Hatbox and Monthly Expenses

It's time to start rattling our little cup again.

We just got hit with an unexpected expense which wiped out the small cushion we had built into last month's goal but we've gone ahead and reduced February's goal back to $2500 as promised. We may be able to get a refund on the unexpected expense.

At any rate, we have $825 due at the end of this week and only about half of that in our accounts. Next week, the hit will be about $1000 and the week after that, about $1800. Advertising revenues in the same period will be about $300. Shortfalls are made up by me, Erin.

End of Month Update on Money


Updated: End of the month and we are about $700 short of our goal. We've been very busy, including some new projects we're not quite ready to talk about.

Bills this week come to about $1300, a lot of them small end of the month things like software licenses, phone bills and such. Any amount will help us out, you can send us a gift or buy a Hatbox subscription. The links are also in the right hand column.

Grandpa's New Ride in The Hatbox


Grandpa's New Ride

by Katie Leone


Grandpa has an old ride, ancient, a relic really; when he decides to change it for a new one, his grandson Scott jumps at the chance to join him at the auction. A fun sci-fi romp by one of BigCloset and DopplerPress's favorite authors.

TopShelf's 2015 Summer Vacation Getaway! Story Contest


Entry Submission Dates are from March 15, 2015 until May 22, 2015.

Voting on the Submissions should tentatively occur between May 24, 2015 through May 31st, 2015(midnight Pacific Time),
with the Winner Announcements on June 1, 2015.

The Prizes are: 1st Place $100 x 2, 2nd Place $75 x 2, 3rd Place $50 x 2.
(prizes subject to increase with notice!)

How To Create a Linking Title Page and Link Chapters Together in a Series or Serial


Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

To link chapters together, you need to create a Title Page for a series or serial. Use the|++Organizer| link at the top of the screen. Then to link the chapters in, use the |Outline| tab while viewing the story. This will bring up a list with all the titles and chapters currently linked together on BC, a lot. Click on the window with the list then type the first few letters of your title for your story and it should scroll down to make looking for the right one easy. Just highlight the title you want your chapter linked to and click save.

The Crush tag added to Contests

I just added "2016 February - The Crush Mini-Contest" to the "Contest" list which can be chosen when creating Fiction. This way, it will be easy to look at all the entries and check to see which ones you have read or haven't and vote on them.

Note though that Melanie and I have entries on the list but we aren't eligible for prizes. :)


We're back


Piper and I are back from our vacation in Florida. For me this means going from 65°F damp days to 65°F dry days but Piper has been dropped into the deep freeze of New Jersey. :(

We had fun. We're tired and we probably all have colds. I expect to do very little today and maybe not much more than that tomorrow. And Piper still has some personal stuff on her plate to take care of. So, please, continue to cut us some slack. :)

Please: Hatbox Funds Needed


Update: I just put one of our bills for about $200 on my credit card because there is not enough in the PayPal account to cover it. This is how after sixteen years I am about $16,000 in debt. $1000 a year isn't bad, huh? :)

Anyway, thanks to everyone who has given and please, if you can send us something this month, we would appreciate it. There is lots of work going on here to keep the site functioning into the future that no one really sees. Good things are happening behind the curtain. :)


Forum Cleanout

Just an FYI, I spent most the day doing a cleanout of bogus forums. It was a lot of tedious work to delete each one. There is no streamlined way to maintain them.

Thank you to everyone that's been reminding us it needed to get done, and sorry it took us so long to do it (we try and do it every couple months). We're trying to work out a way to stop it from getting so bad in the future, so please bear with us.

N-E-Ways, visit, post, enjoy!

-Piper, Cat, Erin and the BigCloset Band.

Katie's Books

Katie is still in the hospital but will be moving later this week to a convalescent facility. Meanwhile, car payments, house costs and other bills continue. And she hasn't been writing the whole month of December.

So, I'm posting to ask people to show Katie some BigCloset community-type care and buy some of her books.

Here's the link (which also goes through the BigCloset affiliate account):

Hugs and thanks,

Large 0Day Joomla Exploit

Just an FYI to anybody out there. There is a large remote code execution exploit that affects all versions of Joomla since 1.5 that has been in the wild for about 3 days now. There are hotfixes/patches for old/outdated/non-supported versions of joomla, and a proper update for the latest version.

