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To Hope Again - Part 2 - The Longest Day

Sometime in the future:

Dear Reader: I was delighted to find that this writer account was still open after all these years. I wanted to write this story to tell you something about my family. I haven’t much experience with writing, so please bear with me, okay? I hope this blesses you. Sincerely, Angelina Abruzzi

To Hope Again
Part 2
The Longest Day

A "Home that Love Built" Story

by Angelina Marie Abruzzi
Thanks Daddy!

The weight of the world, the need to survive
Has made you believe, that you've got no right
Then out of the blue, you meet someone
Who offers a place, warm as the sun

Stark: Hammer into Anvil | Part 2: The Long Goodbye

With Jo Stark in the grip of the belated revenge of the women who made her, Jeff finds unexpected allies right around the corner, and learns that, as usual in his world, things are not always as they appear ...

Stark: Hammer Into Anvil
Part 2: The Long Goodbye

by Randalynn

Not as dirty as it sounds...

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The video's entitled "Penis and Pussy", but don't let that put you off - it's a crafty attempt at misdirection, as although the images the artist draws in this film start off looking like the aforementioned body parts, as he continues drawing the image becomes completely innocuous...

...just don't follow the related videos, as YT highlights the inadequacies of automatic algorithms...

(Another oddity - I suspect the artist may be right handed, but he's flipped the video...)

Team Meeting - Part 3 - Una Breve Parentesi (A Short Interlude)

Team Meeting
Part Three
Una Breve Parentesi
(A Short Interlude)

by Andrea Lena DiMaggio

Copyright © 2010 Andrea Lena DiMaggio
All Rights Reserved.


Some things are just
more important than football...

To Hope Again - Part 1 - Hope Promised

Sometime in the future:

Dear Reader: I was delighted to find that this writer account was still open after all these years. I wanted to write this story to tell you something about my family. I haven’t much experience with writing, so please bear with me, okay? I hope this blesses you. Sincerely, Angelina Abruzzi

To Hope Again
Part 1
Hope Promised

A "Home that Love Built" Story

by Angelina Marie Abruzzi
Thanks Daddy!

Just close your eyes

Reach for the moment

Before it slips by

Here is your second chance

Petra 1: Petra's Outing

Petra 1: Petra's Outing
by mittfh
Copyright © 2010 Ben Norwood.
Creative Commons License

Synopsis: Lydia has encouraged her partner to cross dress at home when she was absent, with the intention of using hidden camera footage to blackmail him into obeying her desires. However, Peter had suspected she was up to something, and had made plans of his own...

Angels High - Chapter 3

Angels_High_Cover_1.jpg"The summer of 1940 would have been a glorious time had someone mentioned to Mister Hitler that it was cricket season."

A tale of War, of love, and of friendship. (And a few Nazis)

A different ending


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Today I finished writing Short Chapters and the final chapter wasn't very funny:

Honestly I was tired and wanted to get it over with... the whole thing was three years from start to finish.


Would someone else like a crack at it? Write a different ending?

It's fine to be crazy. Just keep it PG.

I had kind of hoped that there would be a showdown with Auralee in the graveyard...

And there must be things in there that I didn't use but could have...

Short Chapters: 23. The Playboy of the Western World

In my head I heard Mrs. Legno's voice: "The day after Halloween you're just going to put your pants back on and go play football?"

and my reply: Not exactly, but something like that.

Short Chapters by Kaleigh Way

Abbey's Road Home


When I was in college, I struggled with my identity...I thought that the songs which I borrowed for this piece below were written just for me...I feared what it would be like if I ever came out to my family...I never did...and I wept

Abbey's Road Home

Gina and Katie's Excellent Adventure - Part 11 Interlude

Gina and Katie's
Excellent Adventure -
Part 11

offered by Andrea Lena DiMaggio

Copyright © 2009 Andrea Lena DiMaggio


Just a nice quiet afternoon of utter abandon and intimacy
between two lovers....

Dodgy science alert

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Ho hum, another group of scientists have "discovered" that humanity is polluting the environment with lots of "gender bending" chemicals (i.e. estrogens or others with similar effects), which are apparently "feminising boys". No big surprise there - this kind of story 'does the rounds' every now and again. The novelty this time appears to be that the research is apparently endorsed by the EU, and it's reported in The Guardian rather than the Daily Wail (whose columnists would no doubt have had a veritable orgy of doomsday prophesying...)

dreams can come true

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since a young boy transformed at a party into a little girl , i have never lost the love or need to dress as the sissy that i was mant to be i only wish that i ahd realized earlier in life thayt i could and should dress and allow my fem side to live , as the years go by i am now starting to live my dream more all the time does any one ealse have a like felling and understanding i hope so love penny

An appeal

I don't mean to be self-aggrandizing, although growing up in an abuseful and neglectful environment probably made me the affirmation sponge I am today. Like any other author here, I look at the "My Stories" entry in the menu on the right. I love getting comments and who doesn't want to get votes; I know it does wonders for my self-esteem. Like any other series written by any other writer, I note and perfectly understand the drop-off between chapters. Initial curiosity gives ways to more interesting stories by other authors.

