How To Create a Linking Title Page and Link Chapters Together in a Series or Serial


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To link chapters together, you need to create a Title Page for a series or serial. Use the|++Organizer| link at the top of the screen. Then to link the chapters in, use the |Outline| tab while viewing the story. This will bring up a list with all the titles and chapters currently linked together on BC, a lot. Click on the window with the list then type the first few letters of your title for your story and it should scroll down to make looking for the right one easy. Just highlight the title you want your chapter linked to and click save.

Bills coming due - Gifts needed


It's that time of month again. The server bills are due, payments on the debts we owe, and some money to keep Piper from having to look for other work.

Anything you can spare will be appreciated, and if you can't give, well, we know that that happens.

Electronic giving can be done through the Hatbox or through Janglewood or send me a PM for a snail mail address.

Thank you all and Happy New Year!

End of the year and a little short


It's the beginning of a new year and we are still a bit short on our goals. It's always a bit difficult at this time of year since there are so many other things to put money into.

If you can give some though, the links are in the right hand side bar and here: Give through Amazon and Give through P**P**.

Or you can PM me for other ways to donate.

Bills due, donations needed


We've added some more stories to the Hatbox, so if you have the passwords, you can check them out. If you've donated in the past year and DON'T have the passwords, let me know in a PM. :)

If you haven't donated, now would be a good time. :)

If you donate through Amazon, the thank you screen will show you the passwords. If you donate some other way, you can PM me and I will send them.

I'm back safely


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I'm back home after most of a week spent with Piper and Cat (and Becky and Amy and Liam) in the wilds of South Jersey. I had a lot of fun and we had our BC meeting in a Chinese restaurant in Glassboro. It was pouring down rain so that may have affected our turnout but we did have two more people show up for the meeting.

More later it is late in the early morning and I'm pooped. :)

Hugs to all,

TopShelf's Fall 2014 Back to School Contest

Fall 2014

Back to School

Contest Submissions are over. Voting page should be set up by Erin sometime today on the 3rd or else the 4th.

Hatbox Gifts Still Short of Goal to Keep BC Running


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We've gotten a lot of contributions so far this month and thanks to everyone who has chipped in. After paying hundreds in bills this month, we are current on all but one of them. We've got some more bills coming at the end of the week and early next month, and we're a bit short of our goal with less than a week to go, so whatever any one can do will be greatly appreciated.

Someone wanted a breakdown of expenses. I've done this before but it gets complicated and lately I haven't been doing it. But here it is in round numbers.

Gifts Are What Keep BC running...


It's that time of month again. We've already paid several hundred in bills this month and we will be paying about more hosting fees and software fees later in the month, plus the amount we pay Piper for being available for all the work she does.

As always, these gifts are greatly appreciated and go for more than just keeping BC online since we host several other community sites and are getting involved with several more.

Not Ignoring "Ignore User"

Since the recent upgrade, the module "Ignore User" has been throwing errors in the logs for the site. It appears that the module was not properly updated for the newest version of the coding language used in the rest of the software; it's out of step. Accordingly, we have turned it off temporarily.

We hope that the maintainer of the IU module will release a new version soon, but if he doesn't, we will step up and hack the code to fix the problem. IU is part of what helps keep the peace around here and gets a lot of use. We will restore it to use as quickly as practicable.

Logging in with email addresses


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We have turned logging in with email addresses off for security reasons. If you have been using your email addy to login, please use your username. If you had set up your username the same as your email, you will have to change that and you may not be able to do so. If you can't change it, email me at joyce @ or bigcloset @ Sorry about this.


A Note to Everyone that has Posting Issues.

A simple note to everyone that is currently experiencing issues posting Blogs, Forum Topics, Stories, or even comments.

Please Make Sure your browser is up to date and the latest possible version.

We have Successfully tested Chrome/FireFox/IE on Windows 8.1 as well as Safari/Chrome/Firefox on Apple/Macintosh. We can't test stuff we don't have access to, and we won't test deprecated browsers

Yes, We're Back!


Doesn't look like the same place, does it? New paint, some new furnishings.... :)

It's been a bit of a struggle but here we are in the new digs. If you're visiting on a mobile device, a phone or tablet, you may notice more good changes. We're not done yet, we're all moved in but we still have some unpacking and re-arranging to do.

Right now, we're all asleep....