More detail here:


Hatbox Funds Needed to Pay End of Month Bills


We've almost made it halfway to our goal but the end of month bills are coming and we are nearly broke. Please, if you can, I know it is a hard time of year to send money to strangers but we do need to pay our bills. Thanks.

Erin, Piper, Cat and the gang


Hatbox Still Needs Money


{updated again}

Hate to be that blunt about it, but there it is. We need about $1300 (yes, this changed again) by the end of this week, and we have about $300 in the bank.

It's just that time of month.

Here's the link to the subscription page:

Or if you want to send a one time gift:

Hatbox Fund Still $500 Short For Month


Updated 10/30: The monthly Hatbox fund is short $560 actually. Most October bills are paid but money for staff is a bit lacking. If you can help, it would be very much appreciated.

You can send us a One-Time Gift or Subscribe or even send a check or money order to:

Janglewood LLC
602 Higgins Ave
Suite 1 #283
Brielle, NJ 08730

End of Month and Birthdays; Hatbox Funds Needed


Updated: It's the end of the month in ten days. Our bills are due. About $550 in hosting is due now or early next week with about $450 due to the gnomes who keep the wheels turning on Friday. Another $800 or so in debt service (that's getting whittled down every month) by the end of the month and then $400 or so for miscellaneous like phones, internet connections, cloud firewalls, caching and backup services, etc. It adds up.

Operating funds needed - update


Update 9/10 - about $2100 in bills and payments due over the next week. We've got about 1/3 of that in the bank after paying this week's amounts.

It's a new month and thanks to everyone who contributed money last month, we paid our bills and are now in the position of asking again for gifts and subscriptions to keep us going for another month.

New Release on Amazon

Doppler Press is proud to announce the release of:


Congratulation to Katie Leone for releasing her 30th title. This is a humorous age regression story that contains hot erotica in it (between adults).


Never be crude when your potential mother-in-law is a witch.

BigCloset WebChat/Chat Info:

Hi Everyone! The new BigCloset WebChat can now be accessed at the following address:

For General information, you can also connect to IRC with your favorite IRC client using the following details:

Funds Still Needed


We spent money this week on a new hard drive, new VPS, and a new SSL certificate. We also owe $528 for our major colocation fees. And at the end of the week, we will have $790 in other bills due. We don't have that much in the bank, so we do need contributions.

You can send us a gift via the Janglewood link:

Or you can subscribe to the Hatbox via this link:

The Money Blog - BC Needs Cash


It's that time again. We have bills.

If you can, please use the Janglewood link to send us a gift.

Or you can use the Hatbox subscription link to subscribe to Hatbox.

Since Amazon discontinued their service via Amazon Payments, both of the above links will lead to PayPal. We hope to have direct credit card acceptance working sometime in the future but that isn't that easy to set up.

New Release on Amazon

New Release available from Katie Leone. It's a short 99 cent story as Katie tries her hand at sci-fi and body swap. It's a unique spin, that's all I can say.

Grandpa has an old ride, ancient, a relic really; when he decides to change it for a new one, his grandson Scott jumps at the chance to join him at the auction. A short story of about 5000 words.

Granpa's New Ride



Doppler Press would be remiss if we didn't send a heart felt congratulations out to one of our authors, Katie Leone, on her current success.

Currently UNREACHABLE is a best selling book in three genres and is ranked number 20th overall in Juvenile Fiction (#622 out of all ebooks on Amazon). No small feat.

Katie is also ranked as the number 97th young adult author on Amazon.

Kudos to Katie. Good job in joining the list of successful authors from Big Closet.

Short Downtime Expected: Shifting Resources


Other Keywords: 

Hey Everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying our new search features (The return of SOLR search and other additions.).

Many of you may remember that we recently brought 2 new servers into the mix, making BigCloset a cluster of 5 servers by itself (front end, database, search, etc). While everything seems to be working quite stably and even fast, we were recently reviewing the setup and have decided that we don't have the best resources in the right places.

The return of SOLR search and other additions.


Hey Everyone!

So SEARCH is back! No more Google!

That being said, if you REALLY liked Google search (even with the changes they implemented recently that made it not work the same as it was) you can always use at Google.Com to search BigCloset with google.

Now back to awesomeness.

