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Rules for Constructing MIBD Stories

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Now that Erin has graciously awarded my creation a universe of its own, I thought I might post the rules for writing MIBD stories, just in case anybody would like to try their hand at it. Please feel free to add to the body of MIBD stories. Just do me a favor and e-mail me a copy before you post it. Thanks ever so much!

Male/Female brains

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There is an interesting article in the May issue of Scientific American titled " The Differeences in Male and Female Brains". I am not sure it is if any use to anyone except researches and acedemics; on the other hand, it is interesting to read about what is currently known.

The Protector: Assorted Sweets

Federal Agent Ally Burns, a preop TS, is back in her latest
adventure, coping with running an enlarged department, helping a male
agent go deep undercover as a TS, trying to help her friends, and

Breaking Cover - Exclusive Preview


This is an exclusive three-chapter preview of Jenny Walker's latest novel, "Breaking Cover".
Steve Williams, an intelligence analyst, faces the prospect of being sent into the field... but it wasn't to be how he always imagined it.

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The Girl Who Touched the Stars


Maggie had been given a chance to re-live her life, starting over as the little girl she always wished she could be. She has a wonderful mother and many special friends who love her. But eventually, even a life done over must grow up. How will Maggie face the future?

This story makes more sense if you read "The Bear Market" first.

The Bear Market


A new shop has opened in the neighborhood, filled with wonderful plush animals and, of all things, model rockets! The proprietor is a friendly sort of fellow with a twinkle in his eye and a smile for everybody, especially children. But he is hiding a secret pain and a secret past. And just what does this have to do with America's most covert special agency?

Kimberly's Summer Vacation (Part 2)

Father Mulroney gets an earful when Trip-come-Kimberly bares her soul in confession.

Kimberly's Summer Vacation
Part 2

by Valentina Michelle Smith

Copyright © 2005 Valentina Michelle Smith
All Rights Reserved.

Kimberly's Summer Vacation (Part 1)

Will O'Connell gets to spend a summer with his teenage son - only to discover that his son is spending the summer as his daughter.
A coming-of-age story with a TG twist.

Kimberly's Summer Vacation
Part 1

by Valentina Michelle Smith

Copyright © 2005 Valentina Michelle Smith
All Rights Reserved.

Family Time


Johnny Crayne loved driving his SUV down the highway at full speed, but when he picked the wrong truck to pass, he and his wife and their best friends discovered that they'd passed on into new lives.

Working Girl -7-

Working Girl 7


Susan Brown

Kindly Edited By Angel O'Hare

As I went through the swing doors of the restaurant into the cold night air, it hit me. I was homeless again and I didn’t have a clue as to what I could do about it.

Bridesmaid, Part 2

Lisa reached under the bed, and pulled out a shoe box. "Put these on," she said, handing me a pair of black 2  ½" pumps. I didn’t know they were pumps then, but have since learned more than I ever expected.

Whateley 3: First Assembly - A Whateley Academy Tale

A Whateley Academy Tale

First Assembly

(Whateley 3)

by Babs Yerunkle, Bek D. Corvin, ScramblerJ, Starwolf, and Maggie Finson

The kids have battled their own differences, ninjas in the dead of night, but now comes the truly difficult task for them...

The dreaded First Assembly for students.

Whateley 2: Quoth the Raven, Nevermore! - A Whateley Academy Tale

A Whateley Academy Tale

Quoth The Ninja, Nevermore!

(Whateley 2)

by Maggie Finson, Bek D Corbin, Babs Yerunkle, and Starwolf

The kids are finally settled into their rooms in Poe Cottage and are planning a good night's sleep before the start of classes the next day. Then a bunch of black clad burglars steal the bust of Edgar Allen Poe, the cottage's namesake. Who needs sleep? The honor of Poe Cottage is a stake!

FAQ: How to get an Author Account

How to Get an Author Account

Ask for it. Or post a story as a registered member and when I notice, I'll give you an author account. An author account allows you to edit your posts after they have been submitted. Eventually, there will be other benefits. - Erin

Bridesmaid by Miss Jessica



by Miss Jessica

"Ohmigod, it’s beautiful," I squealed, looking at Lisa’s hand, "And it’s huge! What is it, two and a half carats?"

"Two seven-five," said Lisa, "and look at the cut and clarity. Jim does good work."

Tennyo 2: Another Day - A Whateley Academy Tale

A Whateley Academy Tale

Another Day

(Tennyo 2)

by Starwolf

Billie keeps learning more and more about her strange powers as Tennyo. As she begins to move through the twisted maze of Whateley's Student Services. And that's just to go back to the station to get her luggage.

This is the properly edited and ordered version of the story.

The Rigby Narratives -21- Code Pink

The Rigby Narratives:
The Ultimate TG Experience

McKenzie Rigby

as told to
Andy Hollis and Jaye Michael


Chapter Twenty-One -- Code Pink

Whateley 1: Welcome to Poe - A Whateley Academy Tale

A Whateley Academy Tale

Welcome to Poe

(Whateley 1)

by Babs Yerunkle, Bek D. Corvin, ScramblerJ, Starwolf, and Maggie Finson

Well, you've all met the girls, and Hank, plus some rather interesting characters along the way. But how did things go when Team Kimba first met each other?

This story was delayed due to technical problems, but it is advisable to read at least the first stories for Fey, Chaka, Tennyo, Jade, and Ayla to really understand what is going on in this one. Also, It repeats some information already mentioned in other stories. If that bothers you, just skip over the repeated sections, please.

Author Collaborations

These are the stories written by a number of authors working in concert. Definitely not ones to miss as a lot of the most exciting happens when everyone gets together.



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