Erin, Piper and Cat

P.S. If you appreciate what we're doing here, we have more bills coming up, please consider sending us a gift to keep the site up and operating.

Donations still needed


This month is a particularly heavy one for bills. We have over $1000 in bills for hosting due before the end of the month, this is because several annual payment contracts are expiring. Others will expire next month and in November.

Donations are our major way to fund BCTS, not to slight our advertisers who help us out enormously but advertising is less than 25% of our revenue. We've only received about 1/3 of the amount we need for the month, so far.

BigCloset Picnic - November 1


In memory of Holly Hart, today is a good day to announce the upcoming BigCloset picnic. I will be in New Jersey the weekend of November 1, this year. Piper lives there and Cat will be visiting from Old Blighty. November 1 is a Saturday.

Holly organized the meetings in Northern California two and three years ago and they went very well. I hope we can do as well.

$1500 in bills coming due before end of the month


We're a bit over $1000 short of our goal for this month and the bills are coming due. The big one, $528 for hosting is due at the end of the week. We've already paid bills for cloud connectivity, ISP, renewal of domain names and bought a switch to replace one our network has outgrown.

Income from Janglewood/QnEZ/Cyberbrats so far just goes to expenses directly related to services offered to our clients and to expanding our access to new services, donations at BigCloset are more than 80% of what we bring in to keep all our TG websites operating.

Store your private files in Your BigCloset!

Hi Everyone!

As many of you know, we are in the process of starting a few new companies and offering services not only to the T* Community, but expand our services out to the internet as a whole.

One of the services we had the idea of starting, was a "cloud storage" service.

Suddenly we thought: Where better to store your private files, than in Your BigCloset!

Still a bit short in the Hatbox Donations


We have several bills coming due at the end of the month, ISP service, domain renewals, paying off the loans we took out for equipment and personal bills like rent. If you can help, it will be appreciated.

Donations to make sure these sites keep operating can be made via the Amazon Hatbox Page or via the links on the Janglewood Page.

Thank you and hugs from all of us,
Erin, Piper, Cat and all the volunteers

Experimental ad above QuickCuts


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The ad above the quickcuts box is an attempt to find someone of interest to BC readers that would like to help sponsor the site. It's not an attempt to cash in, we really don't need to do that. If you are logged in, you can turn the ad off in your MyAccount settings. Right now, the ad will take you to the Doppler Press page at Lulu where most of the stories in The Hatbox are available, individually priced.

Erin, Piper and Cat

Newest Hatbox Story: Sexy, Cute and Popular by Angela Rasch


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We have a new story in The Hatbox, btw, by Angela Rasch, author of the "Voices Carry over Water" that is still on the front page for free for another day or so. Angela's new work is called: Sexy, Cute and Popular by Angela Rasch

Here's the blurb:

Hatbox Gifts Needed

We've done okay with contributions for this month, but we are still a bit short. If you notice, we've spent $700 on equipment this month which is reported in the Server Fund numbers. Actually, we just spent another $500 but that won't be reported till next time.

I just paid the colo bill for this month and my own ISP bill is due. We are going to continue to need more coming in than before because Piper is putting in some long hours and not taking other work while we get all this set up. She put in about 55 hours last week alone with 40+ from me and about 20 from Cat.

Heartbleed Vulnerability


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Some of you may have noticed in the news, recent info about the Heartbleed Vulnerability. While we have been silent until now about the issue, it does not mean in any way that we don't take your privacy or security seriously. In fact it means quite the opposite.

When news of Heartbleed first hit the public wires, we rushed to check all our servers and services to discover that only our newest servers were vulnerable. The older servers were always using an older version of SSL that never had the Heartbleed Vulnerability. As many of you know, BigCloset was only on the new servers for a matter of days before Heartbleed was announced, and they were patched almost immediately, just as soon as our upstream OS vendor made a patch available.

Hooray for Buttercup and Bubbles! (and donations)


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We've got BC up and running on the new server, Buttercup, and it does run faster! We have a few configuration bugs to work out and then we will get one of her sisters up and running to share the load. It's been a long and tiring road and we aren't done yet. UPDATE: As of Sunday mid-morning, we have Buttercup and Bubbles sharing the load! Site seems faster still and appears even more stable. We did lose about 1/2 hour of comments and edits in the changeover, but no stories.


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