I have re-built our Apache Solr Search Server, and re-indexed the entire site (blogs, stories, books, etc) and turned back on our "Faceted Search"

Contest results are up, see center column


Sorry these didn't get up yesterday as planned, stuff happened. :)

If you've won, let me know what you want done with your prize money. If you got prize money in the earlier version of this contest, I'm sorry but that was it. :)

Oh, and all entrants get a free 3 month subscription to Hatbox. That's probably going to be a feature of ongoing contests.


Last Chance to Contribute to BC Hatbox thru Amazon


On July 1, Amazon will turn off their Payments gateway and the links that BC has been collecting gifts for the Hatbox will go away. Any ongoing subscriptions will be canceled as far as collecting future payments. All such subscriptions will, however, continue to be honored for at least two years.

So this is the last chance for anyone who wishes to contribute money to BC through the existing version of the Amazon gateway. We may have another Amazon gateway up in future weeks but the software and interface to be used are not clear.

Not to put too fine a point on it, we need money


Due to various confluences of need and happenstance, we are short of money this month. We have about $1800 in bank accounts and outstanding checks and debit charges totaling about the same. Other bills are coming due, too. I have not taken a draw yet this month but I can wait. ISPs and hosting companies cannot.

We will have about $3500 in bills due before the end of the month. Some of that will be taken care of by advertising money coming in and by the revenue from Doppler Press which is beginning to make a difference.

Hatbox Funds Needed Near the End of the Month


Thanks to everyone who has contributed, seriously, we could not do this without you.

We still have close to $1200 in bills to pay in the next week or so and about $400 in the bank. We had an unexpected bill for close to $700 show up and caught us short.

As usual the links to the Hatbox page and the Janglewood page can also be found in the right hand column under the picture of the kitty.




I just want to say that I'm encouraged and discouraged both by recent discussions of unpubbing stories, kudos, criticism and the like.

I've demoted two blogs concerned with those subjects off the front page, not because they were unimportant but because I felt that they were both beginning to attract comments that some people could feel were unfriendly.

In general, people are trying to say things they think are encouraging or helpful but I've been doing this for fifteen years and I have a sense of when something is being said that can too easily be misinterpreted. So....

Hatbox Funds Needed Soon


We have about $3000 in bills due before the end of the month and the HatBox has only about $600 in it, including the $300 or so received so far this month. So anything that anyone can send will help us pay our bills on time.

Next month, Amazon changes the way things work with their Payments interface and we hope to have our new version of the Hatbox up and running well before that. We think you are going to like it and it should make helping us pay our bills more pleasant and maybe even more fun. :)

Hatbox Funds Needed


About a week left in the month and we are at about 70% for our goal for April.

Please, if you can contribute, use one of these links to send us a gift thru Amazon or thru P**P** on the Janglewood page.

We're going to have some great things happening in the next few months. :)

Thanks and hugs,
Erin, Piper, Cat, Katie and Sephrena

Contributions needed, still short of our Hatbox goal for April


A number of people stepped up in the last week and contributed almost $1000. Thank you all, thank you very much.

Because of gifts from our readers we are able to continue to maintain this site and support other sites in the community. It costs money. This last week, we have paid out in excess of $2000 in co-location fees, software license fees, purchase of hardware for upgrades, payments on loans and miscellaneous little charges. Almost half of that comes from our advertisers and sales of books but the other half came from readers and contributors to the site.

Suit Your Self bestseller in LGBT Sci-Fi on Amazon

Suit Your Self
One of our DopplerPress publications has achieved and kept a nice distinction at Amazon: Lainie Lee's Suit Your Self is the #1 BestSeller in LGBT Sci-Fi and has been for most of a week. And which book did it take that crown away from? Another DopplerPress ebook sensation, Heather O'Malley's 300 Rains. :)

New database server online


The new database server is up and running and will help BC keep up with our ever-increasing traffic and expanding archive of stories.

There should not be anymore outages today, though the risk is higher than ordinary until a shakedown period with the database is done. If the new server fails, it should just drop out of the local net and not cause an outage and changes have been made to the config to allow future three-wheeled and two-wheeled operation of the local net when necessary without outages.

Short outage expected, some time today or in the morning


We're installing a third database server and during configuration, we will have to take the site down for a short time to synchronize the new machine with the other two. This should be no more than 15 minutes or so but might have to happen more than once if anything goes wrong. Just wanted to warn everybody.

Erin and Piper


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