darkness part 1

Sometimes, the only thing protecting you from the darkness, is an unwavering Glow. This story takes place in the Whateley Universe.

Battle For Earth: Epilogue

epilogue cover

Two years after Earth had been freed from the clutches of the Qharr, Lily and I had built a new life for ourselves. Times were difficult as humanity struggled to recover from the devastation wreaked by our conquerors, but our future looked brighter than ever.

Battle For Earth: Liberation (Chapters 14-18)


We had suffered so much loss at the hands of the gray skins, but we would soon have our chance to bring them to justice. The final battle was coming and everything was riding on us, but were we up to the task?

Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 20

I woke up quite early the next day but the sun naturally had awaken first. Being nude, I ensured the blinds were closed but the rays shone through striking my body and making my skin shine. At that moment I really saw a girl, me as Catherine. Sensual body, no sexy body that boys like James and Jonathan would chase after. Clarence had melted away that instant, even though my 'born with me' testicles were just held inside my perineum and my scrotal sac and penis shaped to form a female vulva.

Chasing the White Rabbit: A TG Mixed Tape

Chasing the White Rabbit

A TG Mixed Tape

(Curated by PersnicketyBitch)

A princess. A tower. A dragon. Siblings trying to stay safe within a despotic regime. Two trans women swap bodies. For all these stories and more, hit play on the first TG Mixed Tape for 2016. Featuring contributions from Jenny North, Kara Ryker, Hikaro, PersnicketyBitch, Melange, Miss_Void and Trismegistus Shandy.

Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 19

Author's note: I have never been to a spa and write what I find online. Also, let's just say it's legal for late teenage girls to have spa treatment.

"Clarence what the hell are you wearing!" my father thundered.

"Dad, it's just a dress. Look I can explain..."

"You look like a siss...." He didn't want to say the full word.

"Dad..." I cried and turned to mum for support.

"Clarence, you know yourself. This isn't you. Get out of this at once and look like Clarence at once!"

"Dad, I can't 'immediately change'..."

Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 18

I would have peed immediately upon seeing him, but I just managed stand there a little shocked. "Hey," he began, "I've seen you. Wait we bumped into each other Sommerville shopping centre last year." I still stood dazed. "Your from Dormville right? He reached out his hand. "I'm Jonathan, but everyone calls me Jon." It took me five seconds before I returned the handshake. Does he know who I am? Are my breast forms still stuck on? Face feminine? Body? Wig still attached?

"You two met," Lauren interjected.

The Crush - The Crunch

PKB_003b.jpgThe Crush – The Crunch
By Kelly Blake

If you’re going to have a crush, it might as well be a big one. I mean half the girls I knew crushed on Leo DiCaprio and the other half on Johnny Depp; although I’ve heard hygiene is an issue with Johnny. Maybe he should be married with fourteen kids or a school teacher who pays a wee bit of attention to a lonely student and drives a sports car.

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 10

“Everyone’s staring at me again,” Jessica moaned, relaxing back into her chair.

“Staring at US,” Paige said. “And let them stare. Nothing they can do about it, they can hardly throw us off the plane now, can they?”

“God knows there are people who’d want to,” Jessica replied. “America may have legalized gay marriage, but that doesn’t mean everyone in America agrees with the Supreme Court.”

In Too Deep - Ch 1 thru 5

Sloan and Dana are a young married couple in SoCal. Both are involved in the Arts, Dana as a make-up artist and aspiring director, Sloan as a talented, but struggling actor with dreams of becoming a star.

The couple are deeply in love, and believe in each other; however, a costume party at the home of a darkly handsome movie director and his strikingly beautiful wife open a doorway into desires that neither of them had ever considered.

When Sloan is offered the lead in a new motion picture about a transgender hit man, it is a dream come true. Unbeknownst to the young couple, the domineering director, and his forceful wife have other plans for both Sloan and Dana that have nothing to do with acting.