Providence - Part 11

Il mio Tesoro, il mio sorellina
(My treasure, my little sister)
Part One

Lainey stood behind the counter. Diane was just turning the open sign around to face the outside when a tall young man stood at the front door and knocked rather sharply. Diane turned with a start at the noise, considering how impatient the young man must be.

It's What I Want

It's What I Want
by Tanya Allan

Don is a bit of a geek. But his intelligence was matched by his kind heart, and his flat mate and friend Steve appreciates his help in his university course work.

Don is a little confused as to why Steve and two other friends want him to join them of a motor cycle tour of France in the summer holidays, but he is pleased to be asked, and goes along. On their first stop, a cool group is playing at a night club, but it is a couples evening, and Don is persuaded to become Donna for one evening, just so the four friends can see the show.

But no one expected to find Donna still there on the following morning.

In fact, Don never returned. And Donna was anything but a Geek.

The Journey is the Destination 4

The Journey is the Destination
Chapter 4

By poetheather

Finally the day comes to an end, but another day looms. So many people are confused and wanting answers but what can Ranma and Akane do?

The Journey is the Destination 2

The Journey is the Destination
Chapter 2

By poetheather

The plan continues and Ranma and Akane have to deal with the other students of Furinken seeing the changes. Will they be able to handle the plan in the face of an upset Ukyo?

Netherworlds - Chapter 10

We walked through an area that wouldn’t have looked out of place at the Berlin Wall during WWII, through another area that had HOLOGRAPHIC LANDMINES (I was so freaked out when I saw that explosion hit Mike) before passing through another place with HOLOGRAPHIC MISSILES. They were really having a field day with the holograms, as the holographic guards with holographic AK-47s shooting holographic bullets at holographic escapees showed. It… just… I mean, when did they even develop this kind of thing? It was so bloody over the top that I wouldn’t be surprised if they released ARMOURED TYRANNOSAURUSES with LASER CANNONS.


Chapter 10

By Taveena

Shinigami 2 - Satsuki's Awakening

Shinigami – Satsuki's Awakening by
J Morose (2009)

Shinigami – Japanese, Death Gods. These are the spirits that separate the souls from life and escort them on their onward journey.

10,000 Dresses


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Every night, Bailey dreams about magical dresses: dresses made of crystals and rainbows, dresses made of flowers, dresses made of windows…Unfortunately, when Bailey’s awake, no one wants to hear about these beautiful dreams. Quite the contrary: “You’re a BOY!” Mother and Father tell Bailey.

At Aunt Greta's 22—Bisto & History

At Aunt Greta’s–
Bisto & History
by Gabi

Chapter 22 of a Continuing Saga…

I was wakened in the dark by the horrid wailing of the air-raid siren.

‘Here we go again,’ I thought, pulling on Greta’s baggy navy-blue knickers before traipsing out to the Anderson shelter in the corner of the back garden.

At Aunt Greta's 21— Another New Girl

At Aunt Greta’s–
Another New Girl
by Gabi

Chapter 21 of a Continuing Saga…

Miss Tickell checked off the final nine names in the register. ‘Now, I’m putting you on your honour to be quiet and remain in your places while I go and see Miss Morgan. You may talk quietly amongst yourselves, but I want no raised voices. Understand?’ She looked hard at a few of the boys huddled in the back row and bustled out of the classroom.

‘I always thought there was something weird about Rose,’ Willy Philpott, sitting in the back row, proclaimed.

At Aunt Greta's 20— Reactions

At Aunt Greta’s–
by Gabi
Chapter 20 of a Continuing Saga…

At the end of the previous chapter Bryony was in hospital explaining to her friends in the “Bryony Buddy Corps” about her true gender status, and that she had to see a specialist before she could return home.

At the Supermarket

“Oh my god, I never know how to answer that question. I mean, I never was any good at trying to figure stuff like that out — what difference does it make after all? I mean, who really cares, except for you of course. I didn’t mean to offend you, I hope you didn’t take it the wrong way. But really, does it really matter? I don’t see how it does. I really don’t.

Short Chapters: 20. Getting There

In this whole adventure I was never so conscious of looking girly as at this moment. Maybe it was because we were standing in near darkness on the shoulder of a busy highway, and I could see my little twill skirt flutter in the wake from the passing cars. Maybe the fact that my uncle, who was only slightly taller than me, was on his knees before me, and for once, now that I was looking down into someone's face, I felt a stab of pity mixed with the joy of feeling (for once!) taller.

Short Chapters by Kaleigh Way


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