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What Maisie Knew: 3. Fortune Favors The Bold

"When I saw the way you wiggled in the parking lot, I just had to meet you. You had some serious moves going on out there."

"Oh," I replied, reddening just a little, "Aren't you the bold one?"

What Maisie Knew: A Marcie Donner Story, by Kaleigh Way

What Maisie Knew: 2. Take Your Daughter To Work Day

"Marcie, I've seen pictures of you since you... changed, but seeing you in person is..." Dad looked at me for a few moments, then hugged me and pulled Mom into the hug. "... so much better!" he finished.

What Maisie Knew: A Marcie Donner Story, by Kaleigh Way

What Maisie Knew: 1. Rich For Half A Minute

"Marcie, before you get carried away, you have to consider a few things."

"Uh-oh," I said. Already I felt the money slipping away.

What Maisie Knew: A Marcie Donner Story, by Kaleigh Way

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That's enough about that.

- Erin

At Aunt Greta's 4 — Don't Panic!

I felt for my willie, but only found a “front bottom”! After having a wee–I had to sit down, natch–I cleaned myself up, flushed, rearranged my clothing and opened the door.

‘Auntie Greta! Can you come here a minute. Something terrible has happened!’

At Aunt Greta’s–
Don't Panic!

by Gabi

Chapter 4 of a Continuing Saga…

Aunt Greta's Woolton Pie - Pt 2

A Second Helping of
Aunt Greta’s Woolton Pie

By Gabi
Chapter 3 of a Continuing Saga

I closed the door after waving goodbye to Sue and Judy and returned to the dining room where I had been doing my prep. Mummy had laid a cheerful checked cloth on the table so all I had to do was put out place mats and lay out the cutlery. Auntie G kept the "dining-room cutlery"–as she called it–in one of the drawers of the Welsh dresser, so I went straight to it and opened the drawer, and sure enough, there were knives, forks and spoons for all occasions–many of them strange to me–but I was able to select what I thought was needed and laid up two places.

1. Rules Are Rules


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When Mark arrives at school two days late, he is mistaken for Marcie Gray-something... Marcie Gray-whatever... Anyway, everybody thinks he's a girl.

Rules Are Rules

copyright © 2006, 2007 Kaleigh Way — All Rights Reserved

Rules Are Rules: 1. The Add Thingy

I wanted to tell him that it was a stupid idea. I didn't know which was worse: either way, the girls would know I was a boy dressed as a girl. If I pretended to be a girl for the gym class, any of the girls would recognize me later in day when I was dressed as Mark. I was about to object when the bell rang. It startled Mr. Bruce into action. "Come on," he said, pushing me. "We both got places to go."

Rules Are Rules: A Marcie Donner Story, by Kaleigh Way

Aunt Greta's Woolton Pie - Pt 1

Aunt Greta’s Woolton Pie

By Gabi
Chapter 2 of a Continuing Saga…

In response to requests here is some more of the story of
Aunt Greta and her nephew/niece Gabriel/Gabrielle


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