Once they cross the line, can their marriage survive the experience?

Eternal Despair

Please do NOT read if language or attempted suicide bothers you.

This is not fiction. This is dark and depressing. This is one of the three darkest times in my life and for some reason I felt compelled to share.

Charlotte, part 18

My hands shake with nerves as I- and everyone else in the vast room- watch the action unfolding on the television with baited breath.

“Come on,” I whisper. “I know you can do it…”

“The winner,” the blonde TV presenter announces in her refined northern accent, “of Strictly Come Dancing 2015 is…” A long, agonising pause fills the room as everyone holds their breath, waiting for the inevitable announcement.

“…Hannah and Robin!” The presenter says in a happy voice, prompting a loud, riotous cheer from everyone around me- myself included.

Battle For Earth: Liberation (Chapters 9-13)


We had suffered so much loss at the hands of the gray skins, but we would soon have our chance to bring them to justice. The final battle was coming and everything was riding on us, but were we up to the task?

Trying to live 2

Looking at my sister's place I tried to find out how I was feeling or how I should act. Nothing came to mind right away so I guessed I would find out soon enough when I walked through her door. One thing was for damn sure though I sure as hell wasnt happy or excited about this only because I know how this was gonna go down. Rubbing my face I let out a "Ughh." I made my way to her apartment door and waited for a moment before I decided to kick it with my boot. A few moments passed when I heard my darling sister run to the door with her little feet.

Skirting Disaster

Kelly is a month into her freshmen year of high school. He and his friends, Alexis and Sarah, have just finished the first round of tests of the semester and they decide to relax on a Saturday evening. Alexis invites them over for a game of Truth or Dare, along with their new friend Megan, who Kelly wants to ask out. However, Alexis also invites over the two guys that she and Sarah have been dating. Those two guys reject Truth or Dare and insist, instead, that everyone must accept one dare. What will Kelly have to do? Will he ask Megan out? Will she accept? Most importantly, will Kelly survive the night?

Stuart, part 7

"Aah..." I moan, hissing with pain as sensation returns to my body- the primary sensation being pain. Pain in my mouth, under my arm, my head, my stomach... But the worst pain is in my groin.

"Stuart?" A familiar female voice calls. "Stuart? Can you hear me?"

The Promise (Part 3)

Charlie’s small, delicate hand slowly touched the soft, smooth skin of her cheek; letting it brush aside a dark lock of hair that had fallen into her view. Her wide, almond eyes stared back at her in a bewildered expression, barely feeling the cool draft that tickled across the her sensitive nipples. Each one stood one end, fully erect and sending small spikes of pleasure through her.

The Promise (Part 2)

Charlie Roberts has tried to be a good friend to his long time buddy Joe, but after a horrible break-up, his friend seems to have lost the will to live for himself. Wanting to help his friend out at any cost, he makes a promise with his friend's infirm mother. It’s from this point on that Charlie starts to live two different lives. One as the caring, supportive friend and the other as the loving girlfriend. But how long can he keep these two lives separate? How long can keep the truth from his friend? Which one will he ultimately choose?

Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 17

On Monday, I planned to tell Lauren my feelings about James but the swimming class prevented me from doing so and Joe held the session a couple of minutes longer than usual. As I got out of the pool and towelled off, Frances' mother, approached me.

"Hi...Catherine right? I know this is awkward but my husband and I have a suddenly pressing meeting at a club nearby. I know this is awkward but I'm wondering if you could look after Frances for an hour or so while I attend the meeting?"

Nikki, part 19

“Three cheers for the college girls!” Charlotte announces. “Hip hip-“

“Hooray!” The modest number of partygoers cheer.

“Hip hip-“ Charlotte repeats.

“Hooray!” The partygoers again reply.

“Hip hip-“ Charlotte yells at the top of her voice.

“Hooray!” The party goers again cheer as Sarah, Katie and Lauren stand at the front of the room, their cheeks burning with embarrassment.

Embracing Justice -chp22

Embracing Justice


Can the love of another really help a person overcome the need for revenge or is the old saying true about digging two graves?

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, Honeysuckle, and djkuffman.

Charlotte, part 17

“Remember when these lessons used to be just for the two of us?” I ask Charlotte as we tie our shiny satin pointe shoes to our feet.

“Barely,” My BFF giggles. “Then again, who is it who’s always saying ‘you can never have too many friends’?”

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 8

Jessica breathed a sigh of relief as she peeled her clingy blue skirt from her glistering, nylon-covered legs and carefully placed it in the locker to be washed ahead of the following day’s flight. After stripping off the rest of her uniform and changing back into her tight, chic pencil dress, Jessica elegantly lowered herself onto the bench in front of her locker and took her smartphone from her handbag, switching it on to check her messages.

Teacher's Pet

I was just like any other boy my age. Somehow, I was the worst though.

I was 16 when it happened. I went to a normal high school of about 1000 kids. I didn't really stand out amongst anyone, but I guess to her i did.

Of all my classes that year, art was my favorite. It wasn't that it was entertaining or good, it's that I liked Ms. O'Malley.

Ms. O'Malley was young, about 26. She was thin, with nice boobs and big hips. She was 5'11". She was very attractive. Best of all, she was a very nice teacher, you could just chill with her in the back of the class.

New Teacher

I was never a very good student. I would always slack off in class. Despite this, I maintained relatively good grades. Excepts for one class. Math with Mrs. Lakesides.

I had gotten off on the wrong foot with Mrs. Lakesides pretty quickly. She had to move me on the first day of school. I was constantly being rude, and it was obvious that I was her least favorite.

One day, I was in her class. I was talking to my friend when suddenly, she snapped.

"Lucas, see me after class, in conference room six."

Birthday Blues ~ Part 8

Gerry’s eighteenth birthday celebration starts out on a decidedly sour note. A chance encounter changes that—and the course of his life. This is the story of that encounter and its repercussions.

Part Eight: Another Fork in the Tunnel

You say good morning

Some times you find yourself experiencing Emotional turmoil, for me it helps to vent these feelings onto the written page or in my case the typed word; sometimes those words do such a wonderful job of conveying your inter turmoil that they nag at you until you finally share them. The form these words take would cause many to worry for the person who wrote them, TO all who read this I am in no immediate danger and 39 days have dulled the hurt SO without further ado "You Say Good Morning"

Nikki, part 18

“Mmm,” I moan as the image of Sarah in her wedding dress fades and my brain starts swimming back to reality. I blink my eyes twice, turning my sore head to shield my sensitive eyes from the bright light streaming through the window.

“Morning, beautiful,” Sarah says, giving me a quick kiss on my forehead.

Glimpses 10

Warning. This chapter and following chapters in its "thread" will contain some sexual situations, BDSM and other "kink". Nothing that outrageous, but there will be some.


He found it while exploring the woods one day.

He thought he heard voices. Between that and the twinges he was getting from his bondage he decided it was best to get off the trail.

He'd decided to try getting closer to the foot of the cliff. He couldn't be sure through the trees, but it looked like there wasn't a talus slope here.

It was odd, he'd have sworn there wasn't a place like that around here. He'd been digging through the local woods for years and surely he'd have noticed?

To his amazement, he suddenly stepped into a cleared area. Just some moss on the ground, then a bunch of waist high stones in a arc from the cliff. It was odd. Not only wasn't there a talus slope, but the stones weren't the basalt that all the local rock was.

He was just noticing the stones inside the arc and the large opening in the cliff when he heard the voices again.

"I'm sure I saw someone! And they were naked!"

Birthday Blues ~ Part 6

Gerry’s eighteenth birthday celebration starts out on a decidedly sour note. A chance encounter changes that—and the course of his life. This is the story of that encounter and its repercussions.

Part Six: The Fork in the Tunnel


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