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The Week In Trans 1/15/18

What time is it? Time for The Week In Trans! Chelsea Manning wants to be the Democratic candidate for Maryland’s Senate seat. A Wisconsin school district has settled with a trans student who was denied the use of the boys’ room. The Supreme Court won't hear a case against a Mississippi law allowing professionals to refuse services to LGBT people. Danica Roem is sworn in. The founder of two trans pageants is killed by her husband. Trans youth will have a float in the Sydney Mardi Gras parade. First trans prom queen in Britain is viciously trolled. Brit network ITV produces a documentary on trans people. People complain that Jinkx Monsoon took a role from cisgender females. Drag Race alum Adore Delano is sued. A newspaper editor is fired for Twitter comments about trans people. A trans woman appears on the cover of German Playboy. A South American store is busted for selling a “transgender doll.” Fifty makeup tips! Toyota uses drag queens in their ads on British TV. There’s all that and a ton more, along with a plethora of TWIT Awards!

Dina’s Diner 1/15/18

Dina Amberle has stirred up a hearty stew down at Dina's Diner. Some of the ingredients she tossed into the pot include: Scientists who have developed software that can produce the perfect woman. At least an image of one. Talk of the demise of high heels is premature. Memories of the hot ladies of drag racing. (Who could forget Jungle Pam?) Then an appreciation of the women who worked in films with Jerry Lewis, and some rumination on why there are so many body building ladies living in Dina's town. It's all spiced up and flavored with Dina's special sauce. Don't miss a good dose of Dina's Diner!

Fitting in as Agender

M inhabits a zone somewhere between genders. They identify as "agender" which means they don't get along well with the binary gender world we live in. While for male crossdressers having a big gender divide is fun since they can dress like the that opposite gender, for M there is no opposite. So people M meets will assign a gender to M and use whichever pronoun they believe is appropriate. M writes about the difficulty of fitting in.

And for my Next Book. . .

Our Page Pundit Sophie Lynne works in retail. That means she just got through the busiest most hectic time of the year for retail employees. So, that gave her little time to read an entire book, take a critical look at its contents and then craft a concise and hard hitting review to post for you, the TGF readers. What has she reviewed for her first Page Pundit of the new year? Give a click and find out.

Sound Like Your True Gender!

Marc Mitnick is a speech therapist based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He blogs here on TGF with tips and techniques to help our readers develop their feminine voices. Today he has more ideas to help create that feminine voice. Among them: singing, using a recorder to listen to how you sound to others, and other ways to use your facial muscles and body language to come across as a female.

My Transgender Story

Beverly Anne Thomas takes a look back at her life and takes note of all the clues that she was really not a boy but a girl. Other people seemed to know that she wasn't a boy. They taunted her that she looked like a girl. Relatives said she was too pretty to be a boy, and at school she was bullied and beaten up. It's a familiar story to many of us in the trans community. This post is Beverly's transgender story.

The Dam Is Breaking!

Claire H. though that she could move forward in life dabbling in crossdressing in private and taking out-of-town trips for en femme getaways now and then. During her first session with a therapist she realized that wasn't going to be enough. Now the dam that has held back her feminine nature for many, many years is cracking. The water inside is starting to pour out and Claire is both excited and scared.

The Week In Trans 1/8/18

It’s time for New Content on TGForum.com! First we present The Week In Trans! Today we learn that Paris Lees is the first trans woman featured in British Vogue. Housing rules for trans prisoners may be changing for the worst. There are five trans candidates running in the Democratic primaries in Texas. A car dealership “outed” a trans employee and a judge does not buy their defense. Trans people are now enlisting. A former drag performer is now a trans preacher. The book "Fire And Fury" says President Trump had no basis for his trans military ban. Scotland is working on a Gender Recognition Act similar to Ireland’s. A Spanish drag queen caused controversy by appearing in an Epiphany parade in Madrid. A speech clinic working with trans people in Utah is over booked. RuPaul is a Funko figurine. NYC drag kid Desmond is Amazing wants to create a “house” for drag kids. A Native American drag queen who lost 500 pounds has a remake of a Sylvester song charting in Billboard. There’s all that and plenty more in this edition of TWIT! Plus a few well deserved TWIT Awards!

Trans Arts & Entertainment — Trans Media Arts

While TWIT is all the trans related news, TMA is all the news about transgender people in the arts and entertainment. Today Amanda F. Steele writes about the backlash comic Dave Chapelle is getting on his trans jokes. She also has info on the male character in the reboot of Roseanne who likes to wear girl's clothes, and she talks about a documentary pulled from Canadian television that questions whether parents should be supportive of trans children. There's also info on the new show featuring a host of trans characters, Pose, and word of a book of science fiction stories by transgender writers. Don't miss any of TMA!

Your Sweater Dress…a Winter Delight

Tasi Zuriack, our Fashion Maven, expound on the versatile and stylish sweater dress. Even those of us on the high side of fifty can work this look using some of Tasi's tips. And no matter what your age you will love the soft feel of your sweater dress and appreciate how it makes you look great while it keeps you toasty warm. Now go on and get all the tips from Tasi so you can start working this look.

Ringing it In

The Artist D! has a New Year message for one and all. Is it hopeful? Is it bleak? Does she wish everyone a happy new year filled with family and friends or a solitary exploration of self? There is only one way to find out. Click here and step into The Artist D! Zone.

The Road Not Taken: Part lll The Way It Was

Linda Jensen is writing a series about her first foray into the TG world. With acknowledgement to the poet, Robert Frost, she has called it The Road Not Taken. Why? After a short time immersed in that world LindaI veered off the path that leads many to gender re-assignment and a life different than they could have expected if they had remained living a male life. While Linda was on that road it became a trip she will never forget. Today's post sets the scene talking about what it was like for trans women in Toronto in the '60s.

A Sabrina Symington Toon! What Makes a Woman?

Today Sabrina Symington takes on the TERFs, that's the Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists, who will not accept trans women as women. Which leads them to go out of their way to find reasons why transgender females are not women. Sabrina enters the fray with several verbal weapons. See how she defeats the TERF in today's Sabrina Toon.

The Week In Trans 1/1/18

It's a new year! We wish you and yours all the best in 2018! Now it's time for our first TWIT of the new year! Today we learn that FX has picked up the show "Pose" which features the largest cast of trans actors in a scripted series. The DOJ has stopped fighting the enlistment of trans recruits. A trans woman who spent thousands on surgeries to look like a Bratz doll experienced an unfortunate problem. The man who stood in the way of the Texas bathroom bill is honored. Sam Smith posted drag photos on Instagram. More trans women are becoming candidates. Learn about a holiday party for trans people in Detroit. Two trans men are named male athletes of the year. Trans brain researcher Ben Barres passed away. There's all that and more plus a few TWIT Awards to start the new year waiting for your perusal in TWIT!

Am I Gay?

Last month Cate O'Malley wrote about the worry she had when she was young that her need to present as a female might mean she was gay. She withstood taunts from bullies who called her derogatory terms for homosexual. In her confusion she thought that maybe the bullies were right. Finally she came to understand that she is not a gay man. She is a woman. This month she wonders if, since she is in a romantic relationship with another woman, her wife, does that make her a lesbian?

Worried about HIV? What you need to know about PrEP

There is a way to avoid contracting HIV and developing AIDS. Even for people who are sexually active with multiple partners. Of course if you are active you should take all steps to avoid infection. Always use condoms, for instance. But Dana Bevan has important information on another method of protection called "pre-exposure prophylaxis" or PrEP for short. PrEP is a pill taken every day. The drug is similar or identical to drugs used to treat HIV, except the PrEP drug is used to prevent the HIV virus from taking hold rather than lowering existing HIV levels. Learn more in Dana's column.

Metamorphosis Chapter 16

Raquel and Mark, two parts of one person that became separated after drinking a strange potion, have been transported to another land. They trek to the north to do battle with "the Magistrate" but have been told by a woman named Lydia that one of them will not survive the confrontation. In a house that is a duplicate of their childhood home Raquel meets her "mother" and then her "father." In our last chapter she was handcuffed to a bed and argues with Mark about their life. Will Raquel be the one to die? Learn more in Chapter 16 of Metamorphosis.

Getting Ready for the Ball!

Our political correspondent Babs Casbar Siperstein is preparing to attend the inaugural ball for the newly elected governor of New Jersey and she started musing about some of the other glamorous balls she has attended over the years. Everything from the Night of a Thousand Gowns in New York City to one of President Obama's Inauguration Balls in Washington, D.C. One of the balls she attended gave her the chance to first meet Senator Frank Lautenberg and begin to talk to him about trans issues. Get your tiara and step into the glamor side of politics in Babs' final report for 2017.

Going Out En Femme

Often time fear will keep a trans person from going out in public. Fear of taunts or even violence can persuade you to stay in the safety of your home instead of mingling with the general public. In some areas where tolerance isn't known maybe that's a good idea, but if your goal is to blend in with other women and "pass" as female you won't learn the skills you need sitting in your living room. Kimberly Hirschel makes today's topic for Kim's Adventure Time why you should be going out en femme. You might make mistakes and have people stare but you will learn from those mistakes and become more comfortable in public asa result.

Meet Pauline Estelle — An English Lady in Canada

Today we are joined by a new contributor from Canada. Pauline Estelle is her name and she was born and raised in England where she grew up during the Second World War and began her adventure in crossdressing at the age of 12. She entered the British Royal Navy at 16 and after fourteen years she left the Navy to work in the engineering field. She and her family immigrated to Canada in 1968 and after her children were raised she began to explore crossdressing more often. Learn more about her life in this introduction